A Tradition Reborn

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Athletic Club to Induct First Class to Hall of Fame

For the first time in several years, five former Clay County athletes will be inducted into the Clay County Hall of Fame.

Russ Chadwell, Richie Farmer, Victor Hyland, Vonda Jackson, and Kim Jones represent the 2010 Hall of Fame class.

Clay County Athletic Club President Les Nichoslon was enthused about bringing back the tradition of the Hall of Fame.

“There hasn’t been an induction in quite some time, and we felt it was time to pick up the tradition and start again because some of our best athletes haven’t been inducted yet.”

Nicholson also stated he wanted to set the standard with the Athletic Club’s innagural class.

“Our committee was unanimous about these five individuals,” said Nicholson, “I think these five are some of the finest athletes Clay County has ever produced without a doubt.  We wanted to set the bar as high as we could go with our first class.”

A meal will be served to honor the five inductees at 5:30 Friday night before the Bobby Keith Classic basketball games at CCHS.

Tickets for the meal can be purchased for $10 at Silverscreen Video.

The induction ceremony will take place in the CCHS Auditorium at 6.

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