The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics


  $26.50 – Frost Branch, Angela Smith, Hwy 80 to Janice Smith, Gooserock, filed 9/7/11,

$15.00 – 1 Acre, Martha & Boyd Asher, Hyden to Sherry & Joann Asher, Oneida, filed 9/7/11.

$35.00 – Bridge Street, Bridgestreet Apartments Inc. to Tommy & Gayle Lewis, Bridge St., filed 9/7/11.

N/A – Squire Marcum Road, Brenda & Jonathan Owens, Manchester, to Frankie & Ashley Marcum, Squire Marcum Rd., filed 9/8/11.

N.A – Chat Branch Rd., Angela & Eddie Jordan, Harrogate, TN. To Delina Jordan, Chat Branch Rd., filed 9/8/11.

N/A – Chop Bottom Area, Danny Marion, ET AL (7), Illinois to Reva Marion, Henson Rd., filed 9/12/11.

$7.00 – Collins Fork, Anthony Wagers & Darron Boggs – Richmond to Christopher Collins – Richmond, filed 9/13/11.

N/A – Otter Creek, Nawanna & Ronald Jackson to Ronald & Marlene Jackson, Manchester, filed 9/13/11.

N/A – Island Creek, Bertha & Danny Stevens, Manchester to Danny Stevens, Manchester, filed 9/13/11

$10.00 – Saddler Branch, Viola Allen, Booneville to Wade Rasner, Booneville, filed 9/13/11

$10.00 – Saddler Branch, Wade Rasner, Booneville to Viola Allen – Booneville, filed 9/13/11.

$10.00 – Saddler Branch, Clarence & Flora Nelson, Ohio to Wade Rasner, Booneville, filed 9/13/11.

$12.00 – Lockards Creek Ice House Rd., Board of Education, Manchester to Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church of Ice House Rd Inc., Ice House Rd., filed 9/16/11.

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Ray D. Bowling vs. Chris Reid

Midland Funding, LLC. vs. Bobbie Smith

Midland Funding, LLC. vs. Bradley Bowling

Midland Funding, LLC. vs. Carl Bowling

Joshua Henson, ET AL. vs. Russell Combs, ET AL

Linda Isom vs. KRC, LTD.

DH Capital Management, Inc. vs. Daniel R. Napier

Milli Gregory, ET AL. vs. Clay County Board of Education

Lendmark Financial Services, Inc. vs. Mark Smith, ET AL.

Michaela Jeffrey, ET AL. vs. Marianne Burchell

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Sheriff's Report

Timothy E. Byrd 9/11/80, Executed Indictment Warrant, Manufacture of Methamphetamine

Johnny Smith 7/16/64, Menacing, Fleeing or Evading Police, Resisting Arrest, Public Intoxication

Jessica Dezarn 6/24/81, Executed Bench Warrant, Assault 4th

Jonathan Bowling 5/17/90, Assault 4th, Executed Arrest Warrant

Callie Rene Holt 10/7/78, Custodial Interference

Esther Lopez 12/15/62, Executed Bench Warrant, Failure to Appear

Nathaniel M. Howard 9/19/89, Executed Out of State Warrant

Margaret Beth Hillard, 10/30/82, Serving Bench Warrant

Margaret Ellen Bowen 10/28/69, Serving Bench Warrant, Failure to Pay Fines

Denvard Duff 12/7/70, Executed Indictment Warrant

Shawna Smallwood 9/3/91, Burglary 2nd, Criminal Mischief 1st

Randy Wagers 1/18/88, Assault 4th, Public Intoxication, Domestic Violence & Abuse

Eddie Wayne Sizemore 1/14/74, Served Warrant

Herman Murrell 2/17/40, Terroristic Threatening 3rd, Wanton Endangerment 1st

Henry Saylor 9/11/74, Menacing, Alcohol Intoxication

Shane Botkins 6/7/75, Serving Bench Warrant, Failure to Appear

Mitchell Roark 6/29/78, Cultivating Marijuana

Daniel Shane Raines 1/7/76, Serving Bench Warrant

Leonard Holland 12/17/63, Wanton Endangerment 1st, Executed Warrant

Kenny W. Collins 6/27/67, Indictment Warrant

Reona Bledsoe 2/1/84, Disorderly Conduct

Harm Anthony Williams 11/16/79, Terroristic Threatening 3rd

Anthony Gregory 7/24/77, Executed Indictment Warrant

Jennifer L. Deaton 8/4/79, Poss of Cont Sub 1st

Lindsey Belew 12/22/87, Serving Bench Warrant, Failure to Pay Fines

Darcy Collins 3/10/76, Executed Bench Warrants

Lindsey Short 12/22/87, Executed Warrant

George Dezarn 6/21/69, Assault 4th, Domestic Violence & Abuse, Fleeing & Evading Police 2nd

