Kurzweil and Tofu

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been waking up with the chickens for the last four days. It’s kind of a good thing, because it makes for less groggy, more motivated mornings. The only bummer is I start to fade about 5 PM and am in serious need of a nap, and naps throw my circadian rhythm way off.
Speaking of biochemical behaviors: vegetarianism. It’s kicking me in the stomach right now. A week and a half in and I’ve been doing really well.  I’m still not eating meat, but indulging plethora of other yummy protein packed foods: tofu, avocado sushi, black bean burgers, and all things vegetable. But this week, my stomach has decided to be stubborn and knot up.
That aside, I feel more energized (maybe that’s why I’m waking up with the chickens?) and I’ve lost 5 pounds.  My ultimate goal has nothing to do with weight, however. I want to – hopefully – transition into a vegan diet, as painlessly as possible. Meat will be one less thing I have to learn to live without.
On that note, I’ve been hoping to make some life changes the last little bit. Eating well has sort of pointed me in the right direction; I’m taking queues from Morgan Spurlock (American documentary filmmaker, whom after watching Super Size Me, discouraged me from eating McDonalds for over a year) and Ray Kurzweil (the guy that makes very crazy and accurate technological predictions).
More awareness, more photography, more art and music and positive vibes.
A shout out goes to Chris Dezarn, because creative minds think alike.
Rebecca Webb gets a shout out, because she’s an awesome person and she wears blue like a champ.
Gail and Ronnie Miller get shout outs, because they’re my favorite neighbors. Veronica and Ray Hagen come in close second, though.
A shout out goes to my friend, Michael Birch, because he’s on top of it.
Deno Gray gets a shout out this week, because while he is your friendly neighborhood dry cleaner, he is also good company and good to have on your side during a lightening storm!
I hardly ever end on quotes, but this week is feeling different, so I’ll end on this note: “Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.” – Josh Billings.

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Floridians and Vitamin B

Floridians and Vitamin B

It’s a Charles Bukowski kind of week. He really says it when I can’t find the words.

“We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.” – C.B.

I am so far removed from reality that it’s strange, but I prefer to live in a world where I focus on good vibes, an art, which I’ve practiced this weekend.

The first step to good vibes all around starts with that, which is essential to human living: foods. Again, I’m taking the initiative to eat vegetarian. Mostly because my friend Lights Out, who is a life-long vegetarian and one-year vegan has been pushing it hard, but after watching “Food Matters”, I think I’m ready to make the commitment.

The over-all message of the film was simple: you are what you eat. The documentary addressed America’s dependency on nutritionally depleted foods and how we rely on the pharmaceutical drugs to treat what’s wrong with us, when really, the only thing that’s wrong with us is that we don’t eat right.

The movie shows how a diet of raw fruits and veggies can reverse cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and whatever diseases or disorders we’ve eaten ourselves into. It also gives a little insight into vitamins and the use thereof.

For instance, the inventor of Alcoholics Anonymous used Vitamin B3 (Niacin) to treat his depression, therefore treating his alcoholism.

Also, two handfuls of cashews have a similar affect as Prozac, because it’s loaded with the amino acid L-tryptophan, which creates anxiety-reducing niacin. Good stuff.

So I said farewell to meat this weekend, which was an opportune time, since it was the Garrison Family reunion, and Sally Bowling made chicken and dumplings.

Along with chicken and dumplings, I said farewell for now to my Uncle Billy Woodson Garrison and his lovely wife, Roberta, who visited from Florida this weekend.

They are two of the sweetest people ever, along with their grandkids Cassie, Kyle, and Sarah, who are just as nice and pleasant to see.

Keith London gets a shout out because he’s the best hair stylist of all time. If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, he would be my Splinter.

A shout out goes to Pamela Boston Pennington, and Big Tee, of course, because they’re just all around good people and it always makes me happy to see them.

Jimmy Dobson gets a shout out, because he puts a lot of time and energy into this community, and most certainly deserves it.

