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Mix CD's, porch nights, hillside-Paw-Paw-picnics, manic cleaning, and spring flowers is the air is the blood in my veins. I can't imagine what exactly I've done to deserve this peace of mind and excellent company, but I'm extremely grateful and I hope for more days like these.
I'm really loving my lack of cable and internet at home. It's a much needed disconnect that I don't plan to change any time soon. So anyone who feels like their life is too busy, or that they need the internet and cable to function: You can watch ball games at Randolph's, so unplug yourself and go watch the grass grow.
This weekend I went to baby Jackson (Goobie) Wolfe's dedication at the First Pentecostal Church in London, and I was reminded how precious he is (as if I could forget). Those of you have read my column regularly may remember in June 2010, when Jackson was born to my best friends, Tyler and Britney Wolfe. He was two months premature, weighed only two pounds, and had to stay at the hospital almost two months before he could come home, where he was on oxygen for some time.
All the events that surrounded those trying months are an experience I'll never forget, because I saw how truly precious and miraculous a tiny life is, and I'll forever be thankful for what he means to our little family.
So a shout out goes to Arlene Zawko, and everyone else at the First Pentecostal Church of London, for the outstanding support they've shown for Jackson and the Wolfe family.
Susannah Zawko also gets a shout out, because she's a super sweet girl, not to mention an excellent yoga instructor!
A shout out goes to my brother, Matt Bowling, because he looks like Elvis and I hardly see him anymore. Despite the fact we are like day and night, we are still pretty close.
Scott Smith gets a shout out, because he's congenial host and a pleasure to get to meet.
A shout out goes to my young cousin, who's growing up way too fast, on account of she just turned 17 and it makes me sad. But I give her a shout out anyway, because she's a much cooler 17-year-old than I was.
A final shout out goes to my Otis Redding, six foot two, two hundred and ten, man o' mine. 'Cau-cau-cau-cau-'cause you're awesome. Feed them oats.

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Serious positive life changes, with a semi-sad sound track. I'm not sure how that works, but it does. I've finally gotten somewhat settled into my new place with my roomie. Once I found a home for my records and Crosley, everything else just fell into place. There's still the issue of not having any food in our nearly vacant fridge, but who needs food when you have good music and good company? Which I have a plethora of these days.
Being in an extra-weird head space affords me the ability to adopt more causes than usual, many of which have presented themselves to me this week. I sat in on a lot of conferences with teachers, students, and churches about reading and the decreasing graduation rate in our county.
If you're reading this right now, you probably don't need me to encourage you to read. But I can encourage you to read to kids, and spread the word that reading to a child for 20 minutes everyday is instrumental to their mental development.  Reading is the foundation for all other facets of education, and it starts when your young. My granny taught me how to read when I was four-years-old, and I don't ever recall NOT being able to read or write.
It seriously depresses me when I hear someone tell me how bad they hate reading. It destroys me inside to know that some people will never take the opportunity to read the words of William Faulkner or Oscar Wilde, or even Dr. Seuss. When I pick up a book, I absorb everything it is and everything it stands for, and short of being lobotomized, no one can take it from me. What depresses me more is not the fact that some people WON'T take the opportunity, but CAN'T take that opportunity, because they don't know how to read. Which is why I've volunteered teach an adult literacy class, because reading is the best gift anyone could ever get.
On to shout-outs.
A shout out goes to Jimmy Smith, because he's a true farm-type guy, and I appreciate and respect that.
A shout out also goes to Marion Paul Spurlock, for calming me down during certain freak situations where I've misplaced my granny and cannot find her. All the guys at dispatch also get shout outs, for putting up with me on a regular basis.
Gail Miller gets a shout out, because she is my nice new neighbor, along with Veronica and Ray Hagen, who I'm SUPER excited to live beside of. I see something in our future as neighbors. It starts with "block" and ends with "party".
Papaw Clinton and Mamaw Joann Johnson get shout outs, for allowing me to eat dinner with them at Starwood this weekend. They're very sweet people, and I loved every minute of it.
Kyle Bowling gets a shout out, for not getting mad at me when I dumped coca-cola all over him while he was sleeping, and then promptly falling back asleep.
Leann Hoskins Bowling gets a shout out too, for being very understanding, despite the fact I dumped coke all over her sleeping son.
A shout out goes to Nathanael Teague, because he's back, and better than ever! That is all.

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So I’ve totally gone off this week, but in a good way. I’m getting the hang of this DIY lifestyle business, and I’m having fun figuring on the in’s and out’s of entertaining myself. To answer your question - yes, it’s going fabulously. Mainly because I’ve been spending way too much time discussing Watson on Jeopardy, and the idea that robots will become self-aware in 2045 (seriously, mark your calendars. See also: Transcendant Man), working out my mind, body, and spirit via vinyasa yoga, thinking about vegetables, and listening to the new Radiohead album (The King of Limbs, which is kind of repetitive, but good over-all in the realm of alternative electronic rock).

