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According to the weather reports, by the time this weeks paper hits the press, there will be a real covering of snow.  So while shut in why not read a little about next years deer season.  Clay County will probably be in zone 4 for eternity, but the length of the modern gun season will be extended to sixteen days the same as the other zones. 

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So much for turkey hunting on Saturday the 4th!  Cold and snow are not the ideal for tired bones and cold feet, waiting in a blind for a tom to walk by!  One thing didn’t happen at the “Junction”, thinking about a real nice warm fire since it was a reality maybe next week the weather will be better.  One thing did happen with all the rain last week, the much needed ditch cleaning happened somewhat as the high water did clear some of the much lingering debree. 

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It’s a usual journey each day almost to truck south to Manchester as some of the needed stuff can’t be found on “Sacker” such as a newspaper.  The routine is to stop at Colson’s Market for the latest in news from our state paper even though when one reads, the content must be sifted. 

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Have A Happy Thanksgiving

We never ate turkey at our house on the big day, Thanksgiving.  We didn’t have it to eat.  Someone asked once, “Why don’t you just raise some turkeys?”  Our household leader replied, “it costs too much to feed them!”  One time it did start trying to keep up with the “in” crowd, after four years in the U.S. Air Force, yours truly was hip!  The military had the best of food in the mess hall.  With three daughters-in-law to help out, mom set to prepare the turkey and all the sides for dad, four sons, one son-in-law and a bunch of little kids.  It was a sight to see these six grown men hungry from the early morning activity.  The ol’ turkey carcass looked like it had been bombed!  But it was delicious too and of course the Allen clan got into the main stream.  But when the holidays are over, its nice to find someone who has prepared an old fashion country dinner and just plain digs in for a jolly good belly busting feast.
November 21st was a busy time wishing happy birthday to first off: great-niece Erica Allen, who was a happy sweet sixteen. Hope it was your best day Erica.
And fine friend and business woman, Drussie Gibbs, had her happy day on November 21st.  Many more to you Drussie.
And good friend, retired school marm, Cookie Henson, had her happy day on November 21st. Hope you had a good day Cookie.
And for two well known folks and dear friends, Delbert and Janet Smith, who had their happy anniversary on November 21st.  It was the remarkable number forty-three for them.  We all wish them a super day and many more years.
We have had a ton of inquires about when the next hunter education class will be held.  Well the date is tentatively set for February 17, 18 and 19, 2011.  For parents who want their youngster to get ready for 2011 hunting season, jot this date down where it can be readily available.  This is a serious matter and youngsters need to be safe while hunting or just out camping, hiking or just sight seeing.  Things besides safety are, ethics, conservation, habitats, animal recognition, first aid and survival along with firearms, bows and traps. Its not just a chore but offers proper and safe training for all who are born after January 1, 1975.  Follow the events here in the “Connection”, internet or just call.
On November 22nd is a super day for good friend and fine person Sandy Smallwood who had her happy birthday.  Hope you had a good one Sandy.
And for a real sweet young lady, Daisy Parker Samples, who was happy number three on November 22nd.  We know she had a real good day.
And for two folks who were intended for each other, Lloyd and Carolyn Whitaker up on Barbourville Road who celebrated their happy anniversary on November 22nd.  It was the magic number 29 for them.  From a brunch of people who care and wish them well.  Hope you had the best day ever.
November 22nd was sad for modern gun deer hunters as the season ended. 
But not to despair, bob cat season opened and of course other methods for hunting deer too.
And for a fine fellow, Brad McClure, November 26th is his happy birthday.  To you dude, hope you have a real super day.
Good friend Ronnie Hacker, happy birthday to you on November 27th.  Hope you had a great day.
A few thoughts for thanksgiving, whatever the taste for home cooked, catered or restaurant, it’s the “Day” that matters.  To just stop stuff for a few moments, survey the holding in stuff, and as well meditate a moment on all the freedoms one enjoys.
It’s no accident one has so much, in fame, fortune, family, friends and good tidings.  The answer of spiritual needs all come under one great name of Heavenly Father, God and Savior.  May God bless your home and all .
Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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