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We have had plenty of water lately.  We didn’t have church or Sunday School today due to high water.  The road way was covered with water this morning and we got snow too.  Well you can expect any kind of weather in March. Sunshine one minute, and snow the next, but spring is here and Easter flowers and blooming.

Our praying go out to the Elmo Ealy family. He was a member of our church and he will be missed.  He was a dear friend.  So many each week.  Also our prayers go out to the Thelma Spurlock family.  She was Amanda Couch’s aunt and she was a good person.  As I’ve always said, the main thing in life is to be ready to meet the Lord when he calls because one day he will call you.

I’m looking forward to see sunshine and warm weather.  I’ve been trimming fruit trees and bushes around the farm and planting bulbs and some flower bushes.  There are always something to do on the farm and I like to work in the garden and the flower bed.  It’s a who lot of work to do in flowers but they are so pretty to look at.  The grand baby is growing and getting into everything.  I wrote last week about a peddle car, but I never got a call.  So if you have one, please give me a call.  I’d sure like to buy one.  Call me at 598-6348 if you have one that’s in good shape.

Remember the ones that are sick; Edgar Lawson, Waymon and Joyce Mills, Caleb Welson, also Denver Smith.

Remember the ones that are in the hospitals and the nursing homes.

Things sure have changed since I was a boy.  One the farm this time of year, we would fix tale beds.  We would cut trees and bushes and pile them up and burn them for the tale beds.  Then they come up with gas, and we would plow uo the ground and rake the soil and we would put down plastic covers and turn on the gas.  And then they came out with flat beds.  So things changed and it was so much better.  We used to plant the tale with our hands then they come up with a hand tale setter.  Then they came up with one using a tractor.  It was so much easier and better in the fall we would strip it and put it in grader and hand tie it.  Then they started putting the tale in bales and it was so much easier and better too.  The tractor took the place of mules and horses.  So we have come a long way.  We used to cut hay with mules and a mowing machine and would rake the hay with mules and a hay rake and we would stack the hay using pitch forks then they came out with hay balers using tractors and it was so much easier and better.  The young people today don’t understand how the old generation made a living.  But they did.  So people got wiser with modern things we used to draw water from the old wells then they came out with hand pumpers to pump the water then they came out with electric pumps and now we have running water from the lakes.  We now have modern things to help us.  Electric sure was a blessing.  We use to have coal oil lamps to see by, then came electric.  So we have come a long way.  So be thankful for what the Lord has given us.  It sure would be hard to have to go back to the old ways.  There are so many things I could write about, how things have changed through the years.

Well I’ll stop for this time. May God Richly Bless you and your family.

Here are the people that are having birthdays this week.  Wanda Johnson and Caleb Wilson.  So may God Bless you to have many more birthdays.

May God Bless America and may he forever hold you in his hands.

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UHCH - Clay Lawson

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We are sure having spring time early this year and I’m sure thankful some of the flowers are blooming and so pretty, and grass has turned green and growing.  The blue birds have returned so I believe that spring is here and the frogs are here.  I love spring time.

We had good services today and tonight.  We had good Sunday School.  Our church is growing and I thank the Lord for it.  I got a call this evening, our banjo player has been out for a while he’s coming back.  We need a bass player and mandolin player too, so if you are a Christian and want to play with a blue grass group give me a call at 598-6348 and we will try out.  You must be dedicated to go to churches and play.  I’m taking the grandson to Sunday School and the church.

I’m looking for a good pedal car for the baby.  If you have one give me a call and I will buy it.  Call 598-6348.  Boy, has the gas prices gone up and food prices too.  Our nation is in trouble fighting and killing and Blood shed in the streets.  What the people in this world need is to turn back to God, and love one another as the Bible says to do.  People have turned away from the Lord and turned to their own way.  The bible is sure being fulfilled everyday.  Bro. Elmo Ealy is bad sick and need prayer.  Also Wayman and Joyce Mills.  Lillie Mae Hicks, Edgar Lawson Also.  Caleb Wilson; also Randi Michell Wright.  Also Hugh and Freda Smith.  So many each week and they need a touch from the Lord

Remember the owns that are in the hospital and the nursing home; also the ones that have lost a loved one too.  Remember all the churches.  Most will be having revivals.  Pray that souls will be saved.

Its. Gardening time too.  Plant onions, peas, and potatoes so get out and get a little dirt on your hands.  Plant a flower bed and see the pretty flowers bloom.  The Easter Flowers are already blooming and it won’t be long until the trees will be budding.  Spring is a time when everything comes to life.  So get the lawn mower ready and the weed whackers too; it won’t be long until the yards will have to be mowed.  We want to wish Faye Blair; also Norma Lee Siburt, Emily Centers, preacher Owen Smith, Lillie Mae Hicks a wonderful birthday and may God Bless each of you to have many more.  Dough Wesley and Leah Sizemore will be celebrating their anniversary this week so God Bless you both to have many more.

I want to say to everyone that read my little write up thank you all.  So many call and say they enjoy reading them.

Well, I’ll stop for this time.  May God Bless each of you and your family and May God Bless American and may he forever hold you in his hands.

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So Good to Have Warm Weather Again


It is so good to have warm weather once again and see the beautiful sunshine. The good Lord knows what is best for us. We have been pretty busy lately going to the funeral homes. Our prayers and condolence go out to the Rosetta Ruth family and the Lara Goins family also. So many each week are passing away so pray for all the ones that have lost a loved one. God loves you and he will stand by you in times of sorrow and troubles. Our prayers go out to George and Tressie Root and their daughter who lost a son and grandson. A young man only 21 years old. So many people each week, young and old are passing from this life. The best thing in this life is to be ready to meet the Lord.

Today felt like spring and I can’t wait until spring and get to go fishing. Well each day brings us closer to gardening time. I like springtime the best. When the trees bud out and the grass gets green and the frogs start hollering and the bluebirds sing and the flowers start blooming. That is what I like not snow and ice or cold weather. I’ve had enough of winter myself.

Our great grandbaby is growing like a weed and getting into everything in the house. He is hard to keep up with. He is such a joy to have.

I saw the Rominger family this past week and they are building onto their funeral home making it bigger and they are so friendly and so kind and they always do a good job and we appreciate them so much. Paula’s father and mother have been together in church a lot and you don’t ever forget good friends.

I’d like to say hello to my good friend, Miss Geraldine “Boots” Smith. I saw her at the funeral home the other night. She sure has been a real good friend to me. She was there with me many times when I needed her and I wont ever forget the good deeds she did. I want to say somewhere in life you may need a friend.

Well some people are having birthdays this week: Miss Anna Craft is having a birthday February 2nd, also Daugh Sizemore, Jr. we call him “Butter”, so you two have the best birthday ever and may God bless you both to have many more.

Some folks are still sick and in need of prayer, Edgar Lawson, Elmo Ealy, Waymon and Joyce Mills, also Fredia Smith and Denver Smith, also Denver’s great grandson is having an operation at Lexington, so please pray for these, also Junior Reynolds.

Well I’ll stop for this time and please pray for peace, remember our military men and women. God bless you and yours. God Bless America and may he forever hold you in his hands.

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We are still having winter and cold weather and the weather forecast is saying we will have more this coming week. The sun has melted most of the snow but at home we still have some snow and ice.

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Looking Forward to Spring Again

I’d like to say it sure is good to have a little warm weather again and see the snow melt away.

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