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Lawsuits 4-12-12

Lawsuits 4/12/12

CHR/KY Foster Care vs. Tabetha C. Hinkle
Cumberland Fast Cash vs. Vanda Shaffer
Cumberland Fast Cash vs. Clarence Sizemore
Cumberland Fast Cash vs. Denise Mills
Cumberland Fast Cash vs. Johnny Morris
Capital One Bank vs. Bonnie Hicks
Capital One Bank vs. Melissa Thompson
Capital One Bank vs. Tammie Johnson
Capital One Bank vs. Tonya England
CHR/Sandra Barger vs. Larry G Barger
CHR/Marianne Gilbert vs. Clyde A. Frost
CHR/Alicia Paquette vs. Adam J. Paquette
CHR/Marianne Gilbert vs. Ashley Frost
Lillie M. Madden Et Al vs. Dirt Road Used Cars David Whit
JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Evelene Clements Et Al.
Jamos Fund I, LP vs. K Petroleum Inc., Et Al.
Jamos Fund I, LP vs. Patty Henson, Et Al.
Citi Mortgage vs. Phillip Gregory, Et Al.
Linda Gibson, Et Al. vs. Hometown Pharmacy of Manchester
Discover Bank vs. Betty Bailey
Asset Acceptance vs. Marvin Young.

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Police Report 4-12-12

Police Report 4/12/12

Cleo L. Smith, Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines)
Hector Bonilla, Alcohol Intoxication
Kenneth J. Anderson, Executed arrest warrant (Robbery 2nd degree), Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines) Lincoln Co.
Janie Hoskins, Alcohol Intoxication
Timmy Henson, Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear) Laurel Co.
Cathy Maxie, Public Intoxication
Terry France, Alcohol Intoxication
Mary E. Roberts, Public Intoxication
Larry Gilliam, Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting)
Jonathon Sandlin, No operator’s license
Brittany L. Brock, D.U.I. 1st off
Jimmie L. Asher, Reckless driving, Fleeing or evading police 1st degree, Criminal mischief 2nd degree, Failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, Executed indictment warrant (Retaliating against participant in legal proceeding, Bribing a witness)
Mary Roark, D.U.I. 1st off, possession of drug paraphernalia
Robin N. Hensley, Possession of a controlled substance 1st degree 1st off 2 counts, Poss cont sub 3rd degree
Eddie W. Jackson, No registration plates, No registration receipt
Michael R. Simpson, Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear) Laurel Co.
Nicholas B. Woodard, Alcohol Intoxication, Executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines), (Failure to appear) Laurel Co.

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Jail Report Releases 4-12-12

Carl Allen 4/3/12, Gerald A. Anderson 4/7/12, Angela R. Asher 4/5/12, Timothy Ray Asher 4/6/12, Billy Brumley 4/3/12, Kenneth R. Childers 4/4/12, Gregory Davidson 4/5/12, Christla Estep 4/8/12, William Bryan Finley 4/6/12, Michael Gregory 4/6/12, Michael Harris 4/2/12, Ellamae Hensley 4/7/12, Roy L. Hensley 4/7/12, Jerry Hinkle 4/3/12, Kenneth Hubbard 4/7/12, Jonathan Hughes 4/7/12, Kevin Lewis 4/3/12, Tahsha Marcum 4/6/12, Holly Nicole Marshall 4/4/12, Charles Roy McClurg 4/2/12, Bradley Shawn Minton 4/2/12, Jose Montero 4/8/12, Lisa Mosley 4/4/12, Mitchell Owens 4/7/12, Conley Patterson 4/6/12, Bradley Ruth 4/6/12, Joseph O. Slone 4/7/12, Donald L. White 4/7/12.

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Divorces 4-12-12

Divorces 4/12/12

Rachel Rogers vs. Ryan Scott Rogers
Troy Glenn Kemp vs. Tammy Kemp
Patricia Ann Smith vs. Jackie Smith
James Walter Harris vs. Victoria Louise Harris

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Deeds 4-12-12

Deeds 4/12/12

N/A – Hector Road, Bank of Whitesburg, Et Al. to Tax Ease Lien Investments LLC, Filed 4/2/12
N/A – Bar Creek, Ben Barger to Lyndon Barger, Filed 3/29/12
$41.00 – Island Creek Area, Donnelly & Shirley Hall to Bertie Smith & Bertie Napier, Filed 4/3/12
N/A – Dobson Hill, Charles Lewis to Carmen Lewis, Filed 3/29/12
$3.00 – Laurel Branch Road, Eugene Spurlock to Darby Jackson, Filed 4/3/12
$14.00 – Railroad Ave., Edna Stevens Estate to Wilma Combs, Filed 4/2/12

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