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Bond revoked/ Sizemore sent to jail

More than two years after Lannie Sizemore allegedly killed a Pineville woman in an automobile crash, he was sent to jail Monday for violating the terms of his bond.

Special Prosecutor Jackie Steele of London made a motion to Clay Circuit Judge Oscar Gayle House to have Sizemore’s bond revoked because he had been cited for driving on a suspended license.

Steele said that Sizemore was to have no further violations while on bond.  “His weapon of choice is a motor vehicle,” Steele said of Sizemore.

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No ATVs, but, Oops! A meth bust!

An investigation into stolen ATVs led Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies to a meth bust and two arrests Friday afternoon.

Sgt. Chris Curry said he and Deputy Tabert Napier went to the KY 11 North residence of Todd Sester, 29, to investigate a case of stolen ATVs.

He said they were met there by Bill Caudill, 30, of Clay County.  While speaking with Caudill that noticed he showed signs of being under the influence of methamphetamine.

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Nearly 2,000 Clay families get help with HEAP program

Almost 2,000 Clay County families were helped with heating costs during November and December, and thanks to additional funding, they will get more help during January, February and March.

Shirley Bush, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) with the Daniel Boone Community Action Agency, said Monday that 1,986 Clay families received help during November and December.

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Springing Eternal

A carpenter with the county, Larry France, helped to design and build a more convenient spot for people who prefer spring water in the Oneida community. County Judge Executive Joe Asher says that after receiving several complaints issued by Oneida residents about the growth of weeds around the area. “We hope that this will make getting the spring water there more convenient, and we feel the people of that community are very deserving,” says Judge Asher.


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Clay Students to Get Leg Up

Clay County students will soon be seeing the benefits of a federal program that is designed to improve educational achievement and healthy development.

Clay County’s Federal Program Coordinator Susan Burgan told the members of the school board Monday night that Clay, Jackson and Owsley counties are to receive assistance through Berea College for a $30 million Promise Neighborhood Grant.

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