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Tell Her You Love Her

Got a nice note from life long family friend, Tommy Melton, last week. Says he enjoys the “Connection” and looks forward to hearing news from home way up there in South Lebanon, Ohio.  Tommy also sent a gift to help with the upkeep of the Woods Cemetery at “Sacker”.  It’s always good to hear from friends and we certainly thank him for the support.

Happy birthday to a fine lady and friend, Minnie Smith, on May 1st.  She was a happy 89 years young on this day and let’s all wish her a super day.

And for a fine fellow and good friend happy birthday to Lyle White on May 1st.  Happy day to you Lyle.

Listening to a group of hunters the other day, the talk was heavy about the new breed of wild turkey that has appeared in the Fogertown area, a genuine blue turkey!  Evidently there have been some sightings and maybe a few reliable reports will soon be forthcoming.  Wonder how the meat tastes?

May 2nd was a happy day for a fine niece, Elsie Mae Jones and it was her birthday.  We say happy day and best wishes on her wedding day Friday.

And for those folks who called and got on the roster for the Conceal to Carry class to be held, its here on Saturday, May 7th.  It all starts at 9 a.m. and concludes at 5 p.m.  If you want to take the class but haven’t called just come on out to the Clay County Sportsman Club Saturday morning anyway.  Bring $75.00 cash, check or money order and a gun you can handle (hand gun).  Bring patience and don’t be in a hurry and the day will be quite rewarding.

May 3rd was a good day for a fine fellow, Leslie Garrett, who had a happy birthday.  From a bunch who care, hope you had a real good day.

And for a fine lady of the first class, Jewell Hoskins, happy birthday to her on May 3rd.

Just a reminder to all those who are blessed to have a mother around, make sure to pay proper respect next Sunday.  A few things work real well: a day off from chores, pretty flowers, a nice catered or sit down dinner, but most of all, prove your love by devoting some time and as always, tell her, “you love her”.  So will say to all moms, have a happy day.

20 is a real good number for a lot of things and on May 4th it’s the time for Doyle and Teressa Hammons to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  And from a lot of friends and kin, we say happy 20th and may the next 20 go by just as well.

This is a good time to think about our southern neighbors who have lost possession, family and friends in the terrible storms a few days ago.  Donations can be made to the Red Cross, and if so desired send to the Kentucky Baptist Convention and ear mark it for this particular disaster.  God will multiply your gifts.

May 5th will be a super day for businessman James Delbert Smith.  Let’s all wish him a happy birthday on this date.

Hunters, better get your turkey by Sunday for the spring season closes.  For sure a lot of feathers flew!  Wonder who gave Buckwheat that bird?

And two folks will share Friday the 6th birthday, May and June Hubbard.  So to both of them we say happy day and many more too.

That’s about it this week and its sure been full of excitement and tense moments.  Thank God it wasn’t worse in weather and storms.  Probably had enough of royal wedding to last a lifetime as well.

God bless America where all are considered equal under the Constitution.

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Piece and Quiet, Sunshine and Rain

Most every week a friend will make comment about reading the paper and give some good feedback and last week a special friend, Sill Lee was such a one.  He sure is a busy preacher and folks are sure blessed by his Godly service.  One day we’ll have to write a lengthy column on just him.

The folks at the Manchester Produce stand have a lot of garden and lawn care items at their place.  It’s almost a safe thing to plant now as frost is probably over and if it is then that sweet garden food will be ready a couple of weeks early.

According to Pastor Ken Bolin, April 24, 2011 was a very special day for him.  That was his birthday and the first time in 53 years that it came on Easter Sunday.  He’ll be an old dude if it takes 53 more years to get this opportunity again!

And for a fine lady up at Rockhouse, Josephine Shoemaker, April 24th was a special day for her too and we all wish her a happy birthday.

And as well Kimberly Ashton Perry celebrated her happy 21st Birthday on April 24th.  Happy birthday Ashton.

Boaters don’t forget to register you boat if not done already.

Saturday is the last day to register for the fall quota elk hunt.  You can’t win if you don’t enter!

Happy birthday to a fine fellow, Elmer (Easy) Perkins on April 25th.

And to long time friend (Little) Larry Sizemore, happy birthday to him on April 25th.  Hope he had a real good day

And for long time neighbor and friend, Margaret (Woods) Hensley celebrated her happy birthday on April 25th.  She doesn’t look her age!  Happy day Margaret.

For those folks with a taste for polk greens, now is a good time to pick it and put in a goodly supply for winter.  It’s best to pick the early shoots as it does seem to be somewhat bitter and tough when it greens out.  A few pieces of bacon cooked in the polk slowly, let cool and then placed in the freezer bags makes a tasty treat when the cold comes in during winter.  Extra better, mix with some good broad leaf or curly mustard and its yum, yum!

Happy birthday to a fine niece and former Sackertonian, Betty Robinson, on April 26th.  Hope you had a special day Betty.

Saw good friend Danny Cornett out and about last week.  He has upgraded his mode of travel from a one horse power to a snazzy golf cart, complete with windshield, top and doors to keep out wind and other summer smells.  Looked like he had the choice in parking space on Sunday, too.  Some fellows have it made.

