The Manchester Enterprise: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, R.W. Hensley

Letter to the Editor
I want to express my appreciation to the Clay County High School ROTC Honor Guard for their outstanding performance during the opening ceremony at the Clay County Days in downtown Manchester. I was there with the Vietnam Veterans, as we were part of the Ceremony also. I was very impressed with these young people. Everyone of this group made it a point to come to us veterans and shake our hands. I am proud of these people and their leader. They deserve to be recognized because you rarely find this character in young people anymore. They deserve to be commended.

R.W. Hensley
Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 868
Manchester, KY


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Letter to the Editor, Preacher Bill

Dear Editor,
Please renew my “Enterprise” subscription. I came to Clay County back in 1953 and fell in love with the area and its people. I am now living in Lee County to be able to help out with the work at Youth Haven Bible Camp. Yes, I am 83, but I don’t plan to stop what God sent me to do in the schools and Youth Haven until or unless God takes me to heaven. Will we meet again up there?
Preacher Bill

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Letter to the Editor, Jonathan Dobson

Dear Editor,
Thank you for your help in promoting the Manchester Christian Academy’s visits to Manchester Gospel Mission on July 29 and Lyttleton Baptist Church on August 5.
We were blessed to visit with these congregations, and we hope that the visits were a blessing to those who witnessed them. The current students and alumni who sang and presented testimonials found receptive audiences and were made to feel at home.
We intend to continue with these sessions in the weeks ahead as the Lord directs. Future dates will be announced with sufficient advance notice to allow anyone interested to be able to make plans to attend.
MCA’s 2012-13 school year begins on Thursday, August 16. Interviews and campus visits may be arranged by calling 598-1984. All who are interested in a Christ-focused, academically challenging experience for their respective families are invited to examine the MCA facilities and curriculum.

Jonathan Dobson
MCA Class of 1996

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Letter to the Editor, Frank A. Stormy Burns

To the Editor, Manchester Enterprise:
I would like to take this means to say thank you for having one of Kentucky's finest newspapers.  Your public service is the best, bar none.

My wife and I were back home for the OBI homecoming from our home in Florida where we both retired from teaching school.  I am from Bullskin in Clay County and my wife Diane's roots are Dayton, Ohio.  I am writing specifically to say thank you to the fine folks who found my reading glasses and put them on our car door handle at the Walmart in London.  I hope these folks read this letter.  My wife and I always marvel at how good the people are in this part of the country!
I would be amiss if I did not say thank you also to our good friend Coleman House, who is a former dean and teacher at OBI.  He retired from the Knox County Schools as supervisor of Special Education.  He is always helping us and doing favors for us and so many others.  Also my brother, Lewis Burns, tells me he looks forward to his Manchester Enterprise each Thursday.  He likes the newspaper and keeps several weeks of back issues.

Please let me also say thank you to Darrell Glenn Hudson who does most of the work in putting together our annual OBI homecoming Friday Night at Frisch's.  Best wishes to Darrell Glenn's cousin Wesley Couch, Assistant Superintendent of Clay County Schools, who just received his doctorate from University of the Cumberlands; and to OBI's new president Dr. Paul Davidson.  Finally, thanks to Myrtle Cooke, OBI 2012 Alumni Director, who works so hard to make it a great homecoming. 
Again, thanks a million to the fine folks who found my reading glasses and put them on our car door handle.  You all are the greatest people in the world, and returning my lost glasses proves my point.

Frank A. Stormy Burns
1960 OBI graduate

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Letter to the Editor, Todd D. Moberly

I have been researching the Gray family genealogy for many years now, and several other Clay County families. I am trying to get in touch with the children of any of the following people who are related to the Grays; if anyone knows how to contact them, please contact me at the mailing address above, or email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . My phone number is (859) 358-4587. Thank you!

Flora Collins (maiden name), born about 1906, daughter of Adeline Gray Collins.
Celia or Ellen Gray (these were sisters & Gray was their maiden name) born about 1916 and 1920, daughters of America Gray who died probably 25 or so years ago.
Lizzie Gray, daughter of Matilda Gray, was born about 1890 and I have no further information about whom she married or who her children were.
Thank you for your help,
Todd D. Moberly

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