Bozo becomes new feature writer


The Manchester Enterprise would like to welcome “Bozo” Hacker as our newest feature writer. His first column can be found on page B-8 of the September 11 edition of The Manchester Enterprise.

Bozo has lived on Little Goose (with a grandfather) as well as East Manchester and Manchester.

Most people just know him as Bozo the tire guy, but his full name is Francis Russell Hacker. He is named after former Manchester Baptist pastor F.R. Walters whose wife was the midwife who was present when Bozo was born.

His mother Malvery was a Burns from Bullskin and his father Curt was the son of Steve and Margaret Hacker of Reid Branch. His sister Joyce died of heart problems at age 62.

Readers of the Enterprise can look forward to reading the memories of this lifelong Clay County resident that begins with the days of gravel roads to modern Manchester as he gives his recollections of events, people, things and progress.