Former Clay Countian, now up in London, Sonjia McClure, will have her happy birthday on April 27th.  Hope you have a great day Sonjia.

Friday the 29th is National Arbor Day and like most things some pay attention and others don’t.  But as a reminder, trees are of vital importance for our existence.  And in yours truly’s lifetime most of the mature trees are now lumber being eaten by termites!  We’d better plant some new ones!

And speaking of youngsters, Jarrod Hooker, a favorite grandson, will be a happy 21 on April 28th.  We will try and help him celebrate complete with chocolate cake,

Just a thought, but how come no one ever sees a fat hummingbird?  After all, all they eat is sweets.  It doesn’t seem fair.

And one last wish of the week goes out to a fine young lad, Jace Brandenburg who will be a happy 11 on April 30th.  Hope you have a great day Jace.

With heavy eyes, tired feet, full belly and a soft easy chair, this pays the final salute to April of 2011.  Hope the summer storms are gone and let’s pray for those who are hurting from the tornadoes.  Peace and quiet, sunshine and rain are special qualities, that’s it this week.

God bless America.

P. S. don’t forget the fish and wildlife surplus auction at Fish and Wildlife  Headquarters on May 2nd.

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Cross Carrying Event Friday

Of course any week is a good week, but this one is special for a lot of people and we will try and recognize them.  Lots of folks will be visiting the family cemetery to show respect for loved ones gone on and too, to celebrate Easter.  Once again yours truly will try and maintain the “Sacker” Cemetery in a most dignified way.  The storms blew a lot of flowers all over and made many unsuitable for proper display.  These old and damaged flowers were taken away.  For those who want to help out just contact yours truly and we thank folks who do help.

Sunday last was a good day for Miss Allie Rose Phillips, who turned a happy number 8.  We all wish her a happy birthday on April17th.

And for a fine nephew Danny Ray Allen and his lovely lady, it was their happy anniversary on April 17th.  This was their 18th happy anniversary and we all wish them a good day and many more happy years.

Good friend Ab (mule-man) Bishop came by for a visit last week.  He was with his grandson Cameron Metcalf and they talked about the work mules they enjoy down on the farm.  With the price of gasoline out of sight it makes a lot of sense to think about and maybe even put in place the long gone practice of farming and gardening with mules.  Ab says he can show how to get-r-done using his pretty team of dapple grays.  Not many tractors can perform the work, be a good companion and provide the fertilize too.  Now that’s what it means by doing it all.

April 18th was a good day for two fine folks, Kenny Smith and his very pretty daughter Molly.  Birthdays are special and real special when shared with a loved one.  Happy birthday to you two.

Pastor Jay Mathis wants folks to know about the Sunrise Service Sunday at New Zion.  Its biscuits and gravy with country ham and much more.  Guest speaker is Rondall Westerfield.  Revival will start on Monday the 25th and go through Wednesday the 27th.  Also the church is starting a quarterly singing and it will be on Sunday morning.  The first one is set for May 1st.  For more information contact Brother Jay.

And on April 20th lets all wish a fine great-nephew a happy birthday, Tyler Allen who will be a sweet sixteen on this date.  Hope you have a great day Tyler.

Saw good friend Carlo Burns and his lovely wife Kathy a while back.  He says he enjoys the paper and keeps up with the news through the “Connection”.  It’s always good to get good feedback.

One last time to remind folks of the cross carrying on Friday evening (Good Friday).  It all starts at 5:30 p.m. at the IGA parking lot with prayer and then the walk to the court house hill.  Brother Barry Hubbard, pastor of Lilly Grove and Upper Buffalo will bring the evening message.  Everyone is invited to participate and Sunday morning there will be sunrise service at Memorial Garden at 7 a.m. (No later).  The message will be brought by Brother George Grigsby, pastor of Island Creek.  Everyone is invited.

And a happy birthday to Kim Allen, a real Sackertonian on April 21st.  Happy birthday Kim.

And one of the finest pickers anywhere, Sylvester Mills, will have a happy birthday on April 21st.  Have a good day Syl.

And happy birthday to a fine lady, Anna Collins on April 21st.  Hope you have a good day Ann.

And a fine gentleman, Thorton Deaton will have a happy birthday on April 22nd.  Hope you have a great day Thorton.

And our last one this week, Miss Katilyn Smith will be a happy number 3 on April 22nd.  Let’s all wish her a super day.

That’s about it this week, thanks for reading the “Connection” and may the joy of Easter be present in your heart and home this joyful weekend.

God bless America.

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the sacker connection

April 11th was a good day for a couple of fine fellows.  The younger of the two Marlin Brandon Coffee was a happy 22.  From all the “Sacker” kin and friends, happy  birthday to him.

As well fine fellow, Powers Ponder, was a happy number 93 years young.  That’s a good number for anyone and we wish him many more.

Saturday the 16th is a special time here in Kentucky as its opening day for spring turkey season.  Of course lots of folks like to fill tags or even talk of how delicious the harvest is, but to a lot of sportsmen, to hear the coyote howl, the pair of life long partners give honk as they travel to a feeding spot, or the lovely cry of the whip-o-will.  All lead to the excitement of the early morning outing.  Get out there sports folk and remember to be a good sport.

