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The Sacker Connection 6-23-11

Schools Out, Summer Is In

Got a call from Eaton, Ohio a few days ago and folks up there say they keep up with stuff in the “Connection”.  Talked about a young fellow, Aaron Smith, who was having a happy birthday on June 19th.  He was a teenager on this date and Papa and Granny Bill and Charlene Gross wanted to wish him a happy day.  It’s always good to hear from folks and to my good friend Aaron, happy birthday.

Schools out, summer is in and its fun time for all sorts of folks.  So much to do and relax with theme parks, vacation plans and such, but its also time to be careful and not get hurt.  All sorts of dangers lurk around when one lets down the guard.

Kids left in automobiles is so dangerous, and around water without a life vest can be a tragedy and don’t forget the danger from strangers.  Summer is great and it’s a good time to have fun and relax but not too much or it can end wrong.  Watch out for kids and lets make it a safe summer this year.

And to family member Wesley Holland, happy birthday to you on June 19th.  Hope it was your best one on 30!

And a very fine lady across the hill on Gabbard Fork, Kim Reid, celebrated her happy birthday on June 19th.  Hope you had a real happy day and many more too.

Got a note from good friend, Wanda (Chestnut) Reid.  She says the date is set for the 50th graduation reunion of the Class of 1963.  Wow! It sure has passed by so quickly.  The date for the celebration is September 7, 2013.  Will sure remind everyone when it gets closer.  But it still is something to think about.

Several have asked about the Lower Saddler Cemetery meeting this year.  The date is July 10th and the meeting will start about 10:30 a.m. or 11 a.m.  Folks are invited to attend and by all means bring a good sitting chair and a covered dish for lunch.  Yours truly will bring the message and the Harper Byrd family and the Maynard Byrd family will provide the special singing.  Will have a good time for sure.

11 in 2011 is a good number for Cameron Saylor who will have his number 11 on this date June 22, 2011.  Happy day to you Cameron.

And two cakes in one week for Kim Reid as it’s the anniversary for her and Kevin.  It’s 15 happy years on June 22nd.  And we all say congratulations.

June is such an exciting time especially for VBS.  Ever wonder what that good smell is and the smoke rising?  It’s hot dogs being burned on a grill and about the tastiest food anywhere is a hot burned hot dog dribbled with mustard and catchup with a few chips and an Oreo for dessert and kids and grownups a like joining in.  The VBS is important to the churches to reach people and the feasting is good too.  Been there, done that!

And its happy birthday to a fine young lady down the road, Makyla Hooker, on June 23rd.  She will be a happy 15 on this date.  Just think one more year till drivers license time!

Some folks have asked, “Is it too late to plant a garden?”  The answer from here is no.  But ground that is in a dormant or fallow state might not be much useful.  Ground that has been cultivated and is in good shape should produce a lot of good late stuff.  Bugs might be a problem, but a good pesticide can help take care of this problem.  This is of course based on experience.

And to a fine gentleman, Josh Grubb, will be a happy 27 on June 24th.  He’s sort of busy these days with his medical studies and such but hopefully he will take time and enjoy his happy day.  Ain’t it nice to have a doctor in the family?

And our last birthday wish this week goes out to a fine young lady and great-niece, JoVannia Hollingsworth who will be a happy number 29 on June 25th.  We all want to wish her a super day.

Mr. Wilson in the “Grapes of Wrath” movie says “When you know things, you know.”  No doubt words like mistrust, motive, ill-gotten gain, deception, and others are in everyday encounters makes one yearn for a past time when it was simple and folks said a thing and it was true.  It was better than having to always add, “What did you say?”  Oh well, that’s it this week and from here it seems time has passed me by!  Hope all is well at your house.

Fly old glory and thank God for His blessings.

