The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Sheriff's Report 3-29-12

Ed Coffman, 9/23/60, Terroristic Threatening 3rd degree.
Jason W. Hubbard, 2/18/84, Disorderly Conduct 2nd degree, Alcohol intoxication in a public place, Fleeing or evading 2nd degree, Assault 1st degree.
Michael Baker, 3/17/87, Serving Warrant for other agency.
Robert J. Napier, 5/1/52, Rear license plate not illuminated, Operating Motor Vehicle under the influence, Operating motor vehicle on suspended license.
Rodney Couch, 5/13/79, Terroristic threatening 3rd degree.
Angie Marion, 4/7/78, Serving warrant for other agency (Failure to appear)
Michael Sams, 3/4/81, Failure to produce insurance card.
Jeffery Ghent, 3/17/63, Assault 4th degree.
Charlene Braden, 11/16/75, Assault 4th degree.
Joshua Jones, 10/29/80, Alcohol Intoxication.
Christopher Hoskins, 1/23/84, Disorderly Conduct 2nd degree, Resisting Arrest, Fleeing/Evading Police 2nd degree, Criminal Mischief 3rd degree.
Brittany Hoskins, 6/14/93, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest.
Robbie Eversole, 1/8/81, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Menacing.
Donald Smith, 2/2/70, Harassing.
Scottie Ross Collett, 11/22/72, Menacing, Alcohol Intoxication 1st offence.
Alisha Beaudin, 7/25/84, Hindering Prosecution/Apprehension.
Jason Wagers, 2/11/81, Served Warrant for court (Wanton  Endangerment 1st degree).
Kenneth W. Davis Jr., 5/15/73, Terroristic threatening.

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Divorces 3-29-12

Tonya Hoskins vs. Robert Hoskins
Katie Riley vs. Clarence Riley
Angela Mills vs. Richard Mills

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Jail Report Releases 3-15-12

Barbara Ann Abner 3/19/12, Sheila Adams 3/9/12, Damian Alavez 3/11/12, Shelia Barger 3/6/12, Penny Sue Bishop 3/9/12, Levi Bowling 3/7/12, Shaunta Bowling 3/11/12, Ryan Dale Brandenburg 3/8/12, Beverly Centers 3/6/12, Lawerence Collins 3/8/12, Evelyn Ann Combs 3/6/12, Jimmy Lee Dees 3/9/12, Evelyn Marie Griffith 3/9/12, Shelly Hacker 3/10/12, Kyle D. Hammons 3/8/12, Alberto Elwood Harris 3/7/12, Linda Gail Harris 3/9/12, Daniel Blake Henson 3/6/12, Doyle Henson 3/9/12, Roscoe Henson 3/6/12, Willie Henson 3/9/12, Joshua E. Hizer 3/9/12, Janel Hoskins 3/9/12, Diane Hubbard 3/7/12, Elvis Jackson 3/9/12,
Crystal M. Johnson 3/8/12, Josh Johnson 3/9/12, Terri D. Jones 3/8/12, James Brandon Lawson 3/9/12, Sharon Mays 3/9/12, Arlie Wayne Patrick 3/10/12, Ricky Raos 3/11/12, Heather Riley 3/11/12, Amanda Jo Shoemake 3/9/12, Bobbie Cheryl Sizemore 3/9/12, Johnny Sizemore 3/11/12, Salina Melissa Sizemore 3/7/12, Evon K. smith 3/9/12, Patricia Stewart 3/9/12, George Albert Williams 3/8/12

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Marriages 3-15-12

Rochelle Rosemary Nichole Stewart, 16, student of Manchester, and Roger Dale Lovins, 20, Welder of Garrard, were married March 2nd, 2012.
Janet Sue Spurlock, 41, of Manchester, and Benny Ray Fugate, 42, Lineman of Manchester, were married March 2nd, 2012.
Sherry Marlenea Smith, 32, of Manchester, and Raymond Christopher Duff, 37, Self-employed of Manchester, were married February 23rd, 2012.
Jennifer Ruth Smith, 39, of Manchester, and Stephen Derek Jackson, 31, farmer of Williamsburg, were married March 4th, 2012.
Andrea Gabrielle Pandolf, 28, of Manchester, and John Lee Dozier Jr., 34, of Manchester, were married March 4th, 2012.
Bonnie Joe Napier, 56, of Manchester, and Orville Napier, 59, of Manchester, were married March 4th, 2012.

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Deeds 3-15-12

$325.00 – Hector Area, Glenna Howard Collins, ET AL to KY Transportation Cabinet, Filed 3/1/12
N/A – 194 Goodman Lane, Asset Backed Certificates, ET AL to US Bank, ET AL, Filed 3/1/12
N/A – Reed Branch, Charles Collins to Jonathan Eugene Collins, Filed 3/6/12
N/A – ½ acre in Clay County, Tommy Davidson to Clay County Fiscal Court, 3/1/12
$175.00 – Midnight Stable Rd., Marie Jackson to Prudential Relocation, Inc., Filed 3/7/12
$175.00 – Midnight Stable Rd., Prudential Relocation, Inc. to Kolen Kelly Johnson and Amy Stevens, Filed 3/7/12

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