The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Jail Report Releases

Rex A. Abner 11/24/11, Brian E. Allen 11/21/11, Isaac T. Anderson 11/22/11, Crystal Bowles 11/17/11, Gary Dewayne Bowling 11/23/11, Jamie Lynn Couch 11/21/11, Roger Hibbard 11/24/11, Jerry Hinkle 11/22/11, Misty N. Holt 11/21/11, James Honchell 11/22/11, Sally Crystal Johnson 11/21/11, Chris Jones 11/24/11, Terry Jones 11/23/11, Donald Mayfield 11/17/11, Brandon McQueen 11/23/11, Jose Montero 11/17/11, Anthony Wade Napier 11/16/11, Sean Pennington 11/21/11, Mathew Polston 11/23/11, Christin Kaylee Reece 11/20/11, Mithell Roark 11/21/11, Kristi Sizemore 11/21/11, Sherman Sizemore 11/18/11, Dewey Smith 11/19/11, Micheal Stevens 11/17/11, Myla Van Norstran 11/21/11, Mary H. Wagers 11/17/11, Millard Wagers 11/21/11, Patricia Wagers 11/21/11, Hank Williams 11/21/11, Linda K. Winters 11/24/11

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$0.50 – Otter Creek, Kenny Brock ET AL (1), Dundee Waterfall, MI to Alex Davis Jr., Davis Smith Rd., filed 11/17/11
N/A – Declaration of Covenants, Polly Keen, Sapling Fork Rd. to Kentucky Housing Corporation, Manchester, filed 11/17/11
$0.50 – 3 Tracts, Cledith Davis, Billy Branch ET AL (16) to Alex Davis Jr., Davis Smith Rd., filed 11/18/11
No Tax – 296 Mae Reid Rd, Henry Stewart, Mae Reid Rd. to Michaell Stewart, Mae Reid Rd., filed 11/18/11
$2.50 – Jacker Road, Jessica Lakes, Hami Hon, OH ET AL (5) to Judy Anderson , Indianapolis, IN ET AL (2), filed 11/22/11
No Tax – Hwy 66 Laurel Branch Rd., Geraldin and Hughes Spurlock, Old Bar Creek Rd, to William Spurlock, Oneida, filed 11/22/11
$3.00 – Crawfish Branch, Doris Asher and Jimmy Asher, Hima, KY to Jeffery and Edith Bullock, Shirley Don Rd., filed 11/23/11
No Tax – Hwy 638, Dwain Frederick ET AL (3), Chanie Sizemore Rd to Kentucky Mountain Housing, Manchester, filed 11/23/11
$41.00 – Town Branch, Ester and Morris Thompson, House Ave. to Alisa Wagers, Town Branch Rd., filed 11/23/11

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GE Capital Retail Bank vs. Linda Burchfield

Capital One Bank vs. Dallas Helton

OH Capital Management, Inc. vs. Paula Jones

Capital One Bank vs. Lisa Curry

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Sheriff's Report

Tony Sizemore 5/10/70, Executed Bench Warrant

Sally Crystal Johnson 10/19/81, Executed Bench Warrant

Rodney Delone Couch 5/13/79, Executed Bench Warrant

Anthony W. Napier 9/12/81, Flagrant Non-support, Serving Warrant For Court

Bobby Salyers 8/30/52, Serving Bench Warrant, Failure to Pay Fine, Serving Warrant for Other Agency

Michael Stevens 6/11/76, Served Arrest Warrant, Theft by Unlawful Taking

Rochelle J. Sizemore 4/19/84, Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd Degree, Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree

Millard Wagers 7/5/66, Public Intoxication Controlled Substance

Douglas Hubbard 4/3/67, Executed Bench Warrant, Possession of Controlled Substance not in Proper Container

Rodney Joe Grubb 8/16/76, Serving Bench Warrant for Other Police Agency

Mitchell Roark 6/29/78, Theft by Unlawful Taking U/$500.00

Bobby J. Grubb 5/30/72, Criminal Trespass 1st Degree

Charles R. Smith 3/23/72, Executed Warrant of Arrest for Receiving Stolen Property O/$500.00

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Jail Report Releases

Diane Begley 11/14/11, Elsie Ruth Bishop 11/14/11, Crystal Bowles 11/17/11, Nancy Bowling 11/16/11, Jonathon W. Brewer 11/14/11, Ed Brock 11/13/11, Kathy Amanda Brumley 11/10/11, Wesley Shane Caudill 11/11/11, Marlana Collett 11/10/11, Tina Cox 11/16/11, Gretta M. Dezarn 11/10/11, George Duff Jr. 11/10/11, John Wessley Duff 11/10/11, Britany Eversole 11/14/11, David Felts 11/17/11, Brenda K. Forman 11/12/11, Velman Ray Forman 11/10/11, Sandra J. Gibson 11/14/11, Shawn Douglas Gibson 11/15/11, Marlena Griffie 11/17/11, Bobby Joe Grubb 11/15/11, Rodney Joe Grubb 11/16/11, Benjamin Hacker 11/15/11, Shelly Nicole Hacker 11/16/11, Curtis Hatfield 11/15/11, Crystal Henson 11/11/11, Mitchell Henson 11/15/11, Bruce Hoskins 11/14/11, Christopher L. Hubbard 11/15/11, Thomas Little 11/10/11, Donald Mayfield 11/17/11, David Mills 11/12/11, Thomas Wayne Mills 11/16/11, Jose Montero 11/17/11, Anthony Wade Napier 11/16/11, Mitchell Roark 11/12/11, Bobby Salyers 11/17/11, Bobby Lee Sester 11/16/11, Rodney Scott Smallwood 11/15/11, Lester Smith Jr. 11/13/11, Estil Smith 11/17/11, Kellie Smith 11/10/11, Mary Lou Smith 11/14/11, Robert Smith 11/11/11, Thelma Smith 11/14/11, Michael Stevens 11/17/11, Ronnie Thompson 11/16/11, Billy Turner 11/16/11, Mary H. Wagers 11/17/11
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