The Manchester Enterprise: Statistics


Linda Burchfield Vs. Steven Burchfield
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Police Report

Sally C. Johnson, Poss cont sub 1st degree 1st off, Public intoxication

Greta M. Dezarn, Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting)

Brenda K. Forman, Executed indictment warrant (Trafficking in cont sub 1st off)

Leslie Henson, Receiving stolent property U/$10,000, Criminal mischief 1st degree, Possession of burglary tools

Marlena Griffie, Executed indictment warrant (Manufacturing methamphetamine 1st off, giving officer false name or address) Harlan co.

Marlena Henson, Executed bench warrants (Failure to appear, Failure to pay fines), (Failure to pay fines) Leslie co.

Dennis Bowling, Executed indictment warrant (Theft by unlawful taking O/$500)

Loyd K. Lipps, Executed indictment warrant (Wanton endangerment 1st degree 4 counts, Kidnapping)

Rebecca Abner, Executed indictment warrant (Sexual abuse 1st degree 2 counts, Rape 1st degree 2 counts)

Velman R. Forman, Executed arrest warrant (Theft by unlawful taking firearm) Pulaski co.

Thomas Little, Executed bench warrant (Failure to appear)

Kathy A. Brumley, Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting)

Mary L. Smith, Executed arrest warrant (Burglary 2nd degree, Theft by unlawful taking U/$500 (Shoplifting)

Wesley S. Caudill, Public intoxication, Poss cont sub 3rd degree 3 counts

Lester Smith Jr., No registration plates, No registration receipt, No motorcycle license, No rearview mirror, Improper passing, Failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance/security 1st off, Fleeing or evading police 1st degree, Reckless driving.

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Dale E. Spradling Sr. Vs. Marisa L. Robbins

Glenda Madden Vs. Marty Madden

Springfield Financial Services, Inc. Vs. Gary Roark

Midland Funding, LLC. Vs. Jerry Rice II

Levi Jackson Heating & Cooling, Inc. Vs. Leslie Hooker

Capital One Bank Vs. Danny M. Stevens

Capital One Bank Vs. Thomas J. Turner

Bank of America Vs. Richard Mathis ET AL

Tax Ease Lien Investments, LLC. Vs. Stella Marga White

Johnnie Vaughn Culton Vs. Blackdog Trucking

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Jail Report Releases

Doris Lee Asher 10/26/11, Randy Asher 10/26/11, Robert E. Banks 10/26/11, Stephen J. Barrett 10/28/11, Justin R. Blevins 10/26/11, Raleigh Campbell 10/30/11, Benjamin Douglas 11/1/11, Crystal Fannon (Morgan) 10/30/11, Mark Fannon 10/30/11, Jacob Griffitts 10/30/11, Robert Jason Gross 11/1/11, Janice K. Grubb 11/2/11, Jerry Robert Harness 10/31/11, Sandy Vanessa Henson 10/30/11, Timothy L. Hoskins 11/1/11, Tonya G. Jackson 10/31/11, Eli Marcum 11/11/11, Kenneth Wayne Murrell 10/30/11, Randy Lee Napier 10/31/11, Sparks J. Reynolds 10/31/11, Gary Sester 11/1/11, Rochelle Sizemore 11/1/11, Rose L. Wade 11/2/11, Cleo L. Wagers 10/29/11, Clifford Wagers 11/1/11, Amanda Michelle Williams 10/31/11, Delbert Williams 10/31/11, Hank Williams 10/29/11, Jacqueline Wilson 10/29/11, Matthew Wolfe 10/31/11

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$2.50 – Sacker Rd., Estate of Mary Lakes to Shelby Deaton, Sacker Rd., filed 10/28/11
$2.50 – Ottor Creek, Thelmo Davis, Goose Rock to Marie Poole, Franklin, KY, filed 10/31/11
$30.00 – Hwy 421, Ethel Smith, Morgan Heights to Keith and Henry Smith, Hwy 421, filed 10/31/11
$16.00 – Sandhill Road Hwy 2000, Robert Freeman, Big Creek to Andrew and Ashley Woods, Big Creek, filed 10/31/11
N/A – DL Walker Addition, Clara Howard, House Avenue to Clara Howard and Penie Jackson, House Avenue, filed 11/11/11
$65.00 – Cane Branch of Paces Creek, Michael Wheeler and Rebecca Wheeler, Manchester to William Jenkins, Picacho, AZ, filed 11/1/11
N/A – Pistol Creek, Lucy Hammons, Pistol Creek to Tommy Robinson Jr., Hwy 687, filed 10/26/11
N/A – Affidavit Pursuant to KRS 382.135, Opal Webb, Henry County, KY to Rebecca and David Rice, Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, filed 10/27/11
$30.00 – Laurel Creek Mae Reid Road, Garnett and Deborah Hewart, Harrison, OH to Darrell Stewart, Mae Reid Rd., filed 10/27/11
$6.00 – Rader Creek, Larry and Vivian Cheek, Roscoe Drive to Ronald and Linda Ruth, Price Hollow Rd., filed 10/27/11
$30.00 – Johnson Branch Rd., Cumberland Valley National Bank Trust, Lexington KY to Vernon Asher, Hwy 421, filed 10/28/11
$62.00 – Greenbriar, KY Mountain House Development, Manchester to Justin Collopy and Tiffany Smallwood, Hearth Stone Drive, filed 10/28/11

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