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 The telephone has really made great stride in advancement since the time Ray Stevens sang , “Don’t look Ethel”, in The Streak!  But got a call the other day about the sighting of a black bear in the Burning Springs Community.  It was seen crossing 421 heading toward the “Sacker Junction”.  We don’t usually mention names about news sources but this sighting can be authenticated.  One thing is a given though, if that bear thinks it will have a better life on “Sacker” than where it came from, its in a bad state of mind!  Best advice though if the bear ain’t attacking you or someone, leave it alone and call by phone to the conservation dispatch or the local police dispatch and they will track down some one to come out and take care of business.  Bears are a protected animal in Kentucky and most states.  Would love to have a photo.

Like last week, this week has a lot of folks with birthdays and anniversaries.  To start, the oldest survivor of the “Easy” Bill and Betty Allen family, ol’ lefty James Louis was a happy number 72 on June 12th.  He did get a cake and some happy wishes.

And a very fine great-niece and her husband, Christy and Wesley Holland had their happy anniversary number 7 on June 12th.  Wish them many more happy years.

Next Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day in America.  It’s a good time for fathers to step up and be heard from in a leadership role and also if your father is still around wish them well on their special day.

June 12th was also special for two fine young folks, Rondall and Lindsay Westerfield.  It was their happy number 2.  Hope you had a great day.

For those folks who haven’t’ harvested a mess of young squirrels for the skillet you have till sundown on the 17th, Thursday that is or will have to wait until fall.

It’s hard sometimes to remember where the time went, but on June 14th Trevor Samples, was a happy number 10.  Tell him happy day from everybody.

June 16th is a happy day for a fine fellow and brother-in-law, Orville Collins, it’s his happy birthday.  Ask him for the number but its his day and we say happy day.

And for a fine lady and family friend, Courtney Hubbard, we say happy birthday to her on June 16th.  She’s not old enough to worry yet.  Happy day to her too.

And for long time friend and world traveler, Carol Woods, formerly from “Sacker” now of Texas, she will have her happy birthday on June 16th.  Happy birthday to her.

And for two fine folks, Bob and Lucy Woods,, we congratulate them on their happy anniversary on June 16th.  Its 39 years and we say congratulations.

Wonder why it’s hot?  Summer will be here officially next week on the 21st.  Don’t plan on any cool weather for a few months.  But if one has a cool place to sleep, its better than snow.

21 is a good number and that’s how old Kenny Wolfe will be on June 17th.  Happy birthday Kenny.

And fine lady and business woman Christy Garrett will have her happy birthday on June 18th.  Have a good day Christy.

And for Mike and LaBerta White, congratulations to you two on your 28th wedding anniversary on June 18th.  May you have many more.

And last this week, two fine and well known folks, Mike and Linda Baker will celebrate their happy anniversary on June 18th.  It will be 17 happy years for them.  Lt’s wish all these folks a good day.

That’s about if for this hot, humid June day and pray your air conditioner is working well.  Keep the pets well watered and stay cool.  After summer comes the fall and before one can complain much it will be cool wether.

God bless and pray for peace in our time.

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Sheriff's Report 6-16-11

Janet Henson 10/13/87 no operator license, Bates Lewis Wesley 2/1/67 receiving stolen property and persistent felony offender (2nd) degree, Tina Cox 9/3/80 theft by deception under 10,000, Greg Willis McQueen 6/14/73 executed bench warrant and probation violation, Perry Thompson 9/23/51 executed bench warrant, Kelinda Smith 9/24/79 assault 4th degree (domestic) minor injury and public intoxication, Jason Wayne Carpenter 10/4/80 receiving stolen property under 10,000 and persistent felony offender (2nd Degree) and execution indictment warrant, Calvin Bishop 10/6/77 assault 4th degree minor injury, Linda Mills 6/29/64 public intoxication, Charles Hensley 11/27/74 theft by failure to make required disposition of property, Heather Collins 5/9/80 assault 4th degree executed arrest warrant, Melissa Eversole 11/4/68 executed federal warrant, Brandy Gambrel 6/6/81 criminal mischief (3rd degree) domestic violence, Nancy Collett 9/24/79, promoting contraband.

