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I’ve spent entirely too much time on the road, and I love it. The mileage on my car mounts, along with the memories attached. Everyday is an adventure. I’m digging the extremely positive vibes.

This week, I think it’s important to address a few things. As everyone is well aware of, Easter was Sunday. I received dozens of invitations to go to different churches to attend services and plays, and I’m very appreciative of that.

I often wish for the impossibility of finding a duplicate-me to send out, so I could be in two places at once, but unfortunately, I’m only one person. So if you don’t see pictures of your church’s play or other event, I apologize. I don’t want anyone to think it’s something personal – because it isn’t. It’s just the me to events per capita ratio is extremely unbalanced!

In other news, I got a really nice message from Jessalyn Bowman (who got a shout out last week, but she gets another one, just because she’s cool) whom after the story ran about her Autism Awareness Walk, she received a call from someone in Ohio, who asked what they could do for their three-year-old who was showing signs of autism.

It may not seem like much to some, but when you work at a newspaper, you’re kind of used to hearing public perception about everything you do wrong or that someone doesn’t agree with. It’s a rare occasion to hear that something you’ve written about has affected another in a positive way, and even rarer to be thanked for that. Jessalyn thanked me, but I’m going to thank her for giving me the opportunity to write about something that had the potential to positively affect others. So thanks!

A shout out goes to Preacher Bill Holeman, because he’s always a sweet and friendly man.

Shout outs go to John Edd Pennington, Mabel Murray, Bill Young, Danny Finley, and Joe Asher this week, for having me at their presentation, and feeding me strawberry dessert, because I’m a strawberry dessert enthusiast.

A final shout out goes to Brent “Lights Out” Barrett, even though he is sometimes catty to me and questions my womanhood because I don’t carry around postage stamps, I know you’re a good guy/anesthesiologist/practical jokester. PS: That’s totally what your business card should say.

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WORDS by Morgan

This week we received a lot of response from a poll we put on the Manchester Enterprise Facebook page, which I’m super excited about. We plan to do a lot more of these type of things in the future, so if you’re not a friend to us on Facebook – go, fix it, now.

Even though we’ve seen some rain, I remind myself of the payoff (green everywhere, the perfume of flowers, the appreciation for cold sheets, sleeping outside, etc.). April-like weather aside, my weeks are filled dancing, Josh Rouse, waning moons, and the lust to travel.

Short column this week. I didn’t lie when I said we were strapped for room! I start the cutting with me.

A shout out goes to Belinda Wagers, because she’s my roomie’s mom and she’s a sweet lady.

Jessalynn Bowman gets a shout out this week because she motivates me, and others, and I respect anyone who will stand up for a cause.

Shout outs go to our new Police Chief, Chris Fultz, and Fire Chief, Jamey Mills! I’m excited to work with you both.

A HUGE shout out goes to my brother, Matt Bowling, for coming through on the clutch (the clutch, meaning when I drop my phone in the toilet and freak out and he buys me an emergency iPhone because he’s just awesome like that).

The folks at City Hall get a shout out this week, because they’re so easy to work with and friendly to boot!

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The hot topic, or at least the one that seems to be taking up most of my time, is this Wet/Dry issue. I’m only referencing it in my column here, now, hopefully for the first and last time, depending on how well it sinks in! Here’s why: I received an abundance of Letters to the Editor, from people stating their opinions about the Wet/Dry vote, and so on.

It is against the Manchester Enterprise policy to print Letters to the Editor that endorse or condemn a campaign (i.e. “No poetry, attacks on private individuals, or letter-writing campaigns, see the entire policy on B-7).

Let me back up. The definition of CAMPAIGN goes as follows: work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal, typically a political or social one. Since the Wet/Dry petition has been filed and a date is set for that issue to be voted on, it is officially a campaign. So letters stating opinions thereof cannot be printed via our policy.

I realize that might be a tough nut to swallow for some. Bare in mind, opinions are like watches: everybody has one, everybody’s watch tells a different time, and everyone thinks theirs is right.  I have a strong opinion about the situation, myself, but you won’t read about it here, because 1.) The previously stated reference to watches 2.) This newspaper is my bread and butter – not a soapbox and 3.) If other columnists and readers can’t campaign for or against it, then in all fairness, neither can I.

I am, however, working on a news story, where I hope to gather different and like opinions. So stay tuned, and thanks for reading and/or attempting to understand my role as a referee.

This week has been full of contradictions and pleasant encounters. Thursday, I was told I didn’t look old enough to drive. Friday, I was mistaken for a 40-year-old. My weekend went like this: Louisville, introductions, Colorado Bulldogs, flea marketing, weather I could get used to, J. Crew dance folk, and good company with chart-topping good looks.

