The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Deeds 5-24-12

N/A – Rader Creek Rd., Brian Scott Abner & Jennifer Lynne Abner to Ky Mtn. Housing Development Corp, Filed 5/11/12.
$35.00 – Kincaid Branch, Donald K. Ronald D. Brown to Becky Hicks Holtsberry, Filed 5/16/12.
N/A – Collins Fork Rd., Clay County ,et al to Tax Ease Lien Investments, Filed 5/10/12.
$22.50 – Hooker area, Joann P. & Steven Cox, et al to Joann P. Cox, et al., Filed 5/15/12.
N/A – Hwy 687, Linda L. & Robert G. Evans to Kelly Evans, Filed 5/11/12.
$15.00 – Island Creek area, Tina & William Henson to Tim Henson, Filed 5/14/12.
N/A – Ball Road, Rosa B. Heuser to Erma Sue Woods & Julie Ann Ball, Filed 5/15/12.
$8.50 – Fox Trail Estates, Anthony Brian & Kayla Jackson to Rex & Sondra Bray, Filed 5/16/12.
$15.50 – Fox Trail Estates, Anthony Brian & Kayla Jackson to Jeremy & Sabrina Hacker, Filed 5/16/12.
N/A – Pleasant View Drive, Jamos Fund I, et al. to KY Mtn. Housing Corp., Filed 5/11/12.
N/A – Rader Creek Rd., Jamos Fund I to KY Mtn. Housing Corp., Filed 5/11/12.
N/A – Mill Creek Rd., Betty C. & John E. Jones to Vanderbilt & Mortgage Finance, Filed 5/11/12.
N/A – Pleasant View Drive, KY Mtn. Housing Corp to KY Mtn. Housing Corp., Filed 5/11/12.
N/A – Rader Creek Rd., KY Mtn. Housing Corp to KY Mtn. Housing Corp., Filed 5/11/12.
N/A – House on Redbird, Georgia Ledford & Henry Ledford to Kenneth Ledford, et at., Filed 5/16/12.
N/A – 3 tracts on Redbird, Georgia & Henry Ledford to Mary Lee Ledford, Filed 5/16/12.
N/A – 4 tracts, Georgia & Henry Ledford to Kenneth Ledford, Filed 5/16/12.

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Jail Report Releases 5-24-12

Releases 5/24/12

Randy Brockman 5/10/12, Curtis Burkhart 5/9/12, Jamie Caldwell 5/14/12, Isaiah Collins 5/8/12, Josephine Couch 5/10/12, Brandon Estep 5/11/12, Christla Estep 5/13/12, Catherine J. Evans 5/10/12, Jonathan Ford Eversole 5/14/12, Tyrone Gill 5/10/12, Dan Gray 5/10/12, Dustin Gregory 5/12/12, Jody Griffin 5/15/12, Brandy Nicole Grubb 5/11/12, Pauline Grubb 5/10/12, Johnathan D. Hacker 5/10/12, Oliver Hensley 5/10/12, William H. Hensley 5/8/12, Jonathan Henson 5/11/12, Lisa Henson 5/11/12, Matt Henson 5/11/12, Tony Hinkle 5/11/12, Chris M. Hoskins 5/9/12, Jim C. Hoskins 5/14/12, Leonard Hoskins 5/8/12, George Hubbard 5/10/12, Robert Isom 5/9/12, Amanda Jarvis 5/8/12, Jessielene Jewell 5/13/12, Angela S. Jones 5/9/12, Robert M. Jones 5/12/12, Gerald Lawson 5/9/12, Alex McQueen 5/11/12, Christopher Metcalf 5/9/12, Oscar Mills 5/14/12, Gregory Murphy 5/9/12, Heather Riley 5/14/12, Brian Roberts 5/15/12, Jonathon Glenn Sandlin 5/14/12, Henry Saylor 5/9/12, Rhonda Seig 5/15/12, Christy L. Sizemore 5/10/12, James Carter Sizemore 5/11/12, Patricia Lynn Smith 5/10/12, Timothy Stewart 5/13/12, Bertha Ann Wagers 5/9/12, Marty Edward Wagers 5/14/12, Bertha Williams 5/11/12

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Lawsuits 5-24-12

Asset Recovery Solutions LLC vs. Arnold Bowling
Convergence Receivables LLC vs. Jonathan B. Bailey
Capital One Bank vs. David A. Mosley
Glenn Gray vs. Wilma Sparks
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Sandra Barger
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Amanda Gilbert
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. R. Mills
Capital One Bank vs. Tracy M. Marcum
CHR/Ex Rel KY Foster Care vs. Aleshia Jarvis
Jamos Fund I, LP vs. Sharlene Hoskins et al.

