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I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’m pretty confident I’ve been blacklisted. It happens to the best of us. I just find it to be a bummer that there’s no more opportunity to be gray. Even though I suffer from some kind of extroverted personality disorder, and I mostly see in black and white, I know it’s not as easy as saying “this is good, and this is evil”. I don’t pretend to know it all, but I do have the feeling that life is more complex than dividing everything into two simple categories.

Anyway, I have a feeling that the world and me are on the cusp of something brand new and exciting. Even though we’re in the throws of black berry winter (the fruit, not the cell phone, note the lack of the ™), I’m not discouraged.  This weekend radiated good vibes and productivity. I’ve noticed that the months of May and June are incredibly exhausting for me, but what spare time I do have, I’ve spent in exceptional company, making art or eating tasty foods, or sleeping. Occasionally I take baths.

A shout out goes to my very decent friend, Travis “Rabbit” Smith, for taking awesome low light photos of my significant and me. Rabbit’s photography is the stuff dead-end westernized-photography wishes it could be.

His wife, Natasha Harris Smith also gets a shout out, because two weeks ago she introduced to the world their first child, Shelby!

A shout out goes to Coy Grubb, who I met this week, and I found him thoroughly entertaining.

Rebecca Webster, Eric Lunde, and everyone at Manchester Memorial Hospital Foundation gets a shout out this week, for the work they did on the 40th Anniversary Gala. My colleague, Dylan Pickle, and I, had an awesome time and I look forward to next year’s Gala!

A shout out goes to Dorothy Moore, for being a good feature story subject.

Ronnie Miller also gets a shout out this week, for plowing my garden for me. And for being the best land lord ever. I might actually get to do some planting if it would ever dry up.

A shout out goes to Beverly Craft for gifting me herbs! I’m super excited about cultivating.

A final shout out goes to my brother, Matthew, for the pre-birthday birthday gift of a pink Camel Bak for festival-going and anti-dehydration efforts. Speaking of, the next time you all read this column, it will have been written by a 22-year-old. Brace yourselves.

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