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It has been a rainy May for sure and made for a lot of sore backs from cutting and pulling weeds and grass.  Probably will wish for some of this rain during the hot days of summer.  It was a busy weekend at the “Junction” with the decoration day and Memorial Dy activities.  A goodly number showed up at the cemetery meeting on Sunday and likewise several folks enjoyed the hospitality of the Allen family at the “Junction”.  One of the good things about eating, it brings folks together!

Next Sunday, June 5th is the annual meeting at the Collins Cemetery on Collins Fork.  Service starts around 10:30 or 11 a.m.  This is one of the oldest annual meetings and everyone is invited to attend.  Bring a comfortable chair and come out and enjoy a breath of fresh air with friends and kinfolks.

Happy birthday to long time friend, Golden Johnson, Jr on May 29th.  Hope you had a good day Junior.

It will be  a big event at Burning Springs on June 2nd for it’s the date for kindergarten graduation.  One of the graduates if yours truly’s eldest granddaughter, Kennedy Grace Allen.  We all say congratulations to her and all the other graduates.

Brings to mind also, there will be  free fishing days on June 4th and 5th.  No license needed or required on these days.  Just a hook and pole along with a can of worms, might take some insect repellent along because of the many mosquitoes that hatch out of all the surplus water.  But what’s a few bites from an insect when the fish are biting.

She is a fine little lady and on May 30th, Miss Marissa Reid was a happy number 10.  We all say happy day to her and many more.

To close out our May birthday wishes, May 31st was a happy day for Ralph Lunsford.  Hope he had a real good day.

Now here is one for the serious fisherman, June 1st is opening day for tickling and noodling for rough fish.  This sport does require some skill and there are other kinds of aquatic stuff down under the water.

June 1st is a good day for a fine fellow, Aaron Hammons who will be a happy sweet 16.  We all wish him a super day.

Happy birthday to a fine niece, Debra Ann (Allen) Chestnut on June 2nd.  Ain’t it strange how fast almost a half a century passes?  Happy birthday to you.

And for a fine couple, former DOM of the Booneville Baptist Association, Bill Nichols and his lovely wife Charmaine will celebrate their happy anniversary on June 2nd.  We wish them well and many more happy years.

Clay County lost a fine friend and fellow with the passing of Robert (Robby) Baker.  We extend our deepest and sincere condolences to the family.

Well thought of fellow, John Lucas Hubbard will celebrate his happy birthday on June 4th.  He will be a happy number 9.  Have a good day John.

And for a fine fellow and his lovely wife, nephew Jimmy Lee and Carrie Allen will celebrate their happy anniversary on June 4th.  It will be number 6 and from friends and kin, we say congratulations.

And for a fine couple and well thought of, Roger and Reecia Samples will celebrate their anniversary on June 4th.  It will be a happy 34 for them and let’s all offer our congratulations.

That’s about it for this week and as always, a wish that all is well at your house.  The words of Jesus  in the Bible says “for those that ask, will receive a drink that springs up unto eternal life.”  That’s the offer for thirsty souls.

God bless America and let’s pray for peace in our time.


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Fishermen's Luck

Sacker Cemetery Service Set for May 29

Lots of stories are available to describe the proverbial “fisherman’s luck.”  Every now and then a dandy tid-bit comes along and it just has to be used for all to see.  The story went something like this, the tools of a musky fisherman are many but the little used one, the crow call, should for good reasons be kept in the tackle box.  It seems the big ones weren’t biting and out came the old faithful crow call and it’s not sure what happened if the big musky either tried to jump in the boat or just attacked it!  But anyway you count the score the fisherman got the bad luck with not only one part wet but all over!  Now the moral is, “don’t use the crow call unless you are desperate and be sure to be sitting down and hang on!

For a lovely lady and friend, Mrs. Beulah Ponder, Sunday last was her happy birthday number 91 years young.  We wish her many more.

