Blazing Guns

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Blazing Guns written by Emily Baker.

My great grandfather, Woodson Smith, was born and raised about 10 miles north of Bright Shade.  When he was about twenty-five years old, he bought one of the heir’s part of the Garrard Farm.  The county road passed through the farm hear his home.  When people from his community came to Manchester, they stayed overnight with my great grandfather’s family.

On one occasion a group of his relatives was spending the night with my great grand father Smith.  My great grandfather was a deputy sheriff.  Most of the men carried guns.  About eleven o’clock at night five men came along and tried to make my grand grandfather take them on horseback.

Riding horses was the main way of traveling.  The men were drinking.  A gun battle took place that night.  One of my great grand father’s nephews got shot.

The men were taken to jail.  During all of that my great grand father’s sister put all the children in bed and one quilt over them.  Differences in churches in New York and Clay County.

As told by Sister Mary Glass written by Sara Amanda Baker.  In Kentucky churches are smaller than in New York City.  In New York churches are much bigger.  They have different ethnic groups within one community.

They usually work together and go to church together.  They have English, Irish, Jamaican, and other nationalities of people.  Another thing sister Mary said was different was that the people here are more friendly.

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