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Lawsuits 6-16-11

Cash Express vs. Sonya Jones

Cash Express vs. Billy Carr

Christopher Runion vs. Jillan Spurlock

Cleo Smallwood vs. Sandra L. Hicks

Ashley Sizemore vs. Nagunda Thompson

Community Trust Bank INC. vs. Lonnie Rice

Asset Acceptance vs. Lois Wilder

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. vs. Kimberly Hooker

Midland Funding LLC vs. Lucas Gibson

Portfolio Recovery Associate LLC vs. Pipe Montgomery

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. vs.  Rose Johnson

World Finance Corporation vs. Sandra Gibson

World Finance Corporation vs. Amanda Hensley

Discover Bank vs. Johnny M. Stone

Terry Smith vs. Brittany Lewis

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Deeds 6-16-11

No Tax, Bales Creek, Jimmy & Stella Bishop – Webb Street to Maretta Bishop - Morgan Branch Road, 10-2-11

$0.50, Upper Rader Road, Danny & Tishia Wolfe – Riggeslone to Paul Barrett – Upper Rader Road, 6-3-11

Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions, Garry Jackson – Goose Rock to Kentucky Mountain Housing – Development Corp- Manchester KY, 6-3-11

$1.00, Saul Hollow Road, Pearl Norma Aisip – Tomest Trail, London, KY to Kimberly J House – Middletown, OH

$14.00, Jacks Branch, Chester Mathis & Jaclyn Mathis – Wayne Street to Henry Hudson – Fall Rock, 6-3-11

$7.00, Curry Branch, Cleo Curry-Burnett – Manchester, KY to Ethel Roberts & Mary Benge – Curry Branch, 6-6-11

$25.00, Bullskin, Irene Bowling – Ohio to Wendell Gay – Sizerock, KY, 6-6-11

$30.00, Tract 1 – 11, Cheryl & Dwight Bishop – McKee to Norma Bishop – Bethel, OH, 6-1-11

L&A, Ice House Branch, Ciara Brock – Ice House Road to Clayton Brock – Ice House Road, 6-1-11

N/A, Declaration of covenants, Ricky Jordan – Saplin Fork Road to Justin Riggs – Whittiemore Road, 6-1-11

No Tax, Big Branch of Bullskin, Lillie Bush to Phil Bush – Oneida, 6-1-11

$2.00, Beach Creek, Leola Abner & Brenda Sims - Felicity, OH to Ishmael Hibbard – Bethel, OH, 6-2-11

No Tax, Tanyard, Stella Fields - Hwy 638 to Billy Rield - Huey 638 & Bobbie Owens – London, KY, 6-2-11

No Tax, Lipps Branch, Denny & Janice Beckner – Lipps Branch, 6-6-11

$0.50, Lipps Branch, Mona & Riley Lipps – Waymon Hollen to Janice & Denny Beckner – Lipps Branch, 6-6-11

$20.00, Holland Branch Road, George Warren – Cunningan Road to Freddy & Linda Henderson – Annville, KY, 6-6-11

$3.00, Mudlick, Kevin Smallwood – Manchester, KY to Judy Smith – Hwy 1524, 6-6-11

$19.00, Greenbiar Road, Agnes & John Hubbard to Diana Smith – Hwy 1524, 6-6-11

No Tax, Mudlick, Stafford Smallwood & Judy Smith – Hwy 1524 to Judy Smith – Hwy 1524, 6-7-11

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Sheriff's Report 6-2-11

Jonathan Hacker 10/18/79, Executed Indictment Warrant

Thelma Smith 6/3/77, Executed Bench Warrant

Joan Roark 11/7/68, 508.070 Wanton Endangerment on 4 counts, 530.060 Endangering welfare of a minor 2 counts.

Desmond Thompson 7/15/76, 520.095 Fleeing and evading 1st on foot from a police officer, 520.090 resisting arrest, executed Indictment warrant.

Imogene Hill 1/16/71, 508.080 Terroristic threatening (3rd degree), 508.150 Stalking (2nd degree), 525.080 Harassing Communication.

Carlos Abner 12/14/85, 514.110 Receiving stolen property under $500, executed arrest warrant.

Imogene Sparlock 01/16/71, harassing communications.

Ronald Stott 3/13/79, Serving warrant for Henderson County.

Dennis Jones 05/29/74, expired registration plates, expired KY registration receipt, failure of owner to maintain regular insurance 1st offense.

David Abner 3/22/71, executed 4 bench warrants.

Tasa Kilburn 12/7/80, theft by unlawful taking over $300.00, serving warrant for other police agency.

Brandy Gambrell 6/6/81, Assault 4th degree domestic violence.

Christopher Cohorn 11/30/82, 514.030 thief by unlawful taking over $500.00, executed warrant.


CORRECTION:  Misty Myers 2/1/83, operating motor vehicle under influence of drugs/alcohol (3rd degree).  Subject involved in vehicle accident and no vehicle tag.  749GF subject was unsteady on feet and speech was slurred.  Subject refused medical treatment from Clay EMS, stated she was uninjured.  Officers gave Misty Myers two-field sobriety test, finger to the nose and HGN and failed both. Stated she had taken oxycodone and host of other drugs prescribed earlier in the day.

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