The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Jail Report Releases 4-5-12

Jeremy Abner 3/31/12, Brittany L Brock 3/31/12, Conley Byrd 3/30/12, Chris L Clark 3/28/12, Lucy Jean Cotton 3/29/12, Christopher George Duff 3/30/12, Dennis Elliot 3/31/12, Terry France 3/29/12, Bryan Gibson 3/31/12, Michael Grigby 3/29/12, Tina L Hacker 3/31/12, Hector Bonilla 3/27/12, Charles M Henson 3/28/12, Clinton Henson 3/30/12, Timmy Henson 3/30/12, Robert Hill 4/1/12,
Janie Hoskins 3/29/12, Richard Alan Hoskins 3/28/12, Traci Lynn Johnson 3/29/12, Cathy Maxie 3/29/12, Teresa Minton 3/26/12, Tiffany Deanna Minton 3/29/12, Brian Napier 3/30/12, Christin Kaylee Reece 3/26/12, Mary Roark 3/30/12, Mary Roberts 3/29/12, Michael R Simpson 4/1/12, Dillard Sizemore 4/1/12, Virginia Smallwood 3/31/12, David Stewart 3/27/12, Cleo L Wagers 3/26/12, Nick Woodard 4/1/12

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Lawsuits 3-29-12

Midland Funding LLC. vs. Jerry Harris Sr.

Midland Funding LLC. vs. Jonathan C. Reid
Midland Funding LLC. vs. Vernon Cotrell
Midland Funding LLC. vs. Estill Gay
Midland Funding LLC. vs. Delcie Garrison
Midland Funding LLC. vs. Linda Jackson
CHR/Brandi L. Allen vs. Stanley R. Allen
CHR/Crystal G. Baker vs. Lee S. Wombles
CHR/Thelma G. Lawson vs. Donna M. Roark
CHR/Sherry A. Hall vs. Roy W. Hall
CHR/Melissa R. Napier vs. Shawn Napier
CHR/Kimberly S. Jackson vs. James E. Roark
Midland Funding LLC. vs. Steve Knuckles
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Lizzie Smith
Midland Funding LLC. vs. Willetta Abner
Barclay Bank Delaware vs. Theodore R. Bills
Capital One Bank vs. Otto Carnes
Capital One Bank vs. Jennifer L. Farmer
CHR/Alexandri M. Hall vs. Richmond J Sizemore
CHR/Terry L. Henson vs. Stephanie Henson
Janet Smith Et Al vs. Kevin Asher Et Al
Portfolio Recovery vs. Pamela Gray
Portfolio Recovery vs. Toby Robinson
Portfolio Recovery vs. Dennis Asher
Portfolio Recovery vs. Marie Brock
Eleanor R. Boyd vs. Lavonda Evans Et Al.
Daniel T. Caines vs. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Clay
C.W. Hoskins Heirs vs. Fredda Langdon Et Al.
LVNV Funding LLC vs. David Noble
LVNV Funding LLC vs. Helen Maiden
Grange Mutual Casualty Company vs. Dustin Collett Et Al.

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Police Report 3-29-12

Donald L. Smith, No registration plates, No registration receipt, Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st offence.

Carl D. Henson, Public intoxication, hitchhiking.
Misty N. Holt, Conspiracy to commit trespassing 2nd degree, Conspiracy to commit theft by unlawful taking, executed bench warrant (Theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting)).
Brian E. Allen, Criminal trespassing 2nd degree, attempted theft by unlawful taking.
Brendon L. Patrick, Public intoxication, Possession of a controlled substance 3rd degree.
Bruce Hill, Careless driving.
Karey S. Henson, Failure to use child restraint device in motor vehicle 2 counts, Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, Failure to wear seatbelts.
Curtis Combs, Disregarding a stop sign, Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, no registration plates, no registration receipt.
Melissa A. Sams, DUI 1st off, Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, Failure to wear seatbelts, reckless driving, Receiving stolen property.
Stanley Smith Jr., Operating ATV on roadway.
Jonathon S. Wagers, Public intoxication.
Justus G. Begley, Operating on suspended operators license, Failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, No registration plates, possession of marijuana.
Michael Roberts, Operating on suspended operators license, executed bench warrants (Failure to appear) Laurel Co.
Brian Roark, No operator’s license.
Edwin Nolan, Possession of a controlled substance 1st degree 1st off, Public intoxication.
Ray L. Collins, Speeding 20 MPH over limit.
Christopher P. Davidson, No registration plates, No registration receipt, failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, failure to register transfer of motor vehicle.
Stephanie S. Hobbs, Speeding 15 MPH over limit.
Esther L. Hampshire, Speeding 15 MPH over limit.

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Jail Report Releases 3-29-12

Brian E. Allen 3/19/12, Michael Baker 3/21/12, Tommy William Baker 3/20/12, Viola Brumley 3/23/12, Timothy Charles Cole 3/20/12, Scottie Collett 3/22/12, Scottie Collett Jr. 3/19/12, Franklin Couch 3/25/12, Rodney Couch 3/22/12,

Russell  L. Gibson 3/24/12, Albert Henson 3/22/12, Carl Henson 3/20/12,
Jennifer Henson 3/20/12, Kelly Jo Hoskins 3/23/12, Ricky Shawn Hoskins 3/23/12, Shannon Hoskins 3/20/12, Aleshia Jarvis 3/24/12, Crystal Johnson 3/23/12, Chris Jones 3/19/12, Damon Longworth 3/20/12, Angela Marion 3/23/12, Robert J. Napier Sr. 3/12/12, Edwin Nolan 3/24/12, Brendon Lee Patrick 3/21/12, Michael Roberts 3/24/12, Melissa Sams 3/20/12, Jonathon Scott Wagers 3/22/12

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Deeds 3-29-12

$15.00 – Dark Hollow Road, Brenda Gail Adams to Rebecca Allen, Filed 3/19/12
$61.00 – Fish Trap Area, Rory & Susan S. Cook Et Al to Michael S. Lee, Sr., Filed 3/16/12
$2.00 – Otter Creek Area, Covington Timber Co. LLC to Timmy Hall, Filed 3/19/12
NA – Roots Branch of Horse Creek, Houston Hicks to Houston & Bessie Hicks, Filed 3/15/12
$5.00 – Jacks Creek Road, Sharlene Hoskins to Mary & Rick Perry, Filed 3/19/12
NA – Ham Hollow Rd., Mae Hubbard to Bobby Hubbard, Filed 3/16/12
$2.50 – Hwy 421, Charlotte & Russell Thompson to Lora Lee & Marshall Howard, Filed 3/19/12
$10.00 – Fox Trail Drive, Triple S. Development, Inc. to Phillip Shane & Christie Isaacs, Filed 3/15/12
$203.00 – Beech Creek Area, Williams Unlimited Forest LLC to Jack Garrett, Filed 3/20/12
NA – Sexton Creek Area, Matilda Woods to Hobart Woods Jr., Filed 3/16/12

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