The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Police Report 5-3-12

Arnold Arnett, No registration plates, No registration receipt, License to be in possession.
Robert Layton Jr., Executed arrest warrant (Criminal possession of a forged instrument 2nd degree).
Robert D. Smith, Executed indictment warrant (Criminal mischief 1st degree, Theft by unlawful taking O/$500).
Jerry C. Sizemore, Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines).
Jonathan F. Eversole, Possession of drug paraphernalia, Public intoxication, Resisting arrest.
Sillus Lee Jr., D.U.I. 1st offence.
Willie J. Henson, Disregarding traffic control device, Failure to wear seatbelts 2 counts, Booster seat violation.
Genaro S. Virgen, No operator’s license, Resident register vehicle out of state to evade taxes.
Rodney W. Hoskins, Executed arrest warrant (Flagrant non support 2 counts, Wanton endangerment), Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting).
Michael Smith, Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear) Laurel Co., Executed arrest warrant (Escape 2nd degree).
Carlos T. Wagers, Driving D.U.I. suspended license 1st off, Executed arrest warrant (Receiving stolen property U/$10,000).
Carrie Swafford, Executed indictment warrant (Bail jumping 1st degree).
Andrew M. Ball, No registration plates, No registration receipt, Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, License to be in possession.
Cameron Grubb, Executed bench warrant (contempt of court) Fayette Co.
Brooke Deiser, Operating in suspended license, Failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, No registration plates, No registration receipt, Improper registration plate, Hindering prosecution apprehension 1st degree.
Rubilee Sizemore, Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines).
Greta Sizemore, D.U.I. 1st off.
Tony H. Tankersley, Executed indictment warrant (Theft by deception U/$10,000), Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear) Laurel Co., Poss of a cont sub 3rd degree, Poss of a cont sub 2nd degree.

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Deeds 5-3-12

N/A – Hwy 577, Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC, et al. to First National Bank of Manchester, Filed 4/25/12.
$15.00 – Caudill Branch Rd., Melissa & Preston Henson to Willie Jean Sizemore, Filed 4/25/12.
$30.00 – Ivy Point Subdivision, Arlene & Roy Morgan to John Samuel Morgan, Filed 4/24/12.

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Sheriff's Report 5-3-12

Shelly Hacker 1/24/84, Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear), Public intoxication, Burglary 2nd degree, Theft by unlawful taking.
Joey Philpot 8/5/74, Serving warrant for other agency (Bell Co.).
Christina Curry 11/3/70, Criminal mischief 3rd degree, Served bench warrant for other agency (Failure to appear, Laurel Co.).
Timothy Stewart 7/30/75, D.U.I. 1st off.
Bobby Joe Wagers 7/2/59, Wanton endangerment 1st degree.
Ritchie Trent 5/24/93, Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear).
Gabriel Carmical 3/11/77, Executed warrant (Theft by unlawful taking) Laurel Co.
Tony Taylor 7/17/89, Possession of marijuana, Alcohol intoxication 1st & 2nd off.
David Howard 12/19/92, Alcohol Intoxication, Fleeing or evading police.
Tony Patterson 2/1/86, Alcohol Intoxication, Resisting arrest.
Stacy Jackson 7/6/78, Assault 4th degree.
Jimmy Abner 3/9/86, Public intoxication.
Amy Madden 4/18/84, Theft my deception (Cold check).
Lisa Wagers 5/10/74, Executed criminal summons (Terroristic threatening 3rd degree).
Carlos Tyler Wagers 6/13/90, Executed arrest warrant (Receiving stolen property U/$10,000), Theft by unlawful taking (Shoplifting)
Angela Asher 12/21/85, Executed arrest warrant (Theft by unlawful taking O/$500).
Danny C. Russell 9/16/79, Serving warrant for other agency.
Tomesa Burkhart 1/26/69, Executed warrant (Assault 4th degree).
Stanley Allen 1/4/77, Serving bench warrant (Flagrant non-support).
Scotty Collins 2/18/12, Served warrant for other agency (Failure to appear, 2 counts).
Duff Nolan Essic 3/11/60, No registration receipt, No registration plates, No insurance.
Roger L. Bowling 3/2/65, Public intoxication.
Conley Bryd 7/13/77, Violation of Kentucky E.P.O./D.V.O.
Barbara Hensley 11/14/77, Violation of E.P.O./D.V.O.

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Lawsuits 5-3-12

Ester Thompson vs. Lisa Combs
Capital One Bank vs. Keith A. Chesnut
Capital One Bank vs. Anita K. Gray
Central Financial vs. Conley Byrd
West Town Town House vs. Beve Smith, et al
Lagasse, Inc vs. Carol Development Company, Inc.
Ford Motor Company, LLC. vs. Michael Collins
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Stella B. Pendygrafh
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Irene Allen
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. John Gilbert, et al
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Donna M. Reid
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Sharon Barger
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Harold G. Riley
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Lee and Mozelle Sandlin Estate
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Jeffrey Sandlin
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Willie Colwell
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. William Hensley
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Mary Wagers
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Robert B. Bayes
Pilgrim Energy, Inc. vs. Midford Hall
Lendmark Financial Services, Inc vs. Richard Hunter
Paula K. Gill vs. Dr. Deborah Collier

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Divorces 5-3-12

Amanda Downey vs. Anthony Downey
Priscilla Gray vs. J.D. Gray Jr.

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