Sycamore Hollow Hats

Sycamore Hollow Hats is a relatively new business ran out of the home studio of Glenna Combs. The studio is located just a few miles north of Manchester in the Laurel Creek/Burning springs area. Glenna Combs is offering her home studio for a place for milliners from all over the country to come and teach the techniques, art and skill of designing and creating unique, custom made ladies hats. Ms. Combs is developing her studio into a premier location for millinery educational workshops. There will be three 2 to 4 day sessions offered at her studio this year. The first class will be taught June 2,3, & 4th by renowned milliner Veronica Chin of Chicago fame. Students are coming from as far away a Florida. Lets give them a warm, southern Appalachian welcome to our lovely community.

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These skills have been handed down from Milliner to milliner for over 100 years. In years past young girls would become an apprentice to a professional milliner and learn those skills under that tutelage. Today those interested in learning those skills must travel extensively to obtain the training. Since Kentucky is centrally located for the eastern USA,