The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Sheriff's Report 4-19-12

Michael Gregory 1/27/80, served bench warrant (Failure to pay fines).
Ellamae Hensley 1/9/73, Assault 4th degree.
Frankie Joe Brumley 5/1/72, Theft by unlawful taking, Criminal mischief 2nd degree, assault 2nd degree, served arrest warrant.
Billy J. Feltner 8/25/58, Assault 4th degree (2 charges), alcohol intoxication.
Jonathan W. Hughes 10/02/85, alcohol intoxication.
Steve Smallwood 12/27/61, public intoxication.
Barbara Hensley 11/14/73, violation of EPO, public intoxication.
Misty Wagers 8/23/83, no/expired registration plate, no insurance.
Harold Williams 11/25/80, assault 4th degree (domestic violence), alcohol intoxication, carrying a concealed deadly weapon.
Brenda Napier 5/12/75, theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting).
Brenda G. Smith 5/11/75, serving bench warrant for court, trafficking in cont sub 2nd degree 1st off.
Charlie R. Scott 7/18/76, serving warrant for other agency (failure to appear).
Donald L. White 9/22/78, serving warrant for court.
Roy L. Hensley 12/21/65, assault 4th degree.
Sampson Swafford 12/31/86, public intoxication, fleeing or evading police, menacing.
Jason Wagers 2/11/81, assault 4th degree, public intoxication, disorderly conduct 1st degree.
Jesse L. Cox 8/22/78, violating Kentucky DVO.
Timothy Jones 10/14/77, theft by unlawful taking (firearm).
Charles L. Martin 10/13/66, theft by deception include cold checks U/$500, executed criminal summons Madison Co.
Angela K. Hubbard 3/18/76, terroristic threatening 3rd degree.
Donald Hager 3/16/62, theft by unlawful taking.
Beulah M. Jackson 7/19/69, serving bench warrant (failure to appear).
Eugene Gilliam 3/8/55, wanton endangerment 1st degree, terroristic threatening 3rd degree.
Joseph Slone 9/9/84, serving indictment warrant, burglary 1st degree, theft by unlawful taking.
Gary Bowling 7/22/66, manufacturing methamphetamine 1st off.
Gary D. Bowling 7/27/90, manufacturing methamphetamine 1st off, poss cont sub 2nd degree.
Brenda Wagers 3/19/71, manufacturing methamphetamine 1st off.
Shawn Lovins 2/15/79, serving warrant for court.
Gary Bowling 9/22/65, serving warrant for Owsley Co.
George Adams 10/11/84, executed warrant.
Jose A Montero Sr. 5/14/71, serving warrant for other police agency (failure to comply), served warrant for other agency (failure to appear).

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Deeds 4-19-12

$10.50 – Liberty Hills Estates, Jessica & Ralph J. Hibbard to Joyce Smith, Filed 4/6/12
N/A – Charlie Sizemore Rd., Tammy Morsch to Matthew G. Hobbs, Filed 4/10/12
$30.00 – Elisha Feltner Rd., Kenneth Ray Witt to Donald Ray Hall, Filed 4/5/12

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Divorces 4-19-12

Martha Combs vs. Ronald Combs

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Jail Report Releases 4-19-12

George Adams 4/14/12, Carl J. Allen 4/12/12, Bobbie Joe Delph 4/11/12, Melinda Devorde 4/12/12, Christla Estep 4/15/12, Shannon Y. Gadd 4/14/12, Eugine Gilliam 4/12/12, Lynn Grubb 4/15/12, Donald Hager 4/12/12, Christopher 4/12/12, Christopher P. Herd 4/14/12, David W. Hinkle 4/10/12, Angela Kay Hubbard 4/11/12, Beula M. Jackson 4/12/12, Timothy Jones 4/12/12, Amanda M. Leger 4/12/12, Martha M. Matthews 4/14/12, Charlie Ronald Scott 4/10/12, Sampson Swafford 4/11/12, Jason Wagers 4/13/12, Rico M. Walker 4/12/12, George A. Williams 4/15/12

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Sheriff Report 4-12-12

Sheriff Report 4/12/12

Brian Napier 8/22/71, Executed Bench Warrant (Failure to appear) Perry Co.
Tiffany Minton 7/12/88, Executed Arrest Warrant, Burglary 2nd degree
Charlie D. Smallwood 3/2/84, Fraudulent use of a credit card U/$500 U/6 Months
Charles Mulurg 12/17/91, Public Intoxication
Jimmy L. Dees 9/22/87, Serving arrest warrant (Flagrant Non-Support)
Darrell Foutch 11/25/82, Serving Warrant for other agency (Failure to appear)
C.J. Byrd 7/13/77, Theft by Unlawful taking – Gasoline U/$500
Marty E. Wagers 7/14/77, Serving bench warrant.
Brandon Tony Downey 1/2/86, Serving bench warrant (probation violation)
Shelly N. Couch 9/27/81, Serving bench warrant (Failure to appear)
Michael Harris 5/1/56, Violation of KY EPO
Shawn Minton 5/11/72, Fleeing or Evading police 2nd degree
Kevin Lewis 10/21/86, Public Intoxication, Resisting arrest, Disorderly conduct 2nd degree
Carl Allen 8/6/73, Public Intoxication
Jonathan Messer 7/30/84, Executed Arrest Warrant for Clay District Court
Shirlyn Hoskins 1/16/76, Executed Arrest Warrant for Clay District Court
Timothy L. Hubbard 10/9/76, Executed Arrest Warrant for Knox County
Keith Hammons 12/13/66, Executed Bench Warrant for Knox County
Jimmy Brock 8/25/81, Executed Warrant for Knox County
Jason Sowders 9/7/82, Executed Warrant for Bell County
Alvie Elam 2/27/79, Executed Warrant for Knox County
Gregory Davidson 9/2/83, Disorderly Conduct 1st Degree, Alcohol Intoxication in public place 1st degree 2nd offence

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