The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Divorces 12-29-11

Gilberta Miller vs. Boyd Brian Miller
Pamela Woods vs. Bobby Woods
Jeremy Forman vs. Saundra Nicole Forman
Isabelle Bowling vs. Dennis Bowling
Roylee Douglas Walker vs. Veronica Walker
Bobby Gene Fultz vs. Stephanie Bailey Fultz

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Sheriff's Report 12-29-11

Jennifer R. Estep 11/11/83, Assault 4th Degree
Jessica L. Lawson 10/5/81, Assault 4th Degree, Wanton Endanger 1st Degree
Frank Collins 4/4/81, Theft By Unlawful Taking
Bobbie C. Sizemore 2/15/62, Failure to Pay Fine, Serving Bench Warrant
Timmy Henson 11/7/79, Public Intoxication
Charles W. Jarvis 12/11/79, Theft By Unlawful Taking
Roger L. Jarvis 4/2/82, Criminal Trespassing 3rd, Resisting Arrest
Timonthy Asher 7/17/84, Assault 4th
Charlene Eversole 9/13/54, Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree, Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree, Assault 4th
James R. Carr 7/12/87, Serving Warrant For Other Police Agency
Jason Buttery 12/18/73, Menacing
Victoria Williams 8/17/72, Failure of Owner to Maintain Required Insurance
David Cobb 2/19/82, Executed Indictment Warrant
Amanda Williams 2/23/87, Serving Bench Warrant for Court
Tabitha Lovins 11/5/86, Public Intoxication
Pricilla Lovins 11/5/86, Public Intoxication
Bonnie Bishop 4/6/52, Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree, Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree
Jennifer Jarvis 3/75/81, Executed Indictment Warrant
Spurgeoh Sizemore 6/18/83, Manufacturing Meth 1st Offense, Poss Cont Sub 2nd Degree
James C. Jackson 2/20/62, Fleeing or Evading 1st Degree
Kenneth Fields 6/25/63, Traff in Control Sub 2nd Degree
Eric Walker 6/19/77, Served Indictment Warrant
Gale Mobley 5/25/60, Custodial Interference
Melissa Metcalf 3/17/71, Executed Warrant for Criminal Mischief 1st, Assault 4th
Henry W. Herald 5/27/67, Serving Bench Warrant for Other County
Jamie Sizemore 9/13/8, Serving Indictment Warrant, Poss Cont Sub 1st Degree 1st Offense
Rocky Namav 6/27/80, Served Arrest Warrant, Burglary 2nd Degre

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Lawsuits 12-29-11

Cach, LLC. Vs. Gearldene A. Mills
DH Capital Management, LLC. Vs. Mary Henson
CHR/Robin Hensley Vs. Bruce Hoskins
CHR/Kayla R. Mosley Vs. Brian S. Miller
CHR/Jennifer G. Sandlin Vs. Danny Sandlin
Cecil Calvin Cooper Vs. Kentucky Utilities Company
Capital One Bank Vs. Marla Hacker
Capital One Bank Vs. Roya Clem
CHR/Bradley C. Garrett Vs. Robbie R. Garrett
Capital One Bank Vs. Betty L. Wombles
LVNV Funding LLC. Vs. James L. Hensley
Capital One Bank Vs. Kisha M. Hibbard
Cavalry SPV I, LLC. Vs. Brandon Earls
LVNV Funding, LLC. Vs. Kellie Jackson
World Finance Corporation Vs. Charles Miller
World Finance Corporation Vs. Glen Hubard
World Finance Corporation Vs. Billy Carr
World Finance Corporation Vs. Cotina Jo Smith
CHR/Gilbert Jones Vs. Timothy G. Jones
Capital One Bank Vs. Daniel C. Mills
Capital One Bank Vs. Melinda G. Henson
Elbert L. Caudill Vs. KY State Police
Cedar Crag Terrace Vs. Billy Abner
LVNV Funding, LLC. Vs. Pamela Smallwood
Cavalry SPV I, LLC. Vs. Otto Carnes
Midland Funding, LLC. Vs. Wesley Turner
Kentucky Farm Bureau Vs. Timothy Allen Hayes, ET AL
CHR/James Abner Vs. Cindy L. Gibson
CHR/Troy Roark Vs. Joan D. Roark
Joann Asher, ET AL Vs. Thomas Kumgtman
Westown Town Houses Vs. Amanda Griffin
Mark A. Dobbs Vs. Deborah Conley, ET AL
Tax Ease Lien Servicing, LLC. Vs. Sharlene Barre Hoskins
Tax Ease Lien Servicing, LLC. Vs. Unknown Heirs of Harris
Lendmark Financial Services, Inc. Vs. Jeffrey Hoskins
Estate of Thomas Stewart Vs. K. Petroleum, Inc.
Billy Harris Vs. Jason Harris, ET AL
Caroline Wagers Vs. Jacqueline Henson
Citifinancial, Inc. Vs. Rhonda Wilson
Northland Insurance Co. Vs. Michael Asher, ET AL
Jewel Hoskins Vs. Manchester, Inc. D/B/A Manchester IGA
L&N Federal Credit Union Vs. Bill Henson Jr.
Robert Campbell Vs. Jimmy Smith, ET AL
George Smith Vs. Jessica Young
Lisa Abner Vs. Charlotte Hobbs
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Herschell Salyers
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Melissa Morris
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Marshall Smith
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Gary Stewart
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Kristy Wagers
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Gilbert Downey
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Sarah Smith
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Kendra Stevens
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Jimmy Woods
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Brittney Wells
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Will Sharp
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Veda Sizemore
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Bobby Roberts
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Tim Pennington
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Carol Pierce
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Geneva Morgan
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Tony Penley
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Chester Mathis
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Connie Mathis
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Mike McConnell
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Kevin Asher
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Donna Asher
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Velva Baker
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Melissa Bowling
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Shaunta M. Bowling
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Diane Brumley
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Lori Campbell
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Sandra Couch
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Tester Crawford
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Carla Daniels
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Steven Dezarn
Rawlings & Goins Vs. John Duff
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Viola Estep
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Billy Fields
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Brook Gibson
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Easter Gray
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Lloyd Herd
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Jamie Jackson
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Toni Jackson
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Margie Johnson
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Danielle Jones
Rawlings & Goins Vs. Flora Jones