A HUGE shout out goes to Theo Brown, because I’ve been meaning to give him one forever, and I continually forget. But the shout out is for being a cool person, and my definition of cool is being one of very few people around here that listens to Sigur Ros.

He also makes great movies.

A shout out goes to Dr. Hast, for the speedy and painless root canal that I have oh-so dreaded. I was so comfortable during the procedure that I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a couple of times.

Lots of awesome future things to look forward to: school begins, opening of Ruach Yoga Studio, My Morning Jacket at PNC in Cinci, Louisville escapades, and any other rabbit hole I fall down.


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47 Hours to Go

47 Hours to Go

This week has been ethereal, in a way that when I try to reflect on what I’ve encountered I think my head might float off my shoulders.

I’m both nervous and excited and a slew of other weird emotions, towards the upcoming school year. Mainly because working full-time and going to school full-time is a pain. However, there is a bizarre and satisfying sentiment that comes from being sleep deprived and nearly brain dead from information and work overload, which I relish.

After a year of time off, three Major/Minor changes, and a mere 81 college credit hours spread out over three years, I’ve finally settled on English as a Major. I might pick up a Minor at some point on the road of life, but I’m pretty determined towards this new course of action.

“What are you going to do with an English Major?” you ask.

Pfft, says I. Whatever I want. No – but in all seriousness, I’m not entirely sure. Novelist? Could be. Law school? Mayhaps. Pursue a Masters and teach college? Possibly.

A former-Louisvillian/journalist/friend-who-sends-me-good-literature who now successfully writes for the New York Times advised me to take my small-town writing experiences and write a book. I laughed. I told my mom I was thinking about law school. She laughed, and then told me I should be a weather girl. Jury’s still out.

Regardless, I’m just happy to learn more. And English and language is pretty much the only thing I’m good at, and until eating salsa and being a socialite becomes an equitable trade.

I want to go to Lebowski Fest and celebrate all things the Dude, but I’m too short of notice, per usual, and constantly looking for excuses to return to the Louisville-scene.

A shout out goes to my boyfriend, in conjunction to J.K. Rowling and Director David Yates who will never read this. However, I thank them for making the final installment of the Harry Potter series of movies a good time.

Henry Hollin gets a shout out for his complete inability to use an indoor voice, but he’s still a thoroughly entertaining.

Brent “Lights Out” Barrett gets a shout out for being back in town this week after a month and a half long hiatus to the hills of Tennessee. Yay, Brent!

Kim Rogers gets a shout out, for her crochet hat making abilities. I’ve never been a procurer of hats, but who can resist when they’re ridiculously cute and hand made by a cool friend?

Deno Gray gets a shout out, because he makes me laugh and he has the best opinions.

A shout out goes to Trent Baker, because he’s Trent Baker.

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Words 6-16-11

I’m sure your all seeing a difference in this column this week.  No, Morgan didn’t transform into a 6’3 man.  It’s me; Dylan, your resident Sports Editor, and I’ve taken over “Words” this week, filling in for my cousin/colleague who is enjoying herself in the Beach of Myrtle this week on vacation.

And speaking of vacation, let the record reflect that I had a wonderful time on mine this past week in Manchester, Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

This was my first experience with not only Bonnaroo, but camping as well, and let’s just say that I received a rude awakening.

Long story short on Bonnaroo: the sun is hot, sunburns are for the birds, good vibes and good music though conquer all.

Bonnaroo also gave me a bit of confidence in my fellow man this past weekend.  It’s really amazing the type of atmosphere that is involved when you cram 80,000 plus into a 700-acre field.  Everyone was really friendly, and overall it was a great experience.

I highly recommend everyone to go to some sort of musical festival in your lifetime.  That, and to go camping.  Even if you’re an indoor-guy like I am, because everyone needs to enjoy Mother Nature.

