Jackson Energy Outage App

Jackson Energy members can now use a free electronic app to check for power outages and also report an outage. The new feature, called Service Status, appears on the home screen when co-op members open the SmartHub app. SmartHub is linked to the member’s Jackson Energy account. The new feature allows members to report an outage 24/7 without calling Jackson Energy. To download the app, visit smarthubapp.com.

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“When a member opens the Service Status link, they will automatically be notified if any outages are reported near their home or business served by Jackson Energy,” says Jackson Energy Technology Manager Patrick Head.
If the member’s location is part of an already reported outage, they will receive an alert on the Service Status screen letting them know there are known issues in the area and the power will be restored as quickly and safely as possible.
If no outages have been reported, the Service Status screen message will read, “No known issues”. The member can easily report an outage on the same screen and notify Jackson Energy. A message will be sent to the cooperative’s dispatch center.
“Service Status is just one of the features members can access with the SmartHub app that helps them conveniently manage their account,” Head says. “They can pay their bill, send messages to Jackson Energy and also check their daily usage with the app.”
Jackson Energy is a Touchstone Energy cooperative serving more than 51,000 homes and businesses in Southeastern Kentucky.