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We are sure having spring time early this year and I’m sure thankful some of the flowers are blooming and so pretty, and grass has turned green and growing.  The blue birds have returned so I believe that spring is here and the frogs are here.  I love spring time.

We had good services today and tonight.  We had good Sunday School.  Our church is growing and I thank the Lord for it.  I got a call this evening, our banjo player has been out for a while he’s coming back.  We need a bass player and mandolin player too, so if you are a Christian and want to play with a blue grass group give me a call at 598-6348 and we will try out.  You must be dedicated to go to churches and play.  I’m taking the grandson to Sunday School and the church.

I’m looking for a good pedal car for the baby.  If you have one give me a call and I will buy it.  Call 598-6348.  Boy, has the gas prices gone up and food prices too.  Our nation is in trouble fighting and killing and Blood shed in the streets.  What the people in this world need is to turn back to God, and love one another as the Bible says to do.  People have turned away from the Lord and turned to their own way.  The bible is sure being fulfilled everyday.  Bro. Elmo Ealy is bad sick and need prayer.  Also Wayman and Joyce Mills.  Lillie Mae Hicks, Edgar Lawson Also.  Caleb Wilson; also Randi Michell Wright.  Also Hugh and Freda Smith.  So many each week and they need a touch from the Lord

Remember the owns that are in the hospital and the nursing home; also the ones that have lost a loved one too.  Remember all the churches.  Most will be having revivals.  Pray that souls will be saved.

Its. Gardening time too.  Plant onions, peas, and potatoes so get out and get a little dirt on your hands.  Plant a flower bed and see the pretty flowers bloom.  The Easter Flowers are already blooming and it won’t be long until the trees will be budding.  Spring is a time when everything comes to life.  So get the lawn mower ready and the weed whackers too; it won’t be long until the yards will have to be mowed.  We want to wish Faye Blair; also Norma Lee Siburt, Emily Centers, preacher Owen Smith, Lillie Mae Hicks a wonderful birthday and may God Bless each of you to have many more.  Dough Wesley and Leah Sizemore will be celebrating their anniversary this week so God Bless you both to have many more.

I want to say to everyone that read my little write up thank you all.  So many call and say they enjoy reading them.

Well, I’ll stop for this time.  May God Bless each of you and your family and May God Bless American and may he forever hold you in his hands.

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