April 12th was a special day for a fine young lady, Cecily Hubbard, who was a happy number 20.  From the “Junction” happy birthday to you.

For those with the keen eye, hickory chicken, some times called dry land fish and better known as morel or mushrooms, are now popping up.  For sure one must be real sure the real product is what’s cooking or it could be fatal!  For those who know they say “there is nothing better than a good batch of this delicacy”.

Long time friend and real fine lady of the first sort, Frances Brock, up on Barbourville Road will celebrate her happy birthday on April 13th.  From a bunch of friends and kin happy birthday Frances.

Ear witnesses heard the melodious sound of the toad frog last week and there are some sure signs of good bye winter.

April 14th is a good day for a couple of nice fellows.  First is Keith James Hacker.  From all his friends and kin happy birthday to you.

And for a great-great nephew, Richard Nathaniel Collins will be a happy number 8 on April 14th.  So we all say happy birthday.

And a fine young lady up the road, Miss Jody Hubbard will celebrate her happy birthday number 26.  From a bunch of neighbors, friends and kin, happy birthday.

Once again important activities next week, on Friday, April 22nd starting at 5:30 p.m. will be the annual cross carrying.  Starting at IGA parking lot.  Everyone is invited to come walk with us.  And on Sunday morning, April 24th at about 7 a.m. will be a sunrise service at Memorial Gardens.  Here too, everyone is invited to come worship.

New Zion Baptist Church on Sacker will have Easter Sunrise Service on April 24th at 7 a.m.  Rondall Westerfield will be speaking.  Breakfast after.  Pastor Jay Mathis invites everyone to attend.  Revival time at New Zion will begin on Monday, April 25th to Wednesday, April 27th at 7 p. m. nightly.  Special singing each night.  Landon McDaniel is the evangelist.  Pastor Jay Mathis and the church invites everyone to attend.

That’s about it for this week and as always hope all is well at your house.  America is a wonderful place, but it appears sometimes people mess her up but with God’s help we can get folk to the old path again and have His blessed blessings on us.

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No Need to be Greedy

About the easiest thing to do this week is find blue people!

The “Sacker” community was saddened by the passing of a dear friend and long time family member Hazel (Mathis) Westerfield.  We offer our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Pickels, Ricky, Randy and Rondall and the rest of the family.  May God comfort you folks in this time of grief.

Got to visit on Sunday last out to Gray Fork Baptist Church.  They had a special worship service with a delicious meal after morning worship.  The invite we appreciated and the food was excellent.

April 4th was a good date for some fine people: Joy Marie Brandenburg who celebrated her happy birthday.  We wish her a happy day.

And also April 4th was special for long time friends, Jay and Ella Mathis who celebrated their happy wedding anniversary.  We all certainly want to congratulate them on their 46th happy year and to wish them many more.

On Friday the 22nd, Good Friday, will be the annual cross carrying.  It will start at 5:30 p.m. at the IGA parking lot with prayer and then the march to court house hill, when there Barry Hubbard, pastor of Lilly Grove and Upper Buffalo, will bring the evening devotion.  All Christians are invited to come pray, walk and fellowship on the most sacred time, how on Good Friday an individual died for the sins of the world.  On Sunday, April 24th at Memorial Gardens, in Manchester, Sunrise Service will be held.  Start time is no later than 7 a.m..  Bro. George Grigsby, pastor of Island Creek will bring the devotion.  There will be refreshment during and after the service.

And a happy birthday wish to a fine lady, Carrie Allen, on April 6th.  We all, family and kin wish a good day.

To all members of Oneida Lodge #736, Saturday night is the stated communication at the Lodge hall in Oneida, 7 p.m. is the starting time.  All are invited and welcome.  There is scheduled work in the FC degree, April 9th.

Saturday, April 16th is the opening date for spring turkey season.  Several folks who were out with the youth  report a goodly number of turkeys this spring.    Twenty-three days to fill the tag of two toms and it should be plenty of opportunity.  No need to get greedy.  More than the legal limit is stealing from someone else.

And for a fine great-great nephew, Ian Napier, happy birthday to you on April 7th.  He will be a happy number 10 on this date and we wish him many more.

For churches in the Booneville Association. Starting Sunday 6 churches will be in simultaneous revival, Pleasant Point, Horse Creek, Lilly Grove, Turkey, Oneida and Booneville.  Surely everyone is invited and all welcome to attend these services.  An old saying and is most definitely true, “try it you might like it!”  For more information, contact the pastors or yours truly.

Two fine folks up on Barbourville Road, George and Allie Hoskins that is and they will be celebrating their happy anniversary on April 8th.  It will be the happy number 44 for them and we all surely will say congratulations.

Just a thought: Isn’t it silly for mail going to a Manchester address to be shipped to Lexington to be sent back to Manchester?  No wonder the mail system is in the mess it is!

Our last birthday wish of the week goes to Mrs. Barbara Jackson, a dear friend for many years and kinfolks.  We all wish her a happy day on April 9th.  Happy birthday.

Pray for peace and God bless America.

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