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One thing about the ground hog he is smart enough to still survive.  First there was the hunter who took him for meat, medicine and leather, then there was the highway and pikes, along also came the target hunter then the coyote. 

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There's More Power in the Pen Than the Sword

Someone once said “There’s more power in the pen than the sword”.  Probably why a lot of people take to penning thoughts and ideas.  For sure everyone has an opinion and most don’t mind sharing it right quickly, on any subject!  But at the end of the day most caring folks are satisfied to sit down, watch some TV, news or favorite program and at a reasonable time lie down to a restful and pleasant nights sleep.  Times are a changing!  There are so many things that trouble the mind.  A while back, eldest granddaughter, Kennedy Grace said, “I’m so sad”.  My advice to here was to close her eyes and think of pretty flowers or birds and pleasant music.  Sort of brings one to the point of why not just day dream all the time?  From a personal point it does look like some folks do!  There does seem to be a lot of trouble brewing but its not an accident or new to Christian folks.  Basic moral rules are laid out for good success: honest work, fair wages, enforced laws, love your neighbor and show yourself friendly.  The Bible talks about it but most don’t seem to put enough stock in what it says.  At the end of the day folks got to be responsible at least for themselves.  Maybe shut in too much or picking up too much trash and too much day dreaming!

On to a happy birthday to a former Sackertonian, Darren Woods on January 30th.  So hope he had a good day up in Ohio.

And to a fine young lady and businesswoman, Danielle Collins celebrated her happy birthday on January 30th.  Hope she had a happy day from a bunch of people.

Elk hunter, Sharon (Doc) Gay, asked “Have you tried the burger yet?”  The answer was no but it will soon be tried if the snow keeps coming to keep outside activities down.  Yours truly did try a mess of squirrel last week.  It didn’t matter old or young they were cooked till tender and gravy made in the cooking pot of tender morsels.  Of course a fresh pan on pone bread and a few taters from the cellar made a complete meal.  There was a little gravy left but the tender delicate morsels of meat were history.  For home cooked recipes on wild game or domestic just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with what kind of food being prepared to yours truly.  NO snake or lizards though!

Forever etched and recorded in the record book is January 31, 2000.  It looked like a slow day as yours truly parked and approached the door of the Clay County Court House.  The door swung open and two fellows ushered the preacher through the door to the clerks office.  After counseling and record checking the very fortunate friend, James Phillips and the lovely Leslie Robinson stood before witnesses and said their nuptials. Now after 11 years this activity is still fresh in the minds of those present and also two beautiful little girls to bless their union.  Congratulations James and Leslie on your 11th anniversary.

Gigging season is in for rough fish so folks get the waders and check for leaks, sharpen the gigs, but don’t hurry, most folks wait till the dogwood blooms.  But it’s a good idea to practice.

For all the weather predictors, don’t pay any mind to Puncatonia Phil because he is awakened in the night and bright lights shined in his eyes.  It don’t count!  You have to let the ol’ groundhog get up on his own up in the morning, and stay out all the day till the sun goes down, it if ain’t cloudy.  Hope for a cloudy day though so he can’t see his shadow and it will be spring around the corner.  But don’t mess with no city groundhog or a pet.  Got to be a country whistle pig.

Happy birthday to a fine lady and friend, Sheila Jackson, on February 1st.  She was a happy, pick two (2345).  Hope you had a real good day Sheila.

Have gotten a lot of calls about he Hunter Education Class.  Some posters have been put up to remind folks, The class will be February 17, 18 and 19.  There is no charge for the class.  A student must be 9 years or older to take the class.  From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on February 17th and 18th at the Clay County Area Technology Center.  8:30 a.m. till finished on the 19th at the Clay County Sportsman Club.

Happy birthday on February 3rd  to a fine fellow, Crosby Harris, who will be a happy number 23.  Have a good day Crosby.

A very special happy birthday wish to Mrs. Anna Craft who was a happy 98 years young on February 1, 2011.

On February 4th Happy birthday to a fine friend, Danny Johnson who will be a happy number 39.  Hope you have a great day Dan.

And on February 1st was a special day for a fine lady, Rena Hubbard.  We all wish her a happy birthday.

And for long time friend and good fellow, Walter Benge, will celebrate his happy birthday on February 5th.  From a bunch of friends who care, hope its you best day Walt.

For Pastors and board members, meeting at Island Creek Thursday night at 7 p.m.  See you there.

On a pleasant break from the snow, hope all is well at your house.  If tired from being shut in, do a little day dreaming but not while driving, or trying to talk to someone.

The president said, “Some troops are coming home in July.”  Let’s all pray some day soon there will be peace and all of them can come home.  If peoples hearts were right there could be peace.

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Another Birthday Passed with Celebration

Having a birthday is a great opportunity to do a lot of things and even expect a bunch of surprises and gifts. 

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Yes it was cold and early in the morning a bunch of Baptist men and a few friends came out in a goodly number to Muddy Gap Baptist Church. 

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Highway Department Doing a Good Job

While out and about last week, yours truly and faithful wife had time to observe the variation in gasoline prices.  London had the lowest rate at $2.99 and it was no more than $3.09 as far west as Cave City in the midst of one of Kentucky’s favorite vacation areas.  Of course Clay County has lots of money and jobs plus better gasoline!  One could get a big tank to haul some better prices home while on a visit.

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