The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Sheriff's Report

Bobby Couch 7/16/88, Executed Bench Warrant

William Steven Napier 3/10/73, Serving Warrant for Another Police Agency

Michael Couch 5/26/81, Executed Indictment Warrant, Forgery 2nd Degree 4 Counts

Tyler Smith 4/3/92, Executed Indictment Warrant, Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree, Intimidating a Witness in a Legal Process

Eric Q Caudill 5/27/84, Executed Warrant for Drug Court Violations

Willie Jean Moore 12/23/62, Executed Indictment Warrant, Theft by Deception, Criminal Complicity to Commit Forgery 2nd Degree

Matt Jr Henson 8/3/67, Violation of Kentucky E.P.O/D.U.O

Matthew Collet 6/12/80, Theft by Unlawful Taking, Executed Indictment Warrant

Lucy Melton 11/8/68, Shoplifting

M Charles Henson 1/6/82, Public Intoxication <Excluding Alcohol>

Charles Smallwood 6/1/83, Cultivate in Marijuana 75 Plants

Mollie J Henson 9/3/67, Executed Bench Warrant

Jesse Lewis 9/1/54, Serving Warrant for Other Police Agency

Stephen Sillis Harris 3/27/74, Serving Bench Warrant for Other Police Agency

Ed Brock 5/28/52, Serving Bench Warrant

Robert Tyler Smith 4/3/92 Assault 3rd Degree, Assault 4th Degree, Poss. Of Marijuana, Resisting Arrest

Jessie Lewis 9/1/54, Public Intoxication

Nicholas Reid 10/9/90, Involved in Auto Accident

Bobby J Wagers 7/7/59, Failure to Pay Fine, Executed Warrant

Anthony R. Gregory 7/24/77, Contempt of Court

Lige Nolan 8/5/58, Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree, Intimidating a Participant in Legal Process

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Jail Report

Charles Wayne Asher 3/22/1979, Brenda Bowling 7/20/1952, Randelene Cornett 10/27/1990, Carl Gene Davidson 12/4/1943, Patricia Durham 10/30/1986, Roscoe H. Feltner 2/10/1953, Anthony Shawn Grigsby, Michael Lee Harris 5/1/1956, Bennie Henson 9/4/1945, J.L. Henson 9/23/1962, Samantha Henson 8/3/1988, Amber Hoskins 6/5/1983, Kenneth Hubbard 2/18/1975, Nickie Hubbard 7/4/1983, Justice Jackson 12/3/1962, Justin Ryon Johnson 8/3/1982, Ashley Nicole Lawson 2/22/1992, Jimmy Jay Levering 2/1/1982, Danny Shaun Lovins 2/15/1979, Timmy Madden 8/20/1970,  Teresa Ann Minton 12/14/1977, Jinna Shanntel Moore 3/25/1989, Randall S. Neal 8/29/1969, Aaron Pratt 3/8/1967, Mitchell Roark 6/29/1978, George Robinson 11/11/1973, Andrew James Sizemore 11/24/1982, Jerry William Sizemore 7/26/1989, Steve Smallwood 12/22/1961, Randy Smith 2/24/1974, Sonnie Smith 10/12/1974, Timothy Smith 1/17/1984, Ralph Swafford7/22/1963, Sampson Swafford 12/31/1986, Michael Turner 7/4/1979, Brett Matthew Williams 11/4/1984

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Makiba Blackman, 39, married to Robert Taylor, 31 on 7/28/11.
Marketta Brown, 34, office manager, married to James Wells, 35, correctional officer on 7/24/11.
Taleila Fisher, 29, administrative asst., married to Paul Willis Jr., 32, factory worker on 7/30/11.
Mollie Gray, 27, sales associate, married to Eric Lynn Sizemore, 22, unloader, on 7/28/11.
Amanda Harris, 21, student, married to William Reed, 20, KPI Oil & Gas 7/30/11.
Paris Jackson, 28, inquiry coordinator, married Prince Ferguson, 30 self-employed on 7/28/11.
Ashley Myers, 25, student, married to Robert Hensley, 27, sales on 7/16/11.
Sarah Roberts, 20, “cand A”, married to Jody Smith, 21, disabled on 7/16/11.
Ruth Sandlin, 51, Clay County Board of Education married to Billy Rineair, 53, 4001 Maker on 7/21/11.
Elizabeth Sizemore, 32, patient access rep. married Donald Stevens, 47, Wal-Mart on 7/23/11.
Sarah Sumner, 23, student, married to Kevin Ealy, 26, sales rep. on 7/23/11.
Lindsay Turner, 19, student, married Phillip Burns, 20, Saddle Brock Rd. 7/23/11.
Tomeka Williams, 36, imaging operator, married Varsheen Smith, 34, on 8/3/11.

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No tax, Crane Creek Judith & William Allen of Salem, Oregon, to Allen Revocable Living Trust of Salem, Oregon filed on 8/3/11.
No tax, Hickory Hill Rd., Ray Johnson of Manchester, to Brenda Johnson Hickory Hill filed on 8/3/11.
$20.00, Billie’s Branch, Davie Davidson POFP of Billie’s Branch to Patty Davis of Billie’s Branch, filed on 8/3/11.
$5.00, Spring Creek, Bobbie Jackson of Manchester to Homer & Janet Ratliff of Sand Hill Road.
No tax, Pistol Creek Rd., Raymond Hensley of Pistol Creek to Jesse Parsons POSP (4) of London, Kentucky filed on 7/28/11.
No tax, Hwy 687, Mary Phifer POFP (2) of Wood Bridge, Virginia to Paul White POSP (2) of Salt Lake City, Utah filed on 7/28/11.
No tax Harris Hollow Rd., Ronnie & Judy Harris of Hogshin Rd. to Betty Roark of Manchester filed on 7/28/11.
$82.00, Greasy Road, First National Bank of Manchester to Judy Bowles of Ham Hollow filed on 7/29/11.
$1.00, Jct. 421 & 472, Gladys & Kathleen Roberts of Richmond, to Ella Boyd of N. Hwy 421 filed on 7/29/11.
No tax, Sand Hill Rd., T.J. Smallwood of Manchester to Billy Smallwood of Sand Hill Rd. filed on 8/2/11.
No tax, Ham Hollow Rd., Tim Carr of Garrard to Tanzy Carr of Ham Hollow Rd. filed on 8/3/11.

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Alice Marcum vs Brittany N Hoskins

Lendmark Financial vs Brenda Bowling

Hazard Appalachian vs Molly D Smith

Midland Funding LLC. vs Danny Robinson

Midland Funding LLC. vs Carolyn Hensley

CHR/Michael King vs Marisa Robbins

CHR/Tonya Long vs Hobert Jones

CHRTeresa Marie Edmunds vs Christopher Lee Rambo

CHR/Patricia Abner vs John Abner

Gary Jarvis vs Susan Sizemore

Norman James Stanley vs Mona Lisa Smith

Gary Jarvis vs Barbara Napier

FIA Cards Services vs Henria Bailey Lewis

Nannie Gregory vs B.C. Wood Companies, LLC.

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