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Sandhill Saga Ends in 2 Arrests and a Citation

Goose Rock Elementary Locks Down

An emergency situation led to a lockdown at Goose Rock Elementary Friday evening.

While tending to the situation, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department made several arrests in the Sandhill area. Police officials are referring to Friday’s events as “the Sandhill Saga”.

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Cash Express Remembers 9/11


Kayla Roark and Jessica Asher at Manchester Cash Express honored local emergency workers, including Clay County Ambulance Service’s EMTs, Manchester Fire Department, Horse Creek Fire Department, Clay County Sheriff’s Department, and Manchester 911 Center. Every year for the last five years, Cash Express has honored the groups in memory of September 11, which marked the largest loss of life of emergency officials in American History. Roark and Asher presented the emergency personnel groups with patriotic cakes.

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Fiscal Court Redistricts Magisterial Districts

Approves Drug Testing for New Hires

Clay County’s Fiscal Court met Tuesday to redistrict magisterial districts in Clay County.

County Clerk Michael Maker says the redistricting will not go into affect until 2012, and will have no bearing on any Clay County elections until 2014.

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Sheriff’s Department Investigates Smallwood Death

A death investigation is underway for Patty L. Smallwood, 42, of Horse Creek, who was laid to rest in the Downey Cemetery Monday.
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Advance Kentucky Applauds Clay AP Students

The Clay County School Board heard nothing but praises from Jo Ann Lang, the Executive Director of Advance KY, and Dale Fleury, National Math and Science Institute at Monday night’s board meeting.
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