The Manchester Enterprise: The Sacker Connection

Roy Allen

Saw good friend Kenneth Webb out and about last week. He was quite noticeable in the broad brimmed Stetson hat big smile and a real dandy truck to drive around.  Kenneth was a real help for many years with the Hunter Education classes taught here in Clay County.  He helped make it a first class event that endures still.

For the fine feathered friends of falconry you will have to tether him or her down for the season is over.  It is one sport yours truly never practiced.  The love of fried chicken and eggs were too important to allow a hawk to reside in the neighborhood, but it’s a big time sport for some.

Just a thought about the NCAA, why not just let Jay Bilas and his cronies have the rules changed just a little more and then the favorite could be awarded titles before the game is played.  There will be no problem though at UK unless we get another B.G!  Kentucky is always needed to help fill the seats.  Maybe the new rule will let Kentucky have a triple elimination and that way at least three games would be sold out!  Just a thought!

How about 25 years?  They have many birthdays for a great-nephew Bryan P Harris on March 28th.

And a fine fellow and cousin, Michael Paul Jackson celebrated his happy birthday #36 on March 28th.

Parents take notice about the youth only turkey season this weekend, April 2nd & 3rd.  There are strict rules to follow and any ethical hunter will follow strict rules.  Take your kid hunting and the main thing is safety first and enjoyment and bragging later.  Kids under 12 don’t need a license or hunter education card.  But all youth including those up to 15 years must have an adult guide.

2, 3,4, 5, is just numbers but two of them will tell how old Patricia Rawlings was on March 29th.

Sort of interesting, while out and about and with an eye out for a better deal, it was noticed, gasoline was at $3.42 in London.  The news says Corbin has it for less than $3.29.  Makes one wonder why it is so.  And too it might be a good idea to carry a big tank and bring some home and if everyone did this local prices would come down.

On March 31st good friend William H. Ball will be a happy, choose two (5 6 7 8) and from a lot of friends and fellows we wish him a happy day.

Granddaughter Kennedy Grace needed some frog eggs for a project and on Thursday evening last week she helped Papaw collect a glob of whatever its called that insulates the eggs.  It was off to school on Friday with some already wiggling .

On April 2nd life long friend Glenn D. Woods will have his happy day.  No matter where one lives as long as time is allowed birthdays occur.  All the way to Texas we wish him a super day.

And a fine fellow, Brandon Samples will be a happy 28 on April 2nd.

And our last wish for the week, happy birthday to a fellow with many talents, Michael Napier, who will be a happy number 54 on April 2nd.

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The Sacker Connection

The date is set for the Conceal to Carry class for Saturday, May 7th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Clay County Sportsmen Club.  A bunch of folks have said they wanted the class and for those who called and gave a number we will call you a couple of day before hand.  But if there are others who want to take the class the age limit is you must be 21 years old on or before the date of the class.  Participants need to bring a hand gun you can handle.  Of course cash, check or money order is ok, but the cost is $75.00 on the date of the class.  For more information just call yours truly.

For our first birthday this week, a great-niece and real pretty to, Courtney Allen on March 20th.  She will be a happy 15 on this date and from a bunch of “Sacker” folks we say happy day to her.

And a really fine young lady, Kaylee Mathis, had her happy birthday on March 20th.  She was a happy number 10.  From a bunch of folks, kin and friends, we wish her a supper happy day as well.

The good weather last week brought out the slow to start gardeners.  Its still a little early for tomatoes or peppers, but it is time to make sure the seeds are sown and ready to pot for planting later.  Yours truly got the taters, onions, radish, snap pears along with flowers of all sorts.  A new technique was used this year to try and prevent the dreaded striped tater bug.  Its not an original idea of yours truly but came from a good neighbor, that being to apply the preventive medicine at the time of planting.  There is a chemical that works for some folks and no reason it shouldn’t work at the “Junction”.  So its done and now will wait and see what happened, but the hammer and a full bottle of max is handy just in case.  One thing that everyone should be concerned about this year is the cost of food.  It can make a big difference to have some fresh supply of ready food and when the crazy speculators drive the cost of everything through the sky a body can just smile and rub the tummy.  Any way its sort of fun to get out and get dirty with dirt!

And for a fine lady and friend down the road a bit, Freda Collins will celebrate her happy birthday on March 23rd.  She ain’t to old yet and we all wish her a happy day.

Well the state tournament is history for the year 2011 and a lot of disappointed fans and teams.  It’s the biggest show in the state no doubt and sometimes it seems too much emphasis and importance is placed on the game of sports.  The NCAA in full swing and even the politicians say it’s OK to gamble some with the “Brackets”.  But from a distance it would appear those who control the college sport do have their preferences just by the obstacles in the road of some and the free ride in the paths of others.  Maybe its time to form another body an alternate to the NCAA.  competition there might be more fair.  Just one man’s opinion but no doubt there are some coaches who would go along.

