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Serious positive life changes, with a semi-sad sound track. I'm not sure how that works, but it does. I've finally gotten somewhat settled into my new place with my roomie. Once I found a home for my records and Crosley, everything else just fell into place. There's still the issue of not having any food in our nearly vacant fridge, but who needs food when you have good music and good company? Which I have a plethora of these days.
Being in an extra-weird head space affords me the ability to adopt more causes than usual, many of which have presented themselves to me this week. I sat in on a lot of conferences with teachers, students, and churches about reading and the decreasing graduation rate in our county.
If you're reading this right now, you probably don't need me to encourage you to read. But I can encourage you to read to kids, and spread the word that reading to a child for 20 minutes everyday is instrumental to their mental development.  Reading is the foundation for all other facets of education, and it starts when your young. My granny taught me how to read when I was four-years-old, and I don't ever recall NOT being able to read or write.
It seriously depresses me when I hear someone tell me how bad they hate reading. It destroys me inside to know that some people will never take the opportunity to read the words of William Faulkner or Oscar Wilde, or even Dr. Seuss. When I pick up a book, I absorb everything it is and everything it stands for, and short of being lobotomized, no one can take it from me. What depresses me more is not the fact that some people WON'T take the opportunity, but CAN'T take that opportunity, because they don't know how to read. Which is why I've volunteered teach an adult literacy class, because reading is the best gift anyone could ever get.
On to shout-outs.
A shout out goes to Jimmy Smith, because he's a true farm-type guy, and I appreciate and respect that.
A shout out also goes to Marion Paul Spurlock, for calming me down during certain freak situations where I've misplaced my granny and cannot find her. All the guys at dispatch also get shout outs, for putting up with me on a regular basis.
Gail Miller gets a shout out, because she is my nice new neighbor, along with Veronica and Ray Hagen, who I'm SUPER excited to live beside of. I see something in our future as neighbors. It starts with "block" and ends with "party".
Papaw Clinton and Mamaw Joann Johnson get shout outs, for allowing me to eat dinner with them at Starwood this weekend. They're very sweet people, and I loved every minute of it.
Kyle Bowling gets a shout out, for not getting mad at me when I dumped coca-cola all over him while he was sleeping, and then promptly falling back asleep.
Leann Hoskins Bowling gets a shout out too, for being very understanding, despite the fact I dumped coke all over her sleeping son.
A shout out goes to Nathanael Teague, because he's back, and better than ever! That is all.

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