Billy Buttery 5/26/79, Manufacture of Methamphetamine

Gregory L. Bowling 4/19/73, Manufacture of Methamphetamine 1st

Arlie W. Patrick 6/23/83, Probation Violation, Theft by Unlawful Taking

Toni S. Buttery 9/10/91, Failure to Pay Fines

Raymond A. Hibbard 2/2/71, Serving Bench Warrant

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Jail Report

Jail Report

Shannon Barrett 9/10/11, Reona Bledsoe 9/9/11, Margaret Ellen Bowen 9/12/11, John Anthony Bowling 9/12/11, Jonathan Wendell Bowling 9/14/11, Adam Burton 9/13/11, Adam Anthony Burton 9/9/11, Toni Shandelle Buttery 9/8/11, Lloyd Glay Couch 9/13/11, George David Dezarn 9/13/11, Billy Joe Gilbert Jr. 9/9/11, Raymond Hibbard 9/8/11, Callie Rene Holt 9/07/11, Jessica Lynn Dezarn 9/13/11, Billy Joe Gilbert Jr. 9/9/11, Raymond Hibbard 9/8/11, Callie Rene Holt 9/13/11, Esther Lopez 9/7/11, Ronnie Hoskins 9/14/11, Shaunda Moore 9/11/11, Herman Murrell 9/13/11, Randil Napier 9/13/11, Calvin Roark 9/13/11, Charles Scalf 9/10/11, Norma J. Scalf 9/10/11, Eddie W. Sizemore 9/12/11, Margaret Kaye Sizemore 9/12/11, Sammy Sizemore 9/14/11, George Smallwood 9/11/11, Jason Smith 9/11/11, Mary Adams Smith 9/9/11, David Stewart 9/14/11, Lisa Wagers 9/8/11.

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$20.00 – Asher’s Fork, Newannna Seymour Hwy. 1524 to Howard & Martha Smith, Hwy. 1524, 8/25/11.

No Tax – Lucas Hollow of Manchester, Faye Hensley, ET AL (3), Manchester to Hensley Family Trust, Manchester, 8/26/11.

No Tax – Lucas Hollow of Manchester, Faye Hensley ET AL (3), Manchester to Faye Hensley, Manchester, 8/26/11.

$45.00 – Lockards Creek, Master Commissioner, ET AL (19), to Danny Ealy, Manchester, 8/26/11.

$28.00 – Castle Heights Area, J. Shelby, Inc. ET AL (2), Manchester to Stevie & Danielle Collins, Manchester, 8/26/11.

$26.00 – Sugar Camp Branch, Deutsche Bank National Trust, Orlando, Fl. To Christie & Trey Abner, Little Bull Skin Rd., 8/29/11.

$110.00 – Newfound Area, Bonnie Burns, Oneida to Ronald & Delta Barger, Oneida, 8/30/11.

No Tax – Hector Area, Shelby Albert, White Estate, ET AL (2), North Carolina to Shelby Albert Watts Trustee ET AL (2), North Carolina, 8/30/11.

No Tax – Hector, Helen W. Albert Living Trust, North Carolina to William White, North Carolina, 8/30/11.

No Tax – Hector Area, Helen W. Albert Living Trust, North Carolina to Edward Albert III, North Carolina, 8/30/11

$25.00 – Burning Springs, Charles & Lisa Gregory, London to Brandon & Charlotte Harris, Webb Street, 8/30/11.

N/A – Greenbrair, Theo Hicks, Memorial Dr. to Geraldine Hicks, Manchester, 8/31/11.

$1.00 – Ponder Rd., Special Master Commissioner, Manchester to Benny Hibbard, Pleasure View Rd., 8/31/11.

$3.50 – Part of 2 tracts, Oda Profit ET AL (2), Corbin to Norma Lipps, London, 8/31/11.

$25.00 – Bar Creek Farm, Wilma & Dan Parmley, old Fall Creek Rd. to Kenneth & Kathy Reed, Oneida, 8/3/11.

$55.00 – Ship Branch Rd., Doug & Tammy Thompson, Ship Br. Rd. to Michael Bowling, Ship Br. Rd., 9/6/11.

No Tax – Jackson & Clay Line, Sextons Creek, Joy Neeley, Annville, KY to Steve Neeley ET AL (2), Annville, KY, 9/6/11.

No Tax – Fogertown, Lillie Murrell, White St. to Nathan Sumner, Ship Br. Rd., 9/6/11.

$26.50 – Frost Branch of Horse Creek, Angela Smith, Hwy. 80 to Janice Smith, Goose Rock, 9/7/11

$15.00 – 1 Acre, Boyd & Martha Asher-Hyden to Sherman & Joann Asher, 9/7/11

$35.00 – Bridge street, Bridge Street Apartments, Inc. to Tommy & Gayle Lewis, 9/7/11.

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