For those folks who live in or around the Elk herd, March is the time the big bulls shed their antlers.  These things are dandy collectable and too make fine handles for cutlery and silverware.  One can brag a bunch too and maybe pretend.

Doesn’t seem quite that long but time marches on and on March 25th Miss Laurn Beth Reynolds will celebrate her happy birthday number 14.  We all wish her a super happy day.

It seems sometimes that the good stuff gets forgotten in a short while when not protected.  Wonder how many folks don’t’ know how to use a dial telephone?  How about some one asking, where the switch to role down a window?  How about the sport of gigging in the spring?  The season is now in but the big fat white suckers will come up the small streams and spawn, then swim back down to bigger streams.  Used to folks put a premium on this sport and in spite of the bones, the taste led to finding ways to circumvent the boney problem.  Most old timers have several ways to prepare the freshly harvested fish.  One outstanding method is to can them under pressure.  No doubt jack mackerel and salmon were prepared similarly.  The recipe can be had by asking the right folks.

Our last birthday of the week goes to a fine young lady with a lot of Clay County connections, Miss Petyton Garrison, who will be a happy number 10 on March 26th.  So we all wish for her a real super day from a lot of people.

Our prayers go out to the people of Japan and all our people over there.  There is a great need for many things especially money donations to get needed items.  The Red Cross is always a good source to contact for donations, our Kentucky Baptist Convention as well has contacts on the scene.  But first lets pray for then in this tragedy.

That’s about it this week, tired but it’s a good tired, getting ready to begin mowing.  Hope all is well at your house and thanks for reading the “Connection”.  As always pray for peace and God bless America.

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Beware the Ides of March

The writer wrote, “Be ware the ides of March!” The month does present some of about every kind of weather from warm pleasant to cold wind blown snow, but its still good because one has another month to live, love and be loved.  Neighbors are so kind and when one shares a quality bit of fine food its worth mentioning.  Older brother Louis, proclaimed, “A truck is in the driveway”.  It was neighbor Craig McQueen who lives in sight at the “Junction”.  He had in his hand two big packs of cured ham ready to cook or put away for a later date.  Now it wasn’t the tips or all fatty cuts, but the choice one from the best part of the product.  With much thanks and a firm grip on the finely cured country ham and an already idea of how it would taste with taters and biscuits.  With clear instructions from yours truly, some of it was prepared one day later.  While consuming the delicacy, the proclamation was made, “the best and tastiest ham ever!”  So thanks again Craig, there’s still plenty left for later.  The recipe is in the head but can be had for free with a request and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

For our first happy birthday wish this week it goes to a gentleman of the first class and good friend for many years, T. C. Sizemore who celebrated on March 8th.  It was the completion of  9 decades for him (90) years.  We hope you had a happy day T. C. And may you have many more.

Sure was a fine turn out last week for the prayer breakfast at the Community Center.  Was certainly a good feeling with Christians on the same page planning, praying and committing to helping our kids do better in school by first learning to read well.  It can be done if we all work together and give it our best.  Knowledge by experience costs a lot sometimes, but one can study to improve themself by reading.  Way to go folks.

March 9th was a good day for a fine lady, Brenda Hibbard as it was her happy birthday.  Hope you had a happy day Brenda from a bunch of friends and kin.

Our community was saddened by the passing of a fine lady and long time friend, Thelma Spurlock.  She was born and reared in Clay County but moved to Ohio some years ago.  We offer our sincere condolences to Jr. And Brenda along with her many Clay County cousins.

Sort of hard to believe but a fine little lady and great-great-niece, Emma Spurlock, will have her happy birthday number 9 on March 10th.  Hope you have a great, great day!

For hunters who want to be in on the elk quota hunt, it has to be done on-line.  The good part about this year, you can apply for two drawings.  Sort of interesting with four options.  Either two bow draws, two gun, or one of each.  Will try to mention it again but don’t miss the deadline.

Sacker’s senior citizen was out and about last week and was supposed to go fox hunting Friday night.  That might not sound like something special, but when one considers that on March 11th Mr. Delbert Woods will be a fantastic 92 years young.  Now that means a lot of ham and taters in the past.  Let’s all wish him a super day and many more years.

Several folks have called and gotten on the list for the Conceal to Carry class later this spring.  The sooner we get a sufficient number on board to take the class we will set the date.  For answers to your questions please call.

Just did some shopping for seeds and fertilizer and the cost was high.  It used to be cheaper to buy from the store than to raise a garden, but don’t bet on it this year with the weather making problems, the wars going on, the greed with the petroleum folks, it might be the best investment, to plant a garden.

Happy birthday to long time acquaintance and friend, William Goforth on March 11th.  He is a former Sackertonian.

And a fine fellow and neighbor up the road a bit, Ricky Dale Hubbard, will be a happy number 8 on March 11th.  Happy birthday Ricky D.

For long time friend Hobert Woods, Jr., formerly from Sacker, he too will celebrate his happy birthday on March 11th.    Happy day to you Hobert and hope to see you soon.

