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Arnett Named District Coach of the Year


CCHS TIger Football Head Coach Shannon Arnett, seen here with senior CJ Miller, was named Class 5A District 8 Coach of the Year.

After an impressive turn around from last season, Clay County High School football Head Coach Shannon Arnett was named Class 5A District 8 Coach of the Year this past week.

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Venison Care and Preperation

Clean, cool and quick are the watchwords of good venison care. A clean shot, clean field-dressing and quick cooling of the carcass are the key steps to good-tasting venison. Immediate field dressing is best, as this starts the all-important cooling process. Postpone field dressing only if the carcass must be dragged through dirt, leaves or swamp water.

If it was a clean kill and a clean field-dressing job, do not wash the carcass with water. Water promotes harmful bacteria growth. If the animal was gut-shot or contaminated by dragging, wash and butcher quickly. “Hanging” or aging venison for extended periods causes considerable weight loss by drying. However, the carcass should be thoroughly chilled at 35 to 40 degrees and go through rigor mortis on the bone before final butchering. Otherwise, the venison will be tough.
A fat deer is generally a good-tasting deer. However, much of the “wild” taste is in fat and bone. Boneless, lean meat has a milder flavor. To rid your venison of the “wild taste” trim as much fat as you can from your deer meat.

Another way to make venison better tasting is when preparing your deer use this little trick. Go to the local meat shop at the grocery store and ask if he has any extra beef fat he would sell you. Most butchers will be more than glad to sell you his trimmed fat at a good price.

Mix the fat with your trimmed deer meat of about 1 pound of fat to 5 pounds of lean deer meat. The results are a burger that will be not only great tasting but also, good for you.

Another way to prepare some of the lean meat is to buy pork fat trimmings from the butcher. Mix the trimmings at about 1 pound of fat to 4 pounds of lean. Season with a sausage mix sold at most stores or make your own. Here is a mix that will season about 10 pounds of meat.

2 or 3 rounded tablespoons of sage (Season to your taste), 2 rounded tablespoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper (If you like it hot, add more), 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 1⁄2 teaspoon of ginger.

Mix well and sprinkle entire mix on cubed, boneless meat before grinding. You won’t believe how good deer sausage is.

Note: This seasoning mix will work on your butchered hog also. It was my Daddy’s favorite mix.

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