For folks who have loved ones at the “Sacker” Cemetery, Sunday, May 29th at 11a.m will be a cemetery service.  Yours truly will bring the morning message.  Bring a chair and dress casually and come on out for a fine time of fellowship and not only here, but all over Appalachia. The Sunday nearest Memorial Day usually is Decoration Day.  It’s been around longer than most can remember.  Putting fresh flowers on loved ones graves and after wards folk gather for lunch and fellowship.  It’s good for brethren to dwell together.

May 23rd was a good day for long time friend and business lady, Janet Smith.  It was her birthday and from a lot of folks we say, happy birthday.

Good friend, Denver Smith hasn’t been feeling well lately but he did travel down to the “Junction” last week to catch a swarm of fine honeybees.  He has mastered the art of getting the fantastic worker to just get into the box and go to work on making some fine honey.  Hope he gets to feeling better.

Fine fellow with many talents, Johnny T. Smith, had his happy birthday on May 24th.  Hope you had a great day J.T.

And for a dandy great-niece and her husband, Candace (Grubb) Spurlock and her husband Barry May 24th was special for them as it was their happy anniversary.  So congratulations o them on their 14th and we all wish them many more.

For a lot of folks, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer fun.  Most kids are out of school, some companies take inventory and that means vacation.  One thing is a given, millions of folks are on the road again.  Best advice it to be vigilant, don’t drink and watch out for the other guy.  Accidents can be avoided, sometimes!

She is a fine lady and no doubt has lots of support from family and friends, Bailey Hubbard that is, and on May 26th she will be a happy number 11.  We all say happy birthday.

And for a fine lady, Margaret Hooker we wish her a happy birthday on May 26th.  Many more happy years to you Margaret. Happy belated 1st birthday to Carter Clay Jones on May 18th from your family.

It sure was a big smile looking over the tater patch and not seeing nary-a-bug.  Yours truly found the knock out for the stripped little bug!

Congratulations to Frankie and Elsie Woods on their wedding Friday night, May 20th.  It was a full house of guests and friends in the impressive ceremony.  We wish them well.

Hope all is well at your house and that great care will be taken while traveling this weekend

Wonder who will get the money that has been gouged from consumers by the oil companies?

Everyone should know, honesty is the best policy.

That’s it for now.

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The Sacker Connection

Yours truly and Barbara were at Mammoth Cave National Park last week for the annual Kentucky Director of Missions training event.  For the meeting place, it was a dandy with all sorts of natural things to catch ones eye.  Deer  and turkey are readily visible and gray squirrels are tame and beg for food from workers and visitors alike.  The accommodations at the local park hotel were better than adequate.  Food was delicious and staff pleasant and willing to make one comfortable.  But the best part of the meeting was the fellowship with KBC staff and other DOMs.  It’s a good time of learning and to get refreshed for the work ahead.  And as well millions of people visit the park and find it better than OK!

Time has gone by quickly for a fine neighbor, Miss Rebecca Hooker, who was a happy 19 on May 15th.  Happy birthday to you Becky.

For folks taking to the forest this weekend, some advice ahead of time.  There are many insects to deal with when out in the open area.  Mosquitoes are plentiful and carry a nasty bite, along with some types of disease.  Ticks are prevalent and will not hesitate to bite and keep biting.  The little deer tick will embed in the flesh and is most difficult to dislodge.  Snakes in the copperhead and rattlesnake types are around as well.  Their bite is painful and can be fatal if not handled properly.  Wasps of all kind need to be avoided.  For these types of pest, a good repellent will often be all that is needed, a good pair of boots and or leggings are enough for snakes.  The best thing for wasp, leave them alone and move on.  Harvested game should be cleaned and kept cool for best results.

And on May 16th, happy birthday to business lady Melanda Adams.  From friends and kin we wish her a happy day.

Good friend Dillard Couch says gardeners need to watch their tomatoes and make sure the tater bugs haven’t moved onto the tender plants.  It only takes a short time for your plants to be destroyed.  A good hammer takes too long so best spray with a good pesticide.

For a long time friend, well thought of by many, business lady and our first lady school board member, Mrs. Geraldine Smith, and she will have her happy birthday on May 18th.  So a bunch of folks say, happy birthday Boots.

