Moss Clusters and Vitamin C

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I don’t have any types of complaints or anything to address this week, which is kind of the newfound purpose of this thing and provides for some pretty decent column fodder. Otherwise, I ramble and talk about things that do not particularly matter. Which I know is possibly, if not probably, annoying to some readers, and I sincerely apologize, but you have to understand that it’s nearly impossible to write something incredibly engaging week after week in here. To my readers: my sincerest apologies. Commence to ramblin’.

This weekend was Mother’s Day, and while I’m not a mom, I know plenty, so I celebrated. My own mother and I went on a nature scour and took pictures of trees and moss clusters, collected baby poplars, and basked in the sun.  We’re extreme Vitamin C junkies. I maintain the world looks better with a little tan.

I also got a lot of positive commentary on my column from last week. To all of those people: thank you. Your words are very much appreciated.

I also felt like making and seeing stuff this week, so I got a wild hair idea, took photos, printed, matted, and framed them, über fast-like, in something like two and a half hours. I also invested in some acrylic paint and an easel that I’m going to dive into Wednesday-ish, along with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a few other gems.

If I could make a mix CD for this week, it would feature Ugly Casanova, Sea Wolf, Aqualung, the Pixies, and Modest Mouse (go to Pandora, type it in, check it out).

A shout out this week goes to Zel at Golden Glow, because she’s possibly the hardest working, sweetest lady ever. And she’s fun to talk to.

Tracy and Joyce Wells get shout outs because they are two of the coolest chicks to ever set foot at the traffic light!

Faye Hensley gets a shout out, because she’s so dedicated to the seniors in our community, which is admirable X2 in a society that doesn’t always respect it’s elders.

A shout out goes to Justin Chambers, for introducing me to this Italian turkey flatbread fandango that I now occasionally crave.

Tess Lipps gets a shout out, because he’s probably one of the most genuinely good-hearted people I’ve ever met.

A HUGE shout out goes to William Christopher Lewis, III, who is looking at the Gulf of Mexico and sending me the best voice mails ever while doing it.

Also, a shout out goes to Ryan Farmer at the Leslie County Public Library. I got your letter and I enjoyed it. Thank you!


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