The federal government also gave me back what was rightfully mine (my income tax return, for all you noobs to me-speak) and I was able to go in with my dear, sweet cousin Bobby Dylan Sizemore to purchase tickets to Bonnaroo, where we can melt in the Manchester, Tennessee-sun for four days, to the musical stylings of Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Mumford & Sons, Iron & Wine, Beirut, and a dozen other bands in a rainbow of variety.

Life never looked so appealing.

I also had a lot of fun this weekend with my best friend forever, Britney Wolfe. Real friends make you hot chocolate, bring it to you, and then spend about an hour and a half making up alternative identities for the moon (Lünar Moonéz, when spoken in a Romanian accent, a very judgmental mustachioed man in the sky).

On to things that make sense: shout outs!

Shout outs definitely go to my new found friends at the Manchester branch post office, including Simmie Morris, Shawn Davidson, Larry “Blue” Hensley, Larry Smith, and Glenia Davidson! Also, a word to the wise: get to know your mail character. They’re fun-loving individuals.

James Tee Pennington gets a shout out this week, plus a huge congratulations on being accepted into law school! Tee is a super cool guy, if you don’t know him. And if you do know him, you already knew that fact.

Eric Sizemore, and all the other Inventory Control Specialists at Walmart get shout outs this week, because they were unfairly left out when I saluted Craig last week.

Amberly Pace gets a shout out this week, because I never get to see her anymore, and she’s the prettiest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen.

Jeremy and Andy Foreman get shout outs this week, because they sing pretty together.

A shout out also goes to Malinda Caudill, because she’s a great grandma!

Ronnie Miller, my future landlord, gets a shout out, because he has no idea yet, but we’re going to be best friends.

Allie Rose Phillips gets a shout out, for being very elusive when it comes to taking pictures, and making me laugh in the process.

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I’ve been very much inspired this week to join a cause or two, and that’s pretty much a good thing - so long as the cause isn’t frivolous and the side I’m on is opposite of most major corporations and high powered, well-dressed politicos (save a few).

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My enthusiasm wasunwavering this weekend.I think it was the comboof good weather, miso andsushi, sweat, and decentcompany. Positive energiesall around.Dreary looking Mondaysmake me lose mysteam and for the days Istruggle to muster goodhappy feelings, the cure ismix CD’s.I’ve been plotting a mixCD in my head since mycousin’s birthday a coupleof weeks ago. Thanks to mycomplete lack of a workinghome computer (not acomplaint, really, because Iget a lot more accomplishedwithout the distraction ofinterwebz at home) I wasunable to complete it. Idigress.People often complainabout mix CD’s, becausethey’re not uniform (whichcoincidentally, a lack of uniformityis my favorite thingabout music in general).I’m pretty satisfi ed withmy ability to make a goodmix, whether it’s themed,unthemed, down-beat, upbeat,whatev. Unlike 98.6%of my jokes, there’s no suresuccessformula.The best mix CD in mycar features Lou Reed, BonIver, and Led Zeppelin.It’s a fact that every mixCD I’ve made after 2009 hashad a song by the FlamingLips on it.Make a mix CD and giveit to me, or somebody, andbrighten their day. Or makeone, listen to it, and eat pistachios.You’ll feel better.My fi rst shout out goesto Judy Philpot, who Ihighly recommend shouldget well, soon, because she’slike the quirky aunt I neverhad, and I miss her!Another shout out goesto Charlie Rawlings, forhelping me fi gure out howto work an elliptical andalso assuring me that if I liftweights, I won’t turn into aman.A shout out goes to JamieHollin, because he’s funto talk to on any given day.Russell Smith gets ashout out because he’s agreat person to work withand he keeps me informed.Claude Davis and KellyJohnson also get shout outs,because they helped unlockDylan’s truck when helocked his keys in, accidentally.Edgar Rawlings getsa shout out for successfullydiagnosing our heatingproblems.A shout out goes to Mr.Claws (Rick and Paula Gibson)for being really cool petgroomers.Moe Campbell gets ashout out this week, becausehis beard is epic.Marthanna Dobson getsa shout out because she’s alwaysso pleasant to run into,even in 30 degree weather!A shout out goes toRaleigh Benge, because heputs up with a lot.Critter Curry, also getsa shout out, because he’sbaaaaaaack.A shout out goes to RabbitSmith, because he makesme laugh, per usual.A fi nal shout out goesto my neighbors, TracySmith, Matt Smith, andTracy’s three boys, who areall really awesome people.They’ve been on my minda lot lately, and I hope ifthey ever needed anything,they’d let me know!

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