Two of the finest folks up Sand Hill way, Carl and Jewell Hoskins will celebrate their happy anniversary on May 18th.  Its their 54th and we all say congratulations.

Eldest niece and super person, Georgia Lee (Collins) Grubb will have her happy birthday on May 19th.  Happy birthday Georgia, hope you are feeling well.

And for two of the best neighbors, Shade and Kristy Smith, at the end of the field at the “Junction” happy anniversary number 10 to you on May 19th.

And our final wish of the week, happy birthday to a fine fellow, Steven Douglas Collins, who will be a happy number 12.  We say happy day to you on May 20th.

A little tired at this time of writing but thankful for the many, many blessings of life.  Hoping all is well at your house.  Most things it seems can protect themselves from outside harm but the inside enemy is harder.  The Bible calls it “subtle”.  America needs a right spirit inside.  We pray for His blessings.

That’s all for now.

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A Pleasant Sound to Hear

Not many folks were seen with gigs or cane poles to catch the spawning suckers this spring.  It’s too late for the year to gig, but suckers still can be caught using the old fashion worm on a hook.  Not as much fun as wading but then the end result is the same, fish in the skillet!

Things are somewhat quiet on the election front since there are no local races.  But we must not forget state elections are very important and have a great impact on our lives.  Next Tuesday is primary election day and all voters need to go to the poles and vote your conviction.  Every vote counts.

Happy birthday on May 8th to a fine fellow, Rev. Aaron Melton.  He ain’t no spring chicken but we still wish him a special happy day.

And for a very fine lady and friend, Mrs. Phyllis Crawford, had her happy birthday on May 8th.  We all want to wish her a real happy birthday.

For officers and members of Oneida Lodge #736, Saturday night May 14th at 7 p.m. is the stated communication for May.  There is planned work in the 3rd degree.  Your presence is needed.  If possible bring a covered dish or desert and come on out for some fine fellowship.

For a fine fellow and friend, Coye Valentine, happy birthday to you on May 11th.  We all want to wish him a real fine day.

Years ago while living on the bank of the South Fork River, it was a pleasant sound to the ear, that being the deep voice of the river bullfrog.  Some say, something has happened to the big frogs and the sport as well.  At noon on May 20th the season for bullfrog opens.  This is an unusual sport and the participants need to know about the kind of license required to collect the delicate and tasty tasting food.  Check the hunting guide for specifics but in some cases a hunting license is needed and on some occasions s fishing license is required .

On May 12th, a real fine “Sacker” dude, Jacob Allen, will be a happy number 12.  From all the Allen kin and friends we wish him a real fine day.

The Conceal to Carry class held this past Saturday was well attended There were 34 people completing the course to become a legal carrier of deadly force.  Its important to have proper training along with the right to carry.

As a young boy, following the foot tracks of an older brother, it was so exciting to squirrel hunt during the mulberry season.  There wasn’t a squirrel season in summer back then but the appetite for the delicacy was enough to hunt anyway.  The date for the spring season for this year has been set for May 21st.  Due to the way our forests have been managed seems to have done away with a lot of the  mulberry trees.  But its squirrel season anyway.  More later on this.

For a fine fellow, Adam Collins, will be a happy number 8 on May 13th.  Happy day Adam.

And for a fine fellow and good neighbor down the road, Carl Melton, will have his happy birthday on May 14th.  Happy birthday to you Carl.

For family and friends who have loved ones resting at the Woods Cemetery on Sacker, there will be a memorial service on Sunday, May 29th at 11 a.m.  Everyone is welcome to come and fellowship.  The service will last about one hour.

That’s about it this week, still dodging rain drops but anyway its warmer.  Still pray for our southern neighbors who have lost so much during the tornadoes and floods.  The Bible teachers, “It’s better to give”.  Hope all is well at your house and your lawn mower is in good shape.

God bless America.

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