The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Deeds 4-26-12

$9.00 – Oneida, Michael Wayne & Sandra K. Allen to Pam & Joe Lewis Asher, Filed 4/12/12.
N/A – Ashers Fork, Atlantic Credit Finance, INC to Johnny Smallwood, Filed 4/13/12.
N/A – Gilberts Creek, Betty Baker, et al. to Steve & Rosetta C. Sizemore, Filed 4/17/12.
N/A – Gilberts Creek, Edith Baker, et al. to Steve & Rosetta C. Sizemore, Filed 4/17/12.
$25.00 – Martin Branch Rd., Jimmy Ray & Shirley Brown to Darlene & Emmitt Jones, Filed 4/17/12.
$16.00 – Hwy 421, Kenneth Chilbers to George C. & Joyce Mosley, Filed 4/12/12.
N/A – Ashers Fork, Clay County, et al. to Johnny Smallwood, Filed 4/13/12.
$2.50 – Curry Branch Rd., Roger Curry to Mary Susan Jackson, Filed 4/17/12.
$16.00 – Thomas Branch, Manuel Grubb Estate to Marty & Cindy Davis, Filed 4/17/12.
$5.00 – Hwy 66, Margaret & Melvin Hoskins to Esther & Audy Wilson, Filed 4/18/12.
N/A – Hector Rd., Eddie & Judy Hubbard to Brittany Hubbard, Filed 4/12/12.
N/A – Crane Creek Rd., Amber Madden et al. to Rick Madden, Filed 4/13/12.
N/A – Otter Creek, Angela F. & Harrison May to Angela F. & Harrison May, Filed 4/16/12.
N/A – Little Bottom, Imogene May to Willie May, Filed 4/13/12.
N/A – Mill Creek, Maggie Messer to Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, Filed 4/13/12.
$13.50 – Upper Rader Rd., Carmen & Danny Reid to Bige & Lois Hunter, Filed 4/11/12.
$54.00 – Bales Creek of Island Creek, Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance to Telo R. & David T. Lewis, Filed 4/13/12.
N/A – Blackeys Branch Rd., June Wolfe to Billy Jean & Roscoe May, Filed 4/14/12.

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Divorces 4-26-12

Glenda Sue Sizemore vs. Jared Lynn Sizemore
Emily Michelle Hunter vs. Richard Clifford Hunter
Ronni Danielle Davidson vs. Michael Douglas Cohorn
Sharon Belew Dale vs. Jerry Calvin Dale
Mary Ann Howard vs. Jeffery Scott Howard
Samantha Asher vs. Kevin Asher
Dustin Callahan vs. Monica Callahan

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Sheriff's Report 4-26-12

Jessie Lewis 9/1/54, Violation of Kentucky E.P.O./D.V.O., Serving Warrant for other agency (Failure to appear)
Harriet Smith 9/8/67, Serving Criminal Summons (Harassing Communications).
Brian W. Smith 8/28/83, Disorderly Conduct, Alcohol intoxication in a public place 1st and 2nd off.
Kenneth R. Smith 3/6/72, Serving Warrant for Court (Failure to appear).
Rico M. Walker 6/22/76, Serving Warrant for Court (Failure to appear).
Lamar W. Cooper 9/9/85, Serving Warrant (Fugitive from another state).
Michael Shane Minton 2/11/84, Assault 4th degree, Terroristic Threatening 3rd degree, Robbery 2nd degree.
Nicholas Sellman 3/30/64, Alcohol Intoxication.
Lynn Grubb 8/30/56, Assault 4th degree.
Shelia M. McQueen 10/21/63, No/Expired Registration Plates, Failure to produce insurance card.
Thelma Smith 6/3/77, Executed Arrest Warrant for Laurel Co, Theft by unlawful taking, Possession of Controlled Substance 1st degree 1st offence, Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd degree, Public Intoxication.
Dallas Brock 1/16/82, Terroristic threatening 3rd degree, Burglary 2nd degree, Theft by unlawful taking.
Todd Sester 5/2/81, Serving indictment warrant, Manufacturing Methamphetamine 1st offence, Trafficking Controlled Substance 1st offence.
Ryan M. Lunsford 9/12/81, Served Bench Warrant (Failure to appear), Public Intoxication, Failure to pay fines.
Shelly Hacker 1/24/84, Serving bench warrant (Failure to appear), Public Intoxication.

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Jail Report Releases 4-26-12

Angela Asher 4/20/12, Ralph Barrett 4/12/12, Eva R. Bennett 4/19/12, Ernest Deleno Botkins 4/21/12, Dallas Brock 4/21/12, Tomesa Lynn Burkhart 4/21/12,
Charles Chappell 4/22/12, Scotty Collins 4/21/12, Jonathan Ford Eversole 4/19/12,
Bradley Fitzroy 4/21/12, Lynn Grubb 4/21/12, Shelly Hacker 4/20/12, Timmy Henson 4/19/12, Willie Henson 4/20/12, Bobby Hibbard 4/18/12, Raymond Hibbard 4/17/12, Retha Hibbard 4/19/12, Brittany Nicole Hoskins 4/17/12, Tony Hoskins 4/21/12, Robert Layton 4/20/12, Sillus Lee Jr. 4/17/12, Edward Longsworth 4/20/12, Frankie Lovins 4/21/12, Ryan M. Lunsford 4/20/12, Brandon D. Mills 4/22/12, Jessica Marie Mills 4/17/12, Michael Shane Minton 4/16/12, Tony Patterson 4/22/12, Amanda Lee Pearson 4/18/12, Johnny Roark 4/21/12, Nicholas  Sellman 4/17/12, Lindsey Short 4/22/12, Della M. Singleton 4/18/12, Oscar Sizemore 4/19/12, Rubileee Sizemore 4/23/12, Culus Skinner 4/19/12, John Smith 4/20/12, Michael Brandon Smith 4/17/12, Rick Smith 4/18/12, Sherry M. Smith 4/18/12, Timothy Stewart 4/21/12, Tony Tankersley 4/19/12, Carlos T. Wagers 4/19/12, Heather L. Wolfe 4/21/12.

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Police Report 4-26-12

Bessie C. Smith, Improper passing, No operators license.
James L. Bowling, Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting), Executed bench warrants (Failure to appear) Laurel Co. (Contempt of court) Bell Co.
Bobbie J. Delph, Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines).
Chad Q. Curry, Executed bench warrant (Escape 2nd degree).
Ricky L. Cox, Alcohol intoxication, executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines) Know Co.
Amanda M. Leger, Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting), Executed arrest warrant (Receiving stolen property U/$500).
Ronni D. Davidson, No registration plates, No registration receipt.
Terry France, Driving D.U.I. suspended license 1st off, No registration plates, No registration receipt, Failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off.
Dustin Honchell, Operating on suspended operators license.
Brandon Smith, Speeding 20 MPH over limit.
George A. Williams Jr. Executed bench warrant (Theft by unlawful taking O/$500), Possession of marijuana, Promoting contraband 1st degree.
Martha M. Matthews, Fraudulent use of a credit card U/$500, Attempted theft by deception U/$500.
Christopher P. Herd, Alcohol intoxication.
Sally Asher, Disregarding traffic control device, Operating on suspended operators license.
Robert Hunter, Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines) Owsley Co.

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