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Letter to the Editor, Martha Adams Hounchell

I’m writing to ask you to make a correction on an article in the June 14 paper. The article regarding the ones who started the Burchell Softball Field. It stated that I was one of the ones, but I wasn’t. The Chadwells Joe and Johnnie and Bea Burchell were the ones who started the field.
Joe had a team for Chadwell Body Shop and Bea one for Manchester Lumber. Their teams were going to other places to play so they decided to put one in Clay County for their teams to play and for others to have a place to play.
I only went to work there after Johnnie asked me to help her run the concession stand.
All credit goes to the Chadwells and Burchells.
- Martha Adams Hounchell

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To the people of Oneida and Bullskin

Letter to the Editor
To the people of Oneida and Bullskin:
I have a question, would any of you stand by and watch a thief steal from your children? I don’t think so, but that is what is happening right now. Someone is trying to shut down our children’s school.
Oh, they will bus them to another school, a longer bus route. Do we want that? No, not a one of us wants Oneida School taken away.
Let’s stand together and fight. Say what we mean and mean what we say. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s not fall. We vote, we pay our taxes.
We have a right to have our school remain open. Our kids and grandkids all have the right to attend the school of their choice, and the choice is Oneida.
So, I say, stop this nonsense.
Stop talking about shutting down the school. Stop throwing away our tax money. Put it back into Oneida School! We have very young doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. attending Oneida right now. Let’s show them that they do count. Let’s fight to keep them right where they are.
How would you like to ride one hour or longer on a hot bus? You wouldn’t like it. So, don’t put our kids on one. These kids are not cattle. Don’t just move them from one place to another without thinking how is this going to affect them.
We are not going to shut up and take this. We are going to fight for the kids We will not lay down and let anyone take away our school. I will proudly stand up and fight for Oneida Elementary any day. Will you stand with me? We may step on some toes, but so what. They are stepping on our kid’s future.
Thank you,
Patricia Couch
Very proud sponsor of Oneida Elementary and Bull Skin

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Is there blood on your hands

Is there blood on your hands?

I’m a grieving parent that’s only trying to save other parents from the hurt of your heart being torn out. Drug addiction is too easy and just not a county problem, but most of a nation.
The way the pills are made, just rehab won’t do it. It takes a mighty will power and God. If the drug user can’t focus or, so they say, has a fried brain, it’s too late. Only God can help if it’s His will. Love them all you can till the end comes and it won’t be long. If you haven’t been affected, thank God for the blessing.
If on a user that you can’t help them, lock them up for 6 months, nothing else can clean the body out. It’s a national problem of the economy too, just indifference of most people not caring if it doesn’t bother them.
Attention, chemist and scientist can’t you make pills be used to cure the problems without so much high in them? Where’s our faith as a Christian.
I’m asking all people that reads this to spread the word to others with emails to Frankfort and Washington. I’m computer ignorant, but I ask you to help me help others. There’s a lot out there that have been left with hurt and they know what I’m going through.
Most of all, do what God says to heal our nation, 2nd Chronicles 7:14. All people that has blood on their hands are drug dealers, drug doctors, patients who sell their pills instead of using them and people of indifference. Let’s speak up and speak out so people will listen. Make it so hard on lawmakers and law enforcers that it won’t be profitable any longer.
Remember, to kill a snake, you must cut its head off. I consider these drug dealers and drug doctors (remember some doctors don’t do this.) the Snakes.
Remember, ‘you reap what you sow.’
Gal 6:9. I’m praying for all. We are all God’s children. Yours in Christ, hoping to save a user or some users or perspective users.
Reuben Allen

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Letter to the Editor, Steve May

This is in response to the advertisement located in the Thursday, December 15 and 22, 2011 Manchester Enterprise. Please note, I am not employed or associated with the Laurel Creek Nursing Home. My intentions are to provide a balanced and honest review of the following findings of fact that relate to the Laurel Creek Health Care Center located at 1033 N. Highway 421, Manchester, KY 40962 of Clay County.

After a review of the official web site of the Kentucky Office of Inspector General (, the Laurel Creek Health Care Center is listed as having a date of recertification (3/30/11) and NO indications of internal or external reports or complaints of abuse or neglect pending. This site lists every registered and certified nursing home, as well as any present actions that are pending. This demonstrates that no complaints of neglect or abuse have been issued that compromises the recertification of the Laurel Creek Health Care Center nursing home.

After having spoken to the Office of Inspector General and the persons that receive such complaints with Medicare, no reports of internal or external abuse or neglect are noted.

Moreover, in a conversation with this author (12/21/11), James McHugh of the McHugh and Fuller law firm (originator of the advertisement), confirmed the intention of the full-page article was for advertisement purposes. Additionally, he did not confirm any personal allegation toward the nursing home or any other allegations made to him against the nursing home.

Additionally, this writer would draw the reader’s attention to the fact that the local nursing home in Clay County is named “The Laurel Creek Health Care Center” NOT “Laurel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center” as the advertisement indicates. Further, please note the photograph used in the advertisement is not one that depicts the local Laurel Creek Health Care Center but some other center altogether. Moreover, the nursing home facility in Laurel County is officially named “The Laurel Heights Home for The Elderly” and that no agency listed in the telephone that covers this area has a facility that is named the “Laurel Nursing And Rehabilitation Center”

Any deficiencies of safety and care found by the office of the Inspector General are posted for public review by nursing homes. This is a state requirement and therefore the notice itself is subject to review for accuracy and truthfulness by state agencies.

It would be the conclusions of this author that the intention of the original article of December 15 and 22, 2011 in the Manchester Enterprise was nothing more than an advertisement of McHugh’s desire to promote the services of his law firm. The advertisement used language and information that does not directly relate to the Laurel Creek Health Care Center or the Laurel Heights facility in London.

After serving in this area for twenty years as pastor and making hundreds of visits to the nursing homes, I personally have not observed any instances of neglect or abuse of the residents. My experience with the Laurel Creek Health Care Center is one of highest integrity and quality professional medical care given to the most vulnerable of our community. This author hopes to put to rest any specific undue alarm in the community that uses the services of the Laurel Creek Health Care Center of Clay County.

Submitted by: Steve May

Big Creek, KY

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Letter to the Editor, Mary Hibbard

Letter to The Editor

Dear Editor,
If you don’t believe in Jesus, that he was borned in a manger, grew up and died on a cross, for our sins, why do you celebrate Christmas? Is it for the drinking parties, all the good food, gifts, buying and getting gifts?
Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, who came to earth to die on a cruel cross, for our sins and if you don’t know him as your Savior this is a good time.
On Dec 8 and 9, 1990 I lost two nieces and a nephew ages 27,11, and 7 who never has the chance to grow up, graduate high school and get married.  A young man, 21 years old, got drunk and hit them head on and killed them.  My niece was a Social Worker and worked in Frankfort.  They went to see the Capital lit up, they never got to see Christmas.  The forth person in the car spend about three months in the hospital.  She wore a halo for a long time.
If you have to drink, do it at home.  The one you meet, and run into, could be your own family.  Don’t drink and drive stay home and stay safe.  May God Bless you with a wonderful Christmas and good health.

Mary Hibbard
Manchester, Ky

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