The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics

Marriages 5-26-11

Tammy Woods, 26, cashier, married Michael Paul Baker, 39, N. Manchester water on 5/14/11.

Whitney Bowling, 18, Dollar General Store, married Christopher, 22, on 5/4/11.

Rebecca Callahan 32, married to Andy Grubb, 29, on 5/7/11.

Kayla Casey, 23, waitress married Brian McQueen, 22, Wal-mart on 5/14/11.

Lolo Harrison, 64, retired, married Lloyd Asher, 56, disabled on 5/14/11.
Michelle Hensley, 21, McDonald’s, married George Collins, 26, McDonalds on 5/14/11.

Samantha Henson, 25, married to Dwayne Broch, 29 on 5/03/11.

Lorene Lewis, 33, married to Joseph Smith, 28 on 5/9/11.

Crystal Williams, 23, Dairy Queen, married to Arthur Hubbard Sr., 23, on 5/12/11.

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Lawsuits 5-26-11

Thelma Lawson vs. Sharon R Griffith

William D. Saunders vs. Marcellyn Nelson

Asset Acceptance LLC. vs. Timothy Mcginty

Portfolilo Recovery Associates, LLC. vs. Rick Marcum

Jean B. Cobb vs. Larry W. Gilbert,

Southern States London Coop. vs. Delmer C. Edwards

Ricky Melton vs. Lonnie Barrett

Tax Ease /Law Investments 1 vs. Ronald Mcqueen

CACH, LLC. vs. Rosetta Jackson

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Jail Report 5-26-11

Jimmy Abner 3/9/1986, Sally Asher 9/2/1977, Travis D. Banks 3/21/1980, Debra Bowling 12/11/1971, Samantha Bowling 1/14/1992, William Morgan Branstutter 2/28/1975, Dallas Brock 1/16/1982, Timothy Byrd 9/11/1980, Frankie Carpenter 8/3/1981, Ruby Lois Carpenter 3/21/1961, Pete Cassomelli 1/31/1964, Michael Couch 7/26/1975, jimmy Lee Dees 9/22/1987, Marlena Dunn 2/21/1978, Earl Eversole 11/20/1967, Audrey Farmer 12/6/1983, Ryan Feltner 10/11/1989,  Terry Godsey 7/19/1987, J.D Gray 4/3/1959, Ralph Harris 2/16/1950, Jennifer hensn 7/6/1982, Leonard Holland 12/17/1963, Willie Holland 2/16/1987, Flossie Jones 10/16/1977, Robert Keen 11/29/1991, Mae Kirk 4/29/1958, Bruce Marcus Lewis 2/13/1973, Eddie Murrell 10/26/1976, Brad Ruth 2/3/1985 William Sizemore 7/26/1960, Charlie Smith 3/17/1943, Kathy Sparks 5/31/1959, Ronald Valdez Stott 3/13/1979,  Jason Wagers 2/11/1981, Benjanim r. Williams 2/13/1978, Nathan Wise 12/25/1973


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Divorces 5-26-11

Christy Lynn Tankersley vs. Chad Steven Tankersley

Steven Davidson vs. Virginia Davidson

Samuel Jr. Mathis vs. Mary Mathis

Kimberly Ann Allen vs. Eric Stanley Allen

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Deeds 5-26-11

$87.00- Road Run Creek, Randy& Phyllis Barrett to Ashley Barrett Vanclast of Sextons Creek Sherry Caudill Booneville filed on 5/13/11.

Love and Affection- Beech Creek Waters of Goose Creek Sonny and Farran Crafter Beech Creek to Jimmy Gilbert filed on 5/16/11.

$15.00- Bullskin, Phyllis and Robert Baker HWY 421 to Pleaz and Diane Davidson Oneida filed on 5/16/11.

$45.00- Bullskin, Phyllis Baker POFP (8) Manchester to Robert & Phyllis Baker of Manchester filed on 5/12/11.

$3.00- Sull Branch, James Caudill HWY 638 to JB Powell Corbin, KY filed on 5/12/11.

$ 49.90- Laurel Creek Homesales INC. Columbus, OH to Charles Collins N HWY 11 filed on 5/12/11.

N/A- Declaration of Covenants Glenn Grover and Esther Jordan of Sappin Fork Road to Kentucky Mountain Housing of Manchester filed on 5/13/11.

$1.00- Raddler Branch Rd. Ambrose Byre Estate of Teges Creek to Millard Johnson of Saddler Rd. filed on 5/13/11.

$600.00- Daniel Boone Parkway Aftercharge to Hirand Linda Cornett of Hyden to Tim Short Motors LLC HWY 421 filed on 5/13/11.

No Tax- JD Walker RD. James Ham’s of London KY, to Gladys Smith of Sester Hollow filed on 5/13/11.

No Tax- Burning Springs Master Commissioner POFP (17) to Sunrise Children’s Inc. of Burning Springs.

No Tax- Stacey Branch. Joe Crockett & Angela Wooton of Stacey Branch to Joe Crockett of Stacey Branch filed on 5/5/11.

$275.00- 2 Tracts, Audrey Howard POFP (3) of London, KY to Jeffrey Centers, A Thest POFP (1) of Hazard, KY filed on 5/9/11.

No Tax- Theo Profitt RD, Master Commissioner POFP (4) to Federal National Mortgage Assoc. filed on 5/9/11.

$3.00- Long Branch Meredith Properties LLC of  N. HWY 421 to Frank Herd Cranes Rd. Somerset filed on 5/11/11.

Love and Affection- HWY 1482 James & Martha Gibson of Oneida to James & Matha Gibson of Oneida filed on 5/11/11.

Love and Affection- Bear Creek, Elva & Estill Reed of N HWY 66 to Wilma Pamley of Monticello, KY filed on 5/11/11.

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