The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Police Report 7-7-11

Stephanie L. Rowland, executed bench warrant (failure to pay fines) 2 counts.

Robert Day, alcohol intoxication.

Bobby Morgan, executed arrest warrant (Fugitive).

Kayla A. Hoskins, failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st offense.

William Napier, no operator’s license.

Christian S. Jones, executed bench warrant (Failure to pay fines) Breathitt Co.

John W. Duff, executed indictments warrant.

William H. Hensley, executed bench warrant (Laurel Co.)

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Jail Report 7-7-11

Billy David Carr 1/16/1984, John W. Duff  3/4/1972, Roger E. Fisher 2/6/1972, Darrell Hall 9/17/1938, Nichole Hamilton 9/20/1982, William H. Hensley 12/10/1973, Abbie Gale Henson 8/3/1985, Ruth Ann Henson 9/21/1985, Abraham Mitchell 1/26/1959, William Steve Napier 3/10/1973, Carl Roberts 1/24/1971, Clayton W. Turner 11/25/1961, Cleo Wagers 12/31/1982, Larry J. Wagers 11/4/1978,

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Sheriff's Report

Leonard Holland, 12/17/63, failure to appear, serving bench warrant.

Matthew Wolfe, 1/2/82, executed arrest warrant

Dewayne Smith, 10/10/66, public intoxication controlled substance.

Willis Craig McQueen, 6/14/73, executed warrant.

Lonnie Adams, 8/29/91, executed warrant.

Davis Russell Howard, 12/19/92, executed indictment warrant.

Tony Brandon Downey, 1/2/86, executed warrant.

Toshsa Treadway, 8/20/86, complicity robbery, complicity theft by unlawful taking, executed indictment warrant.

America McCuller, 2/3/84, serving bench warrant.

Sabrina Lewis, 4/19/79, serving bench warrant.

Sonny Hubbard, 7/19/89, public intoxication.

Mary Hoskins, 5/14/85, operating motor vehicle under influence of alcohol/drugs.

Kenneth Grubb,1/18/90, arrest (4th degree domestic) minor injury.

Hank Williams, 4/8/85, receiving stolen property over $500.

Darcey Collins, 3/10/76, shoplifting.

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Jennifer Rose Swafford, 20, to Jeremy Dewayne Collins, 24, Starwood Mountain

Amanda Susan Waldridge, 23, Homemaker to Michael Paul Henson, 27, CSR at Game King.

Lacy America Wilson, 21, B&H Shoes, to Joseph Daniel Edwards, 24, Pharmacy Tech.

Alicia Marie Barger, 22, Student, to James Lynn Bowling, 26.

Julie Marie Blair, 29, unemployed to Robert Gene Hicks, 37, unemployed.

Elizabeth Renee Carmack, 24, Teacher, to Jeremy Todd Bowling, 25, Pharmacist.

Emily Dawn Gray, 22, Unit Clerk, to John Brandon Woods, 30, Spectrum Care Academy.

Amanda Nicole Reese, 22, Data Entry, to Ryan Allen Bretz, 25, Supervisor.

Ashley Dawn Smith, 28, unemployed to Frankie Lee Marcum, 46, Sales

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Manchester Police Arrest

Billy Berry Jr., driving with DUI suspended license 1st offense, no registration plates, failure of owner to maintain required insurance 1st offense.

Eric Walker, trafficking in a controlled substance 1st degree, 1st offense (serving an indictment warrant)

Ricky L. Cox, bench warrant for failure to pay fine.

Hershell Saylor, no registration plates, no receipt, no license in possession, failure to register transfer motor vehicle.

Amy Abner, executed warrant, criminal possession of a forged instrument 2nd degree.

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