For folks who have loved ones resting in a rural cemetery please consider the cost to keep the trash picked up and the grass mowed.  It does cost sweat and money and please, don’t throw old flowers in the bushes around the cemetery.

The last birthday of the week is Miss Tara McClure.  She is a fine student, cheerleader for North Laurel High School and as well a great-niece.  She will be a happy number 15 on March 12th.  Congratulations Tara on this years activities.

Folks don’t forget to set the clock forward 1 hour on Saturday night.  Daylight savings time begins.

Oneida Lodge #736 members and officers, Saturday night is the stated communication.  There is work to do.  7 p.m.

That’s about it for this week.  Tater and onions are ready as soon as this cold snap passes.  Hope all is well at your house and if so, thank God for blessings.  America is the greatest nation on earth but some smear her name.  Let’s not be afraid or ashamed to thank God and praise His name for our many blessings.

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Roy Allen

Just a gentle reminder, if your hunting and fishing license don’t have 2011 as the date of issue, it means you don’t have any license to hunt or fish legally.  These can be purchased at several places but the most prominent one is the local Wal-mart store.  Senior citizens can get a complete hunting and fishing license for the sum total of $5.00.  There are some who qualify as disabled and that’s a break for these folks too.  Youth under 12 don’t need a license or hunter education card but must be accompanied by an adult.  Those over 12 and under 16 can buy a junior license and also get a discount on tags for some species such as turkey and deer.  All are to be reminded, it’s the fees on sporting goods and licenses that promote and pay for wildlife conservation.  Those who harp and never buy a license don’t pay anything!

Sunday last, February 27th was a good day for some people, fine fellow Britt Smith, was a happy 24 on February 27th.  Hope you had a real good day Britt.

And as well, fine friend and neighbor, Bonnie Goforth, had her happy birthday on February 27th.  She was a happy 29 and holding.  From a bunch of friends and kin we wish her a super day.

And for a fine lady and friend, Lela Hughes celebrated her happy birthday on February 27th.  From a bunch of folks we say happy day to Lela.

It’s official, the hunting season ended for game animals on February 28th.  All that’s left are coyote, wild hogs and ground hogs.  The later two are good for sport and food but not much demand for coyote as a table fare, but it would be a relief to have a lesser number out there.

He used to be up on Whites Branch, but a few years ago moved to the big city of Georgetown, but time ticks away up there too and on March 2nd Junior Hubbard will celebrate another happy birthday.  From all the folks in Clay County friend and kin.  Happy birthday Junior.

Just a note for pastors and board members of the Booneville Baptist Association Thursday night, March 3rd  is the Executive Board meeting.  It will be at Horse Creek Baptist Church starting at 7 p.m.  Hope to see you there.

The calls are coming in slowly about the Conceal to Carry class.  For those who want to carry legally, it takes getting trained by a licensed instructor and the class which lasts all day, as well costs $75.00.  It will cost a lost more to get caught illegally carrying a concealed weapon.  Give a call to yours truly at 1-606-598-1991.  If you miss, leave name and phone number on the answering machine.  More later maybe.

There are two real cool folks down on Cool Springs and fine friends too and Danny and Thelma Johnson will celebrate their happy anniversary on March 3rd.  For them it’s a happy 38 years and we all want to say congratulations and may God bless you with many more happy years.

Just a thought: There was some mention in the Enterprise about raising money to purchase a head stone for one of Clay County’s outstandingly well known people, Mrs. Myrtle Shoupe.  Most folks might not have known about this need before, but from local sources, the post mistress at Hima has the information.  It would be a good idea for a bunch of people to send a donation to the post office earmarked for the Shoupe cemetery headstone.  Or send it to yours truly and it will get there.

For a fine friend and lady down on Ell’s Branch, Eula May Ray, we want to wish her a happy birthday on March 4th.  May God bless and give you a good day and many more.

For a real pretty little lady, Faith Rominger, happy birthday to her on March 4th as well.  She will be a happy number five on this date and we wish her a super day.

Sort of hard to believe, but she has grown up and on March 5th Leann Smith will celebrate her happy birthday and its number 29 for her.  Hope you have a super day Leann.

At the other end of the long field, fine young neighbor Nathan Smith will have his happy birthday on March 5th.  It’s the magic number 7 for him.  Happy birthday Nathan.

And over at Macedonia, a fine young lady, Miss Taylor Faye Goodman, will celebrate her happy birthday number 4.  Happy birthday Taylor.

Its so nice to get feed back whether in person, by letter or phone. It’s so good to live in a country where there is much freedom.  It does seem some take it lightly but it did come at a high cost in bravery and sacrifice and pure love for what freedom brings.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s a guarantee in America.  Lets never let some one take it away.  Thank God for His blessings and may He ever keep us in His hands.

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It's Always Nice to Get Feedback

It’s always nice to get feed back in a positive manner and especially when it comes from far away. 

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