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Roots Branch Church singing, April 20

Well folks, I guess spring has got here and it’s a welcome sight to see everything come to life. The flowers are so pretty and the trees are leaving out. To me, spring is the most beautiful time of the year. The birds are singing and the frogs are jumping around and the bees are working and the weather is warm.

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It's springtime again

Well folks, it’s springtime now and it sure is a welcome sight. Some trees are blooming and the flowers are beautiful. As I’ve said so many times, I love springtime.

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Where is spring?

Well, today is Monday and the snow is on the ground. The month of March is the time of spring, but it’s wintertime here now. I hope April will bring some warm weather. I thought that we would have an early spring, but we’re not this year. March has been the worst month that we’ve had all year. We had a Magnolia tree and it was in full bloom and yesterday I looked at it and it was brown instead of pink. The freeze got it.
I’m sorry I didn’t get to write my column last week, something came up and I didn’t have time to take it down there.
I saw my friend, Preacher Riley Parker, last week down at the funeral home and he said he reads my write up. Thanks Brother Riley. He preached awhile here in Clay County and he has preached for many years in Ohio where he lives.
Daugh and Lucy Pearl Gregory were visiting with us today, they read the paper as well. They live in Michigan.
I’d like to say hello to my friend, J.C. Jarvis, who lives on Curry Branch. He told me that they read my little column. Thanks J.C. and to all of you. So many tell me that they enjoy reading my write up every week.
Some folks are still sick: June Mills, Dorthey Root, Waymon and Joyce Mills, Delbert Collins, Alice Mills and Harley Sibert. So pray for all these people.
The grandboy sure is growing up too fast, he’s a big boy and he’s got a birthday coming up in May. He’s already put his order in for what he wants for his birthday. He is a sight.
Robert Tuberfill was up Saturday night. He put strings on the baby’s banjo, you should see him play.
Happy birthday wishes go out to Stephen Centers, Kayden Hubbard, Lucy Pearl Gregory, Payton Blist Carson, Lee Hicks and Riley Chandler Broughton. We wish Daugh and Lucy Pearl Gregory a happy big 50th anniversary. So to you all, may the good Lord bless you all to have many more birthdays and anniversaries, from all the family and friends.
Our prayers go out to all the ones that lost a loved one the past week. Remember the ones in the hospitals, the nursing homes and the ones at home. Remember that we love you, but God loves you more.
I’ll stop for this time. May the good Lord bless and keep you and may He always hold you in His hands.

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Spring is just around the corner

Spring time is just around the corner and I love spring. Some of the Easter flowers are blooming and the Blue Birch and Robins have come back. I’m sure I saw a butterfly, too. I never saw one before in February and the frogs started hollering.
Well, it’s time to plow the gardens and getting things ready to plant. It’s good to have garden stuff. It’s hard work to grow a big garden, but I like working around the farm. The grandboy is sure growing, he’s not a baby anymore and he also likes it here on the farm and he loves going to church. He’s my little helper around the place. He tells me, “Let me do that!” He gets into everything. He likes riding his pawl and all his toys too.
Daugh and Lucy Pearl Gregory and son were here this weekend. Lucy Pearl had a niece to pass away, her name was Birtha Francis Hoskins. So our prayers go out to the Hoskins family and all who lost a loved one this past week.
I want to thank all the staff at the Enterprise for helping me with my write up.
Some people are still sick and need prayers: Waymon and Joyce Mills, Charlie Collins, Sylvester Mills, Stella Jackson and Shanon McGee. Remember the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.
Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Sheena Ealy, Faye Blair, Norma Lee Sibert and Johnathan Dezarn. Also our granddaughter Emily Rayne Center way up Indiana way. So may the good Lord bless you all to have many more.
May the good Lord bless you and may He forever hold you in His hands

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As a boy we had time to talk with our neighbors

Well folks, as I’m writing my column I’m thinking about when I was a boy growing up on Whites Branch how we, the people, have changed. We had time to talk to our neighbors and the people loved one another. I wonder what happened? Today we have telephones and everything so modern. Someone can die and be buried before you know about it today. People don’t have compassion for one another and that’s the truth.
When I was a boy, people depended on one another for help. Today, they look for the government to help. What is going to happen when the money is gone? Just a thought.
I never got a handout from the government. I worked all my life and I’m thankful to the good Lord for making me able to work. It’s so amazing to see how things have changed over the years.
The bible says that if a man doesn’t work and provide for his family, he is worse than an infidel and he’s denied the faith. That’s what the bible says. I’m afraid folks that the handouts are going to run out one of these days. What then? Well, so much for that.
Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Daugh Sizemore, JR and Calista Sizemore and Trisha Jane Shelton. I want to say hello to my good friend Gearldine “Boots” Smith and wish her a happy day and to my friends the Pelfreys and Smiths way up Virginia way. I hope all is well with you folks. Sarah, my wife, will send you the recipe for “cathead” biscuits one of these days.
The grandboy is making so many friends at church. He really enjoys going to Sunday school and church. You should see the little ones as they get up and sing with me. The Lord is so good to us all. I wish that all parents and grandparents would take their children to Sunday school and church, it would make a difference in their lives.
I’m sorry that I didn’t get to put my write up in the paper last week, the reason that I didn’t was that my brother had passed away last Monday morning. As they always say, “We all have our trouble, but if you have the Lord in your life, he will see you through the trouble and trials.”
Some folks are sick and in need of prayer: Waymon and Joyce Mills, Celia Mills, Stella Jackson and Lee Hicks. Remember the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.
So when you pray, remember all the ones that have lost a loved one.
Well, I’ll stop for this time. May the good Lord bless and keep you and may He forever hold you in His hands.

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