So, seeing as how my dear cousin/colleague/friend to the end Morgan is on vacation, yours truly has basically taken over the news department this week.  Just a disclaimer, but bear with me.  I feel like I can write sports with the best of ‘em, but news, that may be a different story.
So, from here, what does the summer have in store for me?  Well, I can tell ya that I won’t be going on any beach vacation this summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a sad summer.

My summer plans are now filled with good friends, some quality lake time, grill-outs, football, and a plethora of new music.

I’m not sure how this works, but I feel like this is a good stopping place, meaning it’s time for shout-outs!

Big welcome-back shout-out to coworker Janelle Osborne, who returned from her vacation and is now back at the Enterprise.  For those that don’t know, Janelle is basically Ms. Fix-It, and it was quickly learned by myself and Morgan that we had taken her for granted.

Shout-outs to Rodney Miller and Ethan Nolan for aiding my camping party and me this past weekend.  Rod and Ethan hooked us up with some fly camping equipment, and we greatly appreciate them.

That was “Words” for this week.  Hopefully, I don’t have to write this column too many more times, because frankly, I’m the sports guy.  You guys don’t want to hear me rant about things that aren’t sports.  Until next time mouth-breathers!

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Words 6-2-11

As I write this column, it’s Monday, i.e. Memorial Day, aka Decoration Day. It’s the one day every year we pay particular attention to the memories of our loved ones who have passed away (So it goes), and we also take special notice of those who have fought for our country and died in doing so.

This is one holiday in the realm of American holidays that I’m okay with. Most holidays I look at are lost in commercialism and meaning, but this one is simple, and it has a real purpose. I like anything that’s real to its core.

As Americans, we get to flaunt freedoms that aren’t had by others, and this is something to celebrate. Because we have freedoms that others have fought and died for, a holiday where we do nothing but pay tribute to them is definitely in order.

Whether you agree or disagree with the war, what our President has to say, the price of eggs, or whatever reason you could come up with to oppose this holiday, it’s really irrelevant (or it’s totally relevant, depending on how you look at it) due to the fact that you are able, allowed, and sometimes even endorsed, in disagreeing with a war, what our President has to say, the price of eggs, and so on – hinging on the truth that people fought and died in wars, defending said freedoms.

Because of that, we have the freedom to shout to the top of our lungs what’s on our minds. We also have the freedom to keep whatever’s on our mind to ourselves, if that’s what we feel. We have the ability to make cognitive decisions every day, and to not let another person, group, or government, make those decisions for us. The day that changes is the dying day of the American dream. So it goes.

For the record, “So it goes” is a little comic relief from Kurt Vonnegut, an American author (one of my favs) and POW in WWII, from the book, Slaughterhouse Five (Schlachthof-fünf, for you German speaking gents).  Vonnegut writes, “So it goes” in reference to mortality, death, and dying. Vonnegut said a lot of things I find extremely interesting, and applicable to my week. I’m not the only one, because I found a lovely list of “15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has or Will” on a favorite website. My favorite, not on the list, is, “And even if the wars didn’t keep coming like glaciers, there would still be plain old death.”

A shout out goes to all my extremely awesome friends who wished me happy birthday Tuesday, even though I worked something like 15 hours and didn’t get to take much time to appreciate the day. I’m successfully 22-years-old, going on something like 52, and it’s because of my friends and family I’m here.

A shout out also goes to my co-worker and friend, Janelle Osborne, for toughin’ it out with me on my birthday!

To one of my best friends and hairstylist: Keith London. He gets a shout out, because he makes me have lovely cherry-cola colored hair, and I’m pretty sure that man is not afraid of anything.

Shout outs go to the 2 Nanas’ Natural Bath Products, for making the most ridiculously awesome soaps I’ve ever laid claim to – my all-time favorite being the patchouli. If I could bath in the nothing else for the rest of my life, that would just be fine.

Bobbie Nolan gets a shout out, for her awesome summer fashion sense.

A shout out goes to Courtney Emond, and hopes that she starts feeling better!


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