Chip and Splinters 7-7-11

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Chips and Splinters

By Tim Biggs

(Letter Sent to Senator Rand Paul)

One Kentuckian’s View

Greetings from Manchester! I’ll start by saying I agree with your Dad (Ron Paul) about cutting off foreign aid. It started out as help to the people of countries we deemed ‘in need’ but the governments of those needy countries used the aid to line their pockets or feed their armies, not the people.

Egypt’s president left with an estimated worth of $81 billion and if he could accumulate that much, why did they need our aid?

Pakistan and Afghanistan get aid while they thumb their nose at us.

Why is China still included on the receiving list? Since we have ambassadors in those countries let them oversee and distribute the aid.

We give money to countries that really have no place to spend it for food. I would put our farmers to raising food that could be canned by mobile canneries to be given as foreign aid and use monitors to make sure it gets to the needy, foreign or at home. Hold up on the foreign aid until our needs at home are met such as: storm, flood damage, fires, etc. Do not give them low interest rate loans. Whoopee!

Also we need to help the troops to keep their homes from getting foreclosed on. Advance them the money to save their homes. Pay off their loans with the aid money saved.

When we build homes in foreign lands do we charge them a low interest rate or are they free?

Thank you for the way you’ve conducted yourself in D.C. I’d like $4 billion for oil exploration here at home, not Brazil! Send the $4 billion directly to me in Manchester. Here, we could use it more wisely since we have gotten use to a lot less since and using it wisely helps.

If prison inmates want to eat, let prisons grow their own food. They may learn a trade doing that. Any extra they grow could be put into food banks to be used in emergencies in areas hit by fire, flood or storms.

There are a lot of ideas floating around that could be tapped for the good of our country.

Any response to this letter is appreciated.

Respectively yours,

Tim Biggs

Manchester, KY

(606) 847-9690

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