Long over-due shout outs this week go to Cassie Saylor and Josh Maxie, for secret covert operations.

A shout out also goes to Lauryn Dezarn and Joey Dezarn, who I laid eyes on for the first time in a million years just last week! It also kind of makes me feel old, which makes me the youngest-looking-possibly-40-actually-21-year-old. If that makes any sense. It shouldn’t.

Oscar Gayle House gets a shout out this week, because I find his humor to be completely underestimated.

A shout out also goes to my friend Randy Q. Craft, who has helped me out immensely in the last couple of weeks.

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WORDS by Morgan

This week my boss told me that my column is too bubble-gum-Polly-purebred, so I’m going to make an attempt at being more adult. Here it goes: Fixed interest mortgage-repayments! Colonoscopy! Smooth jazz! Deductibles!

But in all seriousness, I’m giving this editor-thing a whirl, and I would like to issue a statement to all our readers and contributors of the newspaper. I, and our staff at the Manchester Enterprise, appreciate everything you do, whether you read us, advertise with us, or write a column for us. You all may have noticed our columnist entries have been somewhat shorter lately, because we’ve asked our columnists to cut back. We’re still dedicated to bringing Manchester and Clay County the freshest news, whether it’s from one corner of the county to Burning Springs or Sacker – so please bear with us, while we work out the kinks. We strive to deliver the news to you in a timely and in a pretty little package.

I would also read it to you if I could!

Otherwise, I’m über busy at life, and I have an appetite for bluegrass that’s insatiable. I’m also stoked about having a new intellectual friend, for museums and wine and future travels. Excited doesn’t even get to the bottom of it.

A shout out goes to Dave Caldwell, because out of a population of 21,730 people, I surmised only three people would pick up what I was laying down in last week’s column – I was right, and Dave was one of those peeps. “Old school meets new school,” he calls it. Kudos to Dave!

A very special goes to Travis and Carmen Fields, who I got to speak with extensively this week, and meet the newest edition to their family, Layla, who redefines the word “cute”.

Becky Owens, Miranda Swafford, Holly & Keisha Rawlings, Emily Jackson, and Melissa Turner all get shout outs, for their amazing cup-cakery abilities.

A shout out also goes to all the lovely employees at the County Clerk’s Office, Rose Rogers and Pizza Hut, and First National Bank in the Manchester Square Shopping Center, because they were just a few of about a million people I saw in blue, betwixt Friday and Saturday.

Unrelated postscript: dig our matching, subconscious tattoos and serious love for raw fish and good music.

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Words By Morgan

Literary minds are the best kind. Recent predicaments have me mulling over my favorite play writs, which include Henrik Ibsen, Shakespeare (naturally), Edward Albee, and Samuel Beckett.

At the top of my list is Arthur Miller, for The Crucible, which I've read something like 12 times, and it gets better every time I read it. And for the last week, I'm finding myself to have more things in common with both the writer and the play's tragic heroes.

The Crucible was written in a time when McCarthyism was rampant. Arthur Miller was made to stand before the House Un-American Activities Committee and answer stupid questions (because he was thought to be "un-American", or whatever) alongside Marilyn Monroe, his old lady at the time. While it could've meant her career, and his too, she stood beside him when he refused the committee, and was thereby blacklisted.

In The Crucible, Reverend Hale (by way of Arthur Miller) says, "Cleave to no faith when faith brings blood", a quote which could be easily misconstrued when taken out of context. However, it's spoken about the time John Proctor is hanged for witchcraft, refusing to admit that he's a witch and live the remainder of his life in prison. Because sometimes admonishing what's in your heart just to abide is a prison, and a person's convictions outweigh everything else.

Allegory much? Mos def.

It's a Townes Van Zandt, Beck, and Sufjan Stevens kind of week. Feelin' folky and wishing this weather would pick back up with the warmth.

I'm sad I didn't get to go see Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Cannery in Nashville this week due to scheduling conflicts (jobs suck when it comes to show-going) but I'm happy some good friends got to take my place.

The weekend was cold and interesting, to say the very least. I wouldn’t trade it for all the sushi in California.

Joan Hobbs and David Earl Langdon's classes get a shout out this week, for the much needed and respected input this week.

A shout out goes to Ronnie Miiller, neighbor, landlord, and Census guy. Though he has many titles, I’m delighted to live beside him and talk to him about facts and figures!

Clint Harris gets a shout out, for his feelings on the feline race.

A shout out goes to Margy Miller, and her awesome downtown antique shop, because she has great lamps and tons of cool other stuff.

Bruce Davidson gets a shout out, because he's congenial as always, and fun to work up projects with!

Finally, Phillip Mobley gets a shout out, for being a cool subject when it comes to feature stories

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