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Sheriff's Report 5-17-12

Brandy W. Grubb 1/8/82, Serving bench warrant for court (Failure to pay fines).
Jessieleue Jewel 7/7/73, Serving bench warrant for court (Failure to pay fines)(Failure to appear).
Dan Gray 8/7/52, Stalking 2nd degree, Terroristic Threatening 3rd degree.
Leonard Hoskins 6/17/67, Criminal possession of forged instrument 2nd degree.
Dustin Gregory 5/21/91, License to be in possession, Fleeing or evading police 2nd (on foot).
Oliver Hensley 12/13/68, Violating EPO/DVO.
Curtis Burkhart 11/19/75, Menacing, Resisting arrest.
Gearld Lawson 6/8/92, Alcohol intoxication, Disorderly conduct 2nd degree.
Bertha Wagers 4/21/70, Theft by unlawful taking.
Omar R. Burkhart 7/26/56, Assault 4th degree.
Billy Iehner 8/25/58, Assault 4th degree.
Walter Roark 1/15/66, Abuse of a corpse.
Tiffany J. Smith 5/19/80, Public Intoxication.
Billy Gene Wombles (no DOB), Executed arrest warrant (Terroristic threatening 3rd degree).
Steve Smallwood 12/21/61, Alcohol intoxication.
Robert D. Banks 1/1/91, Manufacturing Methamphetamine 1st degree, Resisting arrest, Disorderly conduct, Criminal Mischief.
Mark K. Minton 3/30/77, Manufacturing Methamphetamine 1st degree, Assault 1st degree, Tampering with physical evidence, Endangering welfare of a minor.
Gregory Davidson 4/2/83, Alcohol Intoxication.
Brian Smith 8/28/83, Criminal trespassing 3rd degree, Public intoxication, Resisting arrest.
Michael Campbell 10/30/83, Expired registration plates, Expired registration receipt.
Willie Ray Riley 2/14/71, Alcohol intoxication.
Willie Riley 2/7/50, Alcohol intoxication.
Kimberly L. Collett 11/5/77, Theft by unlawful taking.
Gene W. Abner 9/18/68, Served warrant for other agency (Failure to appear).
Johnathan D. Gray 1/4/82, Receiving stolen property.
Randy Brockman 4/18/72, Alcohol intoxication.
William Romaker 12/24/78, Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, Terroristic threatening 3rd degree.
Josephine Couch 12/6/55, No operators license, DUI.
Robert Isom 8/16/53, Served arrest warrant.
Allen W. Brock 10/27/88, Serving warrant.

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Marriages 5-17-12

Betty Jo Tipton, 35, self-employed, married to Daniel Lee McGrew, 38, self-employed. 5/3/12.
Wendy Nicole Senters, 19, married to Andrew Shawn Eversole, 25. /5/6/12.
Jami Nicole Morgan, 31, health care provider, married to Clarence Randall Jackson, 50, coal miner. 5/6/12.
Patricia Colleen Mills, 41, married to Bruce Kelly Davidson, 46.  4/28/12.
Cecile Nicole Jackson, 19, cashier, married to Timothy Bryan Dezarn, 22, order filler. 4/20/12.
Samantha Ashley Hobbs, 19, married to Kelly Lee Asher 31, Mountain Ridge Drilling. 4/27/12.
Tonya Lynn Grubb, 29, married to Jonathan James Shoupe, 26, Lineman. 4/13/12.
Priscilla Renee Gilbert, 28, student, married to Joshua Felix Smith, 22, self employed.  4/28/12.
Sheila Faye Collins, 25, married to Steven McKenzie Duff, 28. 4/30/12.
Nikita Nicole Childs, 25, hair stylist, married to Derrick Wayne Simpson, 23, Walmart DC. 4/25/12.

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