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Deeds 12-29-11

$30.00 – Goose Creek, James Moore ET AL (3), Lexington to Keith and Jennifer Nunn, N. Hwy 421, Filed 12/19/11
$38.00 – Robinson Creek, Kathy Bowling ET AL (2), Tyner to Gary and Rita Banks, Robinson Creek, Filed 12/21/11
$40.00 – Island Creek (Deed of Conveyance), Netting Rawlings ET AL (2), N. Hwy 421 to Brian and Christy Morris, N. Hwy 421, Filed 12/21/11
$6.00 – Buzzard Creek at Dixon (Deed of Conveyance), Harold Smith and Cora Smith, Dixon Branch Rd. to Ronald and Misty Wilson, Morgan Street
No Tax – Trustee Deed – Ponder Branch, Charles McHolan ET AL (1), Ponder Branch to Charles and Cherri McHolan, Corbin, Filed 12/16/11
$7.00 – Sacker Rd., Wanda Short and Mary Lakes to James Deaton, Sacker, Filed 12/16/11
$2.00 – Whites Branch, Maurice Smith ET AL (7), Hwy. 472 to Marion and Phyllis Crow, Manchester, Filed 12/16/11

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Jail Report 12-29-11

Kenneth Anderson 12/19/11, Timothy Asher12/19/11, Bonnie Bishop 12/15/11, Jason Bowling 12/14/11, Jason Buttery 12/19/11, James R. Carr 12/16/11, Christopher Dale Collins 12/22/11, Joe Estep Jr. 12/15/11, Kenneth Fields 12/22/11, Roy Gibbs 12/21/11, Billy Gray 12/21/11, Christopher Daniel Gray 12/21/11, Christopher H. Henson 12/21/11, Raymond Alex Hibbard 12/15/11, Onetta Hobbs 12/18/11, Brittany Nicole Hoskins 12/15/11, Bruce Hoskins 12/16/11, Jerry Hunley 12/21/11, Charles W. Jarvis 12/18/11, Roger Jarvis 12/19/11, Brian Daniel May 12/21/11, Earnie Mays 12/19/11, Melissa Metcalf 12/14/11, Gale Mobley 12/14/11, James D. Napier 12/19/11, Freddie D. Patterson 12/16/11, Kristin Nora Pendland 12/19/11, Sheila Robinson 12/21/11, Benny L. Rogers 12/20/11, Scotty Dean Sandlin 12/20/11, Micheal L. Sizemore 12/21/11, Jessielean Smith 12/20/11, John Wayne Smith 12/22/11, Trace Smith 12/21/11, Joshua Stapleton 12/18/11, Jeffery Truett 12/19/11, Dale White 12/20/11, Clara Williams 12/18/11, Don Williams 12/20/11

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