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Sheriff Warns of Fake Home Alarm Reps

Individuals going door to door in some neighborhoods could be casing homes to see if they have dogs or an existing alarm system, says Sheriff Kevin Johnson.

Johnson says while there could be some legitimate companies who use door-to-door as a sales technique, homeowners should be wary of whom they let inside.

“Some criminals do pretend to represent a company in order to gain access to people’s homes. We’ve had several complaints about individuals who have been described as appearing to be dressed unprofessional but having an ADT card, asking homeowners questions about their alarm systems. One home owner reported that the person has approached their home more than twice,” says the Sheriff.

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Investigation Leads to Jail Drug Smuggling Arrest

Police Chief Says More Arrests Are Pending

An inmate at the Clay County Detention Center has been busted for smuggling drugs into the jail through the work release program.

A two-week investigation led to charges being brought against Joshua Lawson, 27, of Manchester, according to Manchester City Police Chief Chris Fultz.

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Sheriff and Local Cops Take 80 Kids

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department and the Manchester City Police Department joined forces this year to take 80 kids shopping at Walmart in Manchester Friday.


The annual “Shop with a Sheriff” Program allowed for 84 kids to go on $100 shopping sprees with Sheriff’s Deputies, City Police Officers, and Kentucky State Police Officers.


The Clay County Sheriff’s Office and the city have hosted fundraisers through out the year to fund the program, along with gathering donations from local people and businesses.


“We would like to thank all the businesses and individuals that have donated to Shop with a Sheriff Program. We appreciate their generosity, as we know they get hit up all year long, and we know that without the businesses that help us, we couldn’t make this happen,” said Sheriff Kevin Johnson. “They always come through for us at the end of the year.”

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New Committee to Crackdown on Prescriptions

In lieu of pleas from both rural and urban communities across Kentucky, recently appointed professionals gathered early this month to discuss curbing suspicious drug prescribing habits by doctors.

The KASPER Advisory Council, appointed by Governor Steve Beshear, is focusing on KASPER (the Kentucky All Schedule Electronic Reporting system) and how to utilize it for review of records that could be submitted to medical licensure board for review or criminal investigation.

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Laurel County Crash Involves Clay Drivers

Four Flown to UK; Drugs Suspected

Four people were flown to UK Hospital after a car crash in Laurel County Thursday evening.

Around 7:48 PM the Kentucky State Police Post in London received a report of a two-vehicle crash along KY 80 just east of London.

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