The 5 A's of Tourism

May 28, 2024

Hello friends! I’m so glad to have some beautiful sunshine and to get that nasty ol rain out of here until we need it again. This week is Tourism Industry Week, and I thought about an easy way to educate people about our industry. Tourism has the 5 A words that we all go by today. I’ll explain.

Let's delve into the 5 A's of the tourism industry: Access, Accommodation, Attractions, Activities, and Amenities. These are the key elements that shape our industry and guide our decisions.

Let's start with access. Manchester, our beloved town, is a bit off the beaten path. We don't have a major interstate or airport, but we're just a short 25-minute drive from a major interstate. This is an important aspect to consider when thinking about tourism destinations.

Accommodation: Where can I stay or sleep? Is it safe and comfortable? Is it affordable and clean? These are all questions we ask when we travel. We need somewhere to lay our heads down and feel safe.

Attractions- Attractions are what bring us to places. What do you have to see? What will I see when I get to your town?

Activities—these are things that you want to do while you’re traveling. You don’t want to stay in your hotel room the whole trip. You want to zip line, go on a boat ride, or do whatever the specific place offers.

Amenities—things like a microwave, a washer and dryer, and a grill are the extra things we need to make us want to return.

We are trying hard to accomplish the 5 A’s. We realize we are a few years away from mastering them, but they are better than they were in the past. We just have to keep plugging to get to that destination! Much Love, Manchester!!