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Chadwell Recovering After Construction Accident

A Manchester bulldozer operator is critical after an accident on Hal Rogers Parkway Thursday.


Earl Chadwell's bulldozer overturned five times before ejecting him from the heavy equipment.

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Wessell Found Dead in Home

Kentucky State Police are investigating after a woman was found dead in her home Wednesday morning.

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Vandalism at Park Upsets Mayor

Vandalism at Rawlings and Stinson Park has Mayor George Saylor upset.


A wall to the Clay County Veteran’s Memorial appeared to be kicked over at Rawlings and Stinson Park sometime Thursday night.

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Jury to Decide Jackson’s Fate

Tears were shed in the Clay County Justice Center Thursday, as the penalty stage of deliberation has begun after a Leslie County man was found guilty of murdering three children this week.

Clayton Jackson, 30, will soon find out his fate, pending a Clay County jury rendering a sentence.

Jackson was found guilty in the murders of Michael Sturgill, 4, Robert Sturgill, 3, and Jordan Sturgill, 18 months, at their Leslie County home in 2004.

The jury did not convict him in the deaths of the children’s’ parents, Chris and Amanda Sturgill, who were shot with arrows before fire was set to their Roark mobile home.

The fire was the cause of death for the Sturgill’s three young children, who all died of smoke inhalation.

Jurors heard witness testimony from Jackson’s defense attorney and the Commonwealth attorney Thursday.

Linda Roark, mother of Christ Sturgill, testified at the hearing.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Gary Gregory asked about her deceased grandchildren.

Roark described them as outgoing, who loved being outdoors. She told jurors that Michael and Robert could talk, but the youngest of the three could not.

When asked how her life had changed since the murder, Sturgill’s mother lost her composure on the stand.

“It changes you. Any mother or grandmother here can tell you… There’s nothing like your children or grandchildren. Chris was my first-born. Michael was my first grandchild. They’re all special to you,” said Roark.

Jurors could also be heard, crying.

The aunt of the defendant testified on his behalf.

Rita Jackson, who is married to Clayton Jackson’s uncle, Gary, asked for leniency from the jury.

Jackson’s daughter, Jessica, was at one time married to Clayton, and together they had a daughter, Rita testified. She asked the jury to give her granddaughter the opportunity to be able to see her father, and not sentence Jackson to death.

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Jackson Awaits Jury Verdict

A Clay County jury has not reached a verdict as of press time Tuesday in the quintuple Leslie County murder trial against Clayton Jackson.
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