Coldiron, Charity Howard

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Coldiron, Charity Howard

Charity was born 5 Oct 1864 in Laurel Creek, Clay Co., KY, the daughter of John D. Coldiron [267] and Martha Nantz.  She married Orville Harrison Brewer on 20 Dec  1881 in Laurel Creek.

The following information is from Audrey Holland Delange, a great-granddaughter of Charity.

The Coldirions probably were tobacco farmers.  Charity said she’d never marry a fiddler or a lawyer and Orville Brewer was both.  Charity also said when she was a child, her brothers may have been [coal] miners.  “How the women hated to hear the whistle blow.”

Orville Brewer used to order leaft tobacco and Charity made “twists” with honey.  When anyone asked where she learned to do that, she said her family raised tobacco when she was a child.  She said her father gave each child in the family a “hot toddy” each morning in the winter time and they never had colds.

The Brewers lived in Oklahoma, where Orville filed a claim.  They later lived in Ogden UT, Kelsey TX, Houliann TX, and Gilmer TX.  Orville Brewer was a sewing machine agent, a traveling salesman.  He also became a lawyer.  He probably joined the LDS Church in Oklahoma.

Charity died 29 June 1956 in Florence, Pinal Co., AZ.  Orville died in Coolidge, AZ on 9 Feb. 1941. He is also buried in Mesa, AZ.

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