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Time is relative. There are about two months of school left this year, which sounds like a lot. Then two months of summer vacation will follow; this doesn't sound like nearly enough. Inevitably, however, the time will pass. At the end of May and beginning of June, seniors will fill the hallways with tears in their eyes, rushing to say goodbye to their favorite teachers. Fast forward a couple of months, and students returning to the high school, the same students who had been counting down the days to graduation, will be completely bored and wishing school would hurry up and start. This is one of the mysteries of life.

Something I've learned is to be, or at least attempt to be, satisfied no matter what time it is. Yes, everyone knows not to “wish your life away.” Still, everyone becomes bored, everyone becomes impatient. While there's no permanent cure for such feelings, there are all sorts of ways to combat them as they appear:

·       Make a list of goals. Once you realize how many things you desire to accomplish, you'll feel guilty for sitting around in monotony. A list can focus your ambitions and encourage you to take charge of your life.

·       Finish that assignment. You know the one- that book you've had a month to read or the paper you're waiting to the last minute to write. If you take initiative and complete whatever you've been putting off, you'll feel real freedom to relax.

·       Get a hobby. Or several hobbies, even. The point is, there is a hobby out there, maybe something you've never tried, that you would enjoy and take pride in being skilled at.

·       Be a good Samaritan. Whether this means volunteering, cheering up a friend, or teaching a younger sibling to ride a bike is up to you. When you're thinking of others, it's more difficult to become bogged down with discontent.

I'll end this week with a simple quote about time: it's not the days in your life, it's the life in those days.

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The attendance kick at the high school is back. With promises of karaoke and King's Island dangling in front of our noses, we have no choice but to attend school (at least, that's the idea.)

I'm all for these incentives, since an hour outside from time to time is a nice break from the typical school day. I do wonder, though- if in the first year of this push for high attendance King's Island is offered, what will the school do to top this? Scenes of trips to Disney World and plasma televisions being given out come to me.

My friends know that I can be fairly indecisive. I did apply to twice as many colleges as most of them, to give one example. This week, though, my mind is made up and I'm sending in my enrollment form for Transylvania University.

Seniors have until May 1st to make up their mind, but for once I don't need the extra time. After reviewing my options and offers, I've decided Transy is the best fit for me. I will be spending the next four years in Lexington. I'm not alone in this; quite a few of my friends will be University of Kentucky Wildcats starting this fall.

With college decisions being made and summer vacations being planned, graduation and the end of the school year seems more and more real. Graduation is one of those things that seems completely abstract and inapplicable to your life until it happens to you or someone close to you. Soon, my friends and I will be crossing that stage to receive the diploma we've worked hard, for years, to earn. With that paper in hand, we'll have taken our first steps into the real world.

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Tiger Talk

I admit it.  Some days, I just feel completely uninspired.  Everything else in my day may have went well, but the creative juices simply aren’t flowing.  As you may have guessed by now, today is one of those days.  I think back to the last week and possible topics to cover, and they all just seem so typical and overdone.  Thus, this week’s column will be a little different, a pure opinion piece, because when the facts are boring at least you have an opinion.

First, I’d like to lament about those little annoyances that add up throughout the day to become overwhelming.  For instance, I drove to school for the first time recently.  Pulling out of the parking lot, I was cut off once, twice, three times.  That’s not really a big deal, but I wondered, what was the point?  Those people saved two seconds, tops, by beating me out of the parking lot.  And then there’s school lunch lines, a terrifying throng of hungry teenagers up to a foot taller than you, and you have to fight to get a tray half the time.  During lunch last week, I received the honor of spinning the attendance prize wheel.  What did I win?  An ice cream.  I’m glad they’re creating incentives for good attendance, but no one really wants to win an ice cream or a Mountain Dew right after lunch.  (Note: Dreamsicles and chicken wraps just don’t go together.)  Some days, when things like these happen, I feel a little miffed, a little cheated.  When  my day has the potential to be better, I always regret when it falls short of my expectations.

Second, I’d like to discuss age.  On March 1st, I’ll be turning 18 years old.  I know; that’s a big deal.  That age represents adulthood, and adulthood is synonymous with privilege and responsibility.  Some obvious changes I’ll face will include my opinion being heard through voting, going to college, and having more freedom.  But there are subtle changes as well.  My feelings will alter slightly about this and that, important and unimportant things, as I get older.  I’ll learn what it means to really be in charge of my own decisions.  I’ll probably even make some mistakes.  As long as I learn from them, they’re not completely terrible.

As much as things will be changing for me in the future, some things will certainly stay the same.  Those trivial troubles I discussed earlier will always be present, and I’ll always be me, just an older, wiser version of me.  For those of you who read this to the end, thanks for hearing my two cents about different bits of life.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of this columnist thing.

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Tiger Talk

There are few things as valuable to me as reading.

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Tiger Talk

After putting in an entire week at school, I admit I’m exhausted.

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