Sun Days-By Melissa Garrison

May 28, 2024

Schools out for summer! Did you just sing that with me? Well I know some kids and teachers that are very excited to see the summer season ahead.

I’m reminded of my own summers as a child. First thing I think of is freeze pops. The ones in the plastic, you know? I liked lime and grape.

That was a treat when it was so hot outside. And boy were we outside. Oh but yes, riding bikes, pretending, playing in the creeks.

Oh, we didn’t have a swimming pool, but we did have a big hole of water. With a big waterfall that we’d slide down. We’d eat Vienna’s and potted meat and crackers. And we had it made. No computers of any kind. Barely any tv channels.

But I could watch The Price Is Right and Days of our Lives. I’d tan on the back porch with my radio jamming to 105.7 when it used to be a rock station.

I loved my childhood summers. We didn’t have things to entertain us… we entertained ourselves. I miss seeing that. Sumner should be fun and not a continuous plan. Needing to fill every minute of every day.

Activities are fun but imagination was a good thing that we had to use. Summer is hot but it can still be fun. All we needed sometimes was a water hose to cool us down. I do remember getting a slip and slide one year, that was fun too.

However you decide to keep cool this summer- be safe. Heat can be dangerous. Stay hydrated and if kids are outside make sure that they stay hydrated as well. I admire

Those who work in the summer heat. I know it would be hard, we need those people and we need to help keep them safe with the way we drove also.

So Pay attention! School may be out, but there are also resources to help your child continue to learn online. If they get bored that is. Cause summer is supposed to be fun. We have a carnival coming to town! That’s exciting news! Maybe you’ll take your family out… cause nothing says summer like a county carnival. Be safe out there this summer!!!

“This summer, we need to let our kids go play and we need to stop worrying about whether or not it’s going to ruin their chance of getting into college.” - Darell Hammon