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Letter to the Editor, Ted Garrison 4-11-13

More gun control?
Governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut has recently signed sweeping, new gun regulations for his state. Some other states are also taking this approach to correct problems concerning school shootings. I haven’t heard of any official addressing the major ingredient involved in their crimes.

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Letter to the Editor, James C. Rice

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to your article on the city council meeting in last week’s paper, specifically the last paragraph. I quote, “He voted no on the issue of the city offering coverage by Air Evac for all city employees, firefighters and council members. The other members were for the service.”

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Letter to the Editor, Ted Garrison 4-4-13

The founding fathers of America divised the finest document the world has ever known, the Constitution of the United States of America. It provides more freedom and liberty for the individual states and our people than any official document ever written!
The tenth amendment of our Constitution has an important legal provision that was almost forgotten as the years passed by. This provision grants the power of nullification of unconstitutional laws and executive orders drafted by the federal government or the president. Some states have recently exercised this right, especially concerning Obama Care and second amendment violations.
Our founding fathers were highly intelligent, well-educated men who had studied ancient civilizations where the people were oppressed and looked upon as servants and slaves.
For example, the Roman Republic was greatly admired for many years until they gradually allowed themselves to regress from a republic into an empire of democracy, which is the next step toward socialism and communism.
The American founders didn’t want this to happen to our citizens. This is why they crafted the tenth amendment, which ensures states rights. There is no time in American history that “Nullification” could be more important than the present.

“Whensoever the general government assumes undelagated powers... a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”
- Thomas Jefferson

God bless the Republic of the United States of America.
Ted Garrison
Manchester, KY

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Letter to the Editor, Tish Coldiron

RE: Sequestration threatens vulnerable children

Dear Editor,
Head Start and Early Head Start programs are facing devastating budget cuts that will eliminate vital services for nearly 70,000 at-risk children. By failing to avert the budget sequester, our elected officials have missed the opportunity to lead by example and place the most vulnerable among us on a pathway to lifelong success.

As the Child Development Director of the KCEOC’s Head Start/Early Head Start Program, I can tell you that these cuts will be particularly catastrophic to the children and families we serve. For nearly fifty years Head Start has been getting results in preparing our neediest children for school, and leading the early childhood field in innovation and quality through both high standards and relentless insistence on excellence. Here in Kentucky, sequester means 1,100 fewer children can be served by Head Start and Early Head Start.

Head Start and other non-defense discretionary programs – at 3.4% of the budget – are not the cause of our growing dept. Congress and the Administration need to act quickly to restore fiscal stability and maintain funding for Kentucky’s at-risk children. Our nation’s budget simply cannot be balanced at the expense of America’s most vulnerable children and their families.

Tish Coldiron
Child Development Director.

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Letter to the Editor, Judy Smallwood Smith

We’re not gonna take it

God’s children too long have been silent,
But we will not remain any longer.
We have awakened from our sleep,
When you put down my precious Lord
You’re walking on the fighting side of me.

Obama may believe Homosexuals have a right to every privilege of Christians. You sir, are wrong. You think you are in control of the world, God is still on his throne. He did not die and vacate the premises.
If this is your lifestyle, I ask you to change in the name of Jesus, Satan has to flee. If you are a sinner, God does not hear your prayer. People say they don’t believe that because they prayed and got theirs answered. What you don’t understand, there was a saint of God praying too.
The prayers of a righteous man availeth much. God is love, we must worship in deed, not in words. The Bible is a two edged sword. We should not use it to slice each other up. If the church would get on fire for God, sinners would come to watch it burn.
We invite you to Whitehall Baptist Church – Pastor Earnest Smith. God’s word will be preached. If only hypocrites go there, we always have room for one more.
Jesus and Judy Smallwood Smith

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