The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Jail Report

Larry DeWayne Collins 5/7/1989, Mark Collins 8/25/1968, Eli Combs 10/1/1977, Roberta Davidson 10/7/1948, Melena Deborde 4/10/1962, Diane Duff 1/30/1975, John L Henson 9/23/1962, Johnny Odell Hobbs 12/30/1967, Frankie Wayne Hoskins 6/2/1959, Anthony R. Jackson 12/23/1981, Justin Jackson 12/3/1962, Crystal M. Jones 2/13/1988, Bobby Lakes 11/28/1966, Priscilla Ann Lovins 11/5/1986, Ruth Marcum 12/7/1966, Alex McQueen 6/21/1978,Timothy R. Mills 12/26/1980, Flora Haley Namauu 9/28/1981, Nancy Reid 9/16/1986, Timothy Roberts 11/18/1980, Marita Sizemore 8/18/1967, Amanda Smith 6/1/1989, Bill Stanley 5/31/1962, Jeff Wessel 5/15/1969,
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Midland Funding vs. John Landrum

Capital One Bank vs. Debbie Smith

Central Financial vs. Jessie Wombles

Tammy Morsch vs. Mathew Hobbs

Midland Funding vs. James Hicks

Kelly Meadows vs. Jamie Allen

Forister Miller vs. William Jones

Margo Collins vs. Cynthia Hall

Donnie Baker vs. Theresa Hasty

Glenda Madden vs. TDS Restaurants

Jerry Lee Hibbard vs. Linda Mae Hibbard

World Wide Asset Purchasing vs. Earl Smith

Hazard Appalachian Regional Medical Ctr. vs. Thompson St.

Tax Ease Linen Investments 1 vs. Lon Bradley Hamm

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Police Report

Nicole Hamilton, executed arrest warrant.

Cleo S. Wagers, public intoxication.

Johnny K. Marcum, DUI, (1st offense), failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance, no registration plates.

Alex L. McQueen, executed bench warrant (failure to appear).

Johnny O. Hobbs, Failure to register transfer of motor vehicle, driving DUI suspended license, failure of owner to maintain required insurance/security (1st offense).

Anthony R. Jackson, alcohol intoxication.

Priscilla A. Lovins, DUI (aggravating circumstance 1st offense) license to be in possession.

Amanda Smith, Executed bench warrant (failure to appear).

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Not tax – Old Home Place, Bonnie Burns of Oneida to Bonnie Burns, filed 7/1/11.

$25,000 - Horse Creek, Wilbert & Glenna Hughes, London, KY, to Larry Smith Manchester, filed on 7/5/11.

$1.50 - Sandhill Area, Bobbie Jackson, Manchester, to Bobbie & John Jackson, filed on 7/5/11.

$115.00 - Burchell Farm, Greenbriar, Kathy Farmer & Elizabeth MacMillan, Berea, to Lindsey Hooker, HWY 638 filed on 7/6/11.

Declaration of Covenants, Rita Inman, Beech Creek, to Kentucky Mountain Housing Development, Manchester, filed on 7/6/11.

$16.50 – Survivorship Deed, James & Candace Gray, Town Branch Road, to Jason & Lorene Smith, N. HWY 421, filed on 6/27/11.

$15.00 – Deed of Conveyance, Mary Hensley, Oneida, to Robert Hensley, Covington, KY, filed on 6/27/11.

$40.00 - HWY 638, Clinton & Gwenadene Cope, N. HWY 421, to Johnny & Loretta Wolfe, HWY 638.

$128.00 – Fox Trail Estates Lot 18, Christina & Ryan Sizemore, Colony Road, to Kelly & Brandon Vise, Beverly, KY, filed on 6/29/11.

Deed of Conveyance, Arthur & Kathleen Davis, HWY 80 Goose Rock, to Jeff Grant, Goose Rock, filed on 6/29/11.

$31.00 – Bullskin Creek, KY Mountain Housing Development Corp, Manchester, to David Sizemore, Oneida, filed on 6/29/11.

No Tax -  Lane & Shelia Lipps, Lipps Branch Road, to Lane & Sheila Lipps, Lipps Branch Road, filed on 6/30/11

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Sheriff's Report 7-7-11

Vernon France 02/23/1955, Illegal possession of alcohol in dry territory (1st degree) and illegal sale alcohol dry territory (1st degree).

Mark Collins 8/25/1968, Burglary (1st degree) and executed warrant.

Nancy Mitchell 12/27/1982, Failure to appear, FTPF, and domestic violence.

Abbie Henson 8/3/1985, Domestic violence charge.

Candice Delph 5/22/1984, Burglary (1st degree), executed arrest warrant.

Abraham Mitchell 1/26/1959, Criminal Trespassing (3rd degree).

Christopher Lee Smith 10/06/1981, Executed bench warrant.

Dillard Wagers 7/9/1958, Assault (4th degree), domestic (minor injury).

Ruth Ann Henson 9/21/1985, Assault (4th degree), executed bench warrant arrest.

Billy D. Carr 1/16/1984, Executed bench warrant arrest.

William Steve Napier 10/03/73, Executed bench warrant.

Clay Turner 11/25/1961, Executed bench warrant.

Darrell D. Holt 09/17/1938, Executed bench warrant.

Pedro D. Tornero 01/30/75, Fugitive from another state

Nicholas S. Walker 1/23/1987, Executed bench warrant

Michael Wombles 10/30/1979, Alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct.

Timothy B. Robbins 11/25/1967, Executed bench warrant, executed Laurel Co. bench warrant.

Bradley Garrett 1/11/1969, Executed indictment warrant

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