The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Jail Report 3-24-11

Alsip, Nicholas Ryan 4/17/983, Blankenship, Tonya, Blanton, Jason Lee 9/21/1980, Bowling, Jason 8/23/1979, Clark, Cody Ray 10/5/1988, Cohorn, Christopher Shane 11/30/1982, Couch, Clinton 7/24/1987, Dobson, Ryan Edward 1/22/1985, Johnny Paul Everage 1/22/1986, Fugate, Connie Nicole 8/22/1983, Grubb Bobby Joe 5/30/1972, Grubb Lynn E. 8/30/1956, Hacker, Shelly Nicole 1/24/1984, Holt, Roger Dale 1/11/1977, Hoskins, Ralph J. 8/16/1976, Jackson, Clayton Dewayne 3/29/1980, Jewell Stephen 10/14/1983, Mcqueen, Trinity Mistik 11/17/1984, Napier, Robert Travis 5/18/1978, Nolan, Mckinley 10/4/1968, Ritchie, Christopher Todd 12/4/1969, Savage, Slyvia 7/8/1980, Sester, Todd 5/2/1982, Sevier, William B. 2/20/1987, Sizemore, Rubilee 10/10/1990, Slone, Michael 2/28/1971, Smith, James William 8/28/1989, Smith, Johnny James 7/16/1964, Smith, Kelinda Rochelle 9/24/1979, Smith, Sherry 6/20/1979, Stanley, Ben 12/23/1988, Taylor, Eric Thomas 3/26/1982, Taylor, Thelma 2/3/1980, Thompson, Desmond 7/15/1976, Wagers, Timothy 11/12/1984, Walker, Eric Tryme 6/19/1987, White, Joshua James 1/10/1985, Williams, CP 12/11/1972

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Divorces 3-24-11

Krista Renee Gabbard vs. Nicholas Jason Gabbard

Jessica Earlene Jackson vs. Clayton Jackson

Jessielene Wagers vs. George Wagers Jr.

Jeri Amanda Ferrell vs. Thomas D. Schenck

Jeanette Vander Kooi vs Lester Vander Kooi

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Deeds 3-24-11

Love & Affection – Fogertown Area, Edward and Kristi Henson of Manchester to Mattie Bowling of Manchester filed on 3-15-11.

$22,500.00 – Burning Springs, Larry and Ethel Allen of London to Richmond and Quincie Owens of Manchester filed on 3-16-11.

Love & Affection – Bar Creek Rd. – Hugh and Jeraldine Spurlock of Big Creek to Glenn and Jammie Gregory of Holland Branch filed on 3-16-11.

$20,000.00 – Laurel Creek, House Shepard Enterprises of Manchester to Mark Dobbs of Tyner filed on 3-17-11.

Love & Affection – Fogertown, Jess Chessnut POFP(5) of Glasgow, KY to Travis Tollin of Frazier Rd. filed on 3-17-11.

$5,700.00 – Jacks Branch, Roulette Wilkins of Cincinatti, OH to Travis Hollin of Frazie Rd. filed on 3-17-11.

Love & Affection – Greenbriar Rd., Billy Bowling POFP(7) of Manchester to Greta Emond POSP (3) of Beech Creek filed on 3-17-11.

$16,062.08 – Kenneth Bowling Jr. POFP(2) to Frederick Blanton of McWharter Rd filed on 3-11-11.

$85,000.00 – Oneida, Diane and Pleaz Davidson of Oneida to Oneida Community Church filed on 3-11-11.

$1.00 – Pistol Creek, Bonnie and Edward Hacker of Lily, KY to Lois and Howard Feisten of London , KY filed on 3-12-11.

Love & Affection – Billies Branch Rd. Bernette and Kenneth Holland of Steve Mitchell Rd. to Dewey Combs of Steve Mitchell Rd. filed on 3-11-11.

Love & Affection – Breenbriar, Anthony Heath POFP(4) of Jacksboro, TN to Thomas Williams of Hwy 638 filed on 3-12-11.

$14,000.00 – Laurel Creek, James Davidson of Greenhill Rd. to Kimberly Hoskins of Oneida filed on 3-14-11.

$5,000.00 – Big Creek, Charles and Minnie Weaver of Memorial Drive to Eugina Gibson of Big Creek filed on 3-15-11.

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Sherrif's Report

Shelly N. Hacker, 01/24/1984, Public Intoxication of a controlled substance

Bobby Joe Grubb, 5/30/72, Executed Warrant, bench warrant for drug court violation

Rodney J. Grubb, 8-16-76, Executed warrant of arrest, bench warrant, failure to appear; promoting contraband 1st.

Alican H. Byrd, 10-23-79, Serving criminal summons for court; theft of property lost

Willie Wayne Henson, 5-23-79, Assault 2nd.

Myra Roark, 4-27-75, Serving bench warrant for cour, failure to appear.

Russell Siler, 7-18-63, Flagrant non-support

Jason Hubbard, 8-5-77, operating motor vehicle while influenced by alcohol/drugs.

Nathan William Harville, 5-30-66, Fugitive from another state.

Laura B. Bowling, 9-7-65, failure to maintain required insurance

Tony Bratcher, 11-03-62, Parole Violation

Kelly Godsey, 6-26-86, Burglary 3rd degree, Theft by unlawful taking over $500.

Teresa Noble, 9-19-70, Contempt of Court.

Dewayne Smith, 10-10-66, alcohol intoxication 3rd degree.

Chester Wagers, 6-28-55, Driving while suspended DUI license, Failure of non owner operator to maintain required insurance.

Crystal Reid, 8-19-82, No insurance, no proof, No license to be in possession.

Charles Wayne Asher, 3-22-79, Possession of controlled substance 1st (methamphetamine), possession of marijuana less 8 oz.

Darlene Moe Smith, 3-3-78, Traffic in controlled substance 1st degree drug unspecified, 2nd degree possession of controlled substance drug unspecified 1st off, possession of controlled substance 3rd degree, Drug paraphernalia buy/posses (M)(A)

Leonard Holland, 12-17-63, Possession Controlled substance (methamphetamine)

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CHR/Benge, Rhonda L VS. Smith, Amanda M,

CHR/Hunter, Lois A VS. Riner, Reva J,

CHR/Buttery, Kimberly M. VS. Buttery, Tracey L,

CHR/Buttery, Kimberly M. VS. Buttrey, Tracey L,

CHR/Harris, Michelle D VS. Harris, Bradley,

CHR/Reid, Jennifer L VS. Reid, Jerrod R,

Capital One Bank, VS. House, Marietta,

Capital One Bank, VS. Mills, Randall,

GE Money Bank, VS. Hacker, Hilda,

Hazard Appalachian Regional Medical Ctr., CS. Shaffer, GA,

Hensley, Dosha VS. May Ernest Jr,

21st Mortage Corporation, VS. Reid, James,ET AL,

Capital One Bank, VS. McQueen, Donnie,

Hubbard, Donna VS. Williams, George, ET AL,

Estate of Elizabeth Denman, VS. Grange Mutual Casualty Co

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