Slow Down To Catch Winter Fish

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If you fish for bass this time of year, remember they are cold-blooded. They slow down so you should slow down to match them. Fish the smallest bait you can and fish it slower than you can stand to fish. Something that will stay in the same place right in front of a bass for a long time is best.

Since bass are cold blooded, their bodies are the temperature of the water. Their activities are controlled by the temperature. The colder the water, the slower their hearts beat, the less oxygen and food they need, and the less they move. Everything about them slows down.
A jigging spoon worked slowly up and down in the same spot may draw a strike from an inactive fish. A worm doodled in one spot by shaking the rod tip without moving the bait might be effective.
Warmer days might improve fishing some but it will be tough to catch many bass before mid to late February. Hybrids and stripers would be your best bet, and crappie bite a